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God, I want to talk to you!

Do you think it's that easy? Well, as I like you, I'll make an exception, whatever?

I just want to know, you already tested everything you wanted about this power, right?

Hmmm, I think so.

In that case I will lose it

Hmmm! In theory yes, but how about, there is nothing else I can learn from these girls, I can let you have fun until the end of high school, then I erase their memory and you start again at the university, testing other toys of mine, after all your work as a guinea pig is excellent.

So I understand that this is the way things are, on this pier the decision is obvious, but let's wind up a little for the sake of the mystery.

What power would it be?

Hummm! I am between controlling the mind, or pheromones that make any girl instantly in love…. Ah! Thinking better, you have control, I'm almost done with it, it's based on the same parameters that you're used to, but instead of just showing them, it serves to control them, if I'm not mistaken, my maid, I had given you a single— use prototype , imagine something like that of unlimited uses.

Undoubtedly tempting, I could easily get my girls back and even more, much more, make that woman a meat toilet, turn everyone into my puppets, so I answer:


Hahaha! I will remove your power then, do not be afraid.

I am shaking, even so I will find a way, I will do my best and I am not willing to sacrifice the bonds I created, for obedient puppets.

Very well, your wish is an order.


Next day:

I feel without confidence, I don't even have the courage to call Yue, I just go to the apartment, when:

Momo and Rui received me, but not in the usual way, they were wearing sexy nightgowns, even more importantly wearing costumes, those with animal ears.

—   Master forgive me, I caused so many problems, so I will do anything to reward, 

—  ...

—  So use my body for pleasure, or whatever you prefer, because losing you, is something  I don't know if I could bear it. —  Momo says

—  It looked funny, so I did too. —  Rui says 

Let's ignore Rui for now

—  Relax, I love you, that's why I did it, just understand, so thanks everyone correctly, especially Louis, let's be friends, you can trust me, you can talk about what you feel.   I say.

She starts to cry, not much just a few tears roll.

—  Thank you, both you and Louis, I love you, you can be my masters or whatever you prefer. —  Momo says while hugging me.

—  Hummm! We will be your guides then, how about that?

—  Excellent.

Then I asked Rui, it seems that Louis was taking care of Momo and helped to deal with everything, while I was away, this time I failed, luckily I had someone to cover me.

—  Hello everyone.

Then I went to greet the others, told the streets to sit on the sofa and wait for me, Rui has already made coffee for me, I think.

—   Master, how good it was, we did an excellent job, thousands of letters of support came to Momo, but I'm sorry, but public opinion was extremely polarized, many were on the side of the thing, I imagine we can change that with time… —  Yue says

—  But for now we are going to hide her, without any problems she can keep doing shows or whatever she prefers from home, although she can't go out can be a bad thing.

—  Yes, without a doubt she can stay at Louis's house, her father is a famous historian, so he is always out, even if he came back he would stay for a short time, being easy to solve everything. —  Yue suggests.

—  Good idea, where are the others?

—  Well beyond the two who made the reception, there is me and Diane, who is somewhere in the building. Miri still wanted to work things out and went back to her hometown, Louis was already exhausted, so ...

—  I see, it must have been difficult to deal with Momo, then I will meet her.

After that I call Diane, the reasons are obvious, I still want to have sex with everyone together, of course I leave Louis resting, Miri was already far away.