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After that I enjoy the great orgy, I give Momo a little preferential attention, after all it was the only "zered", which I ended up discovering not to be the case, as she had done with Louis, lol.

—   So good master !!! 

—  I'm coming !!!

—  Use your whore's hole well.

—  More, more.

Even though I am four, I can still manage, and I feel particularly energized today.

—   Let's lick more, I rubbed your breasts ... So perfect, I want to feel pleasure is all I want now.

I can't resist, if there is something I wanted to do and just sit there, doing a hot pose, while they were watching my erotic requests, besides that it was good because my hips and back had already reached, past my limit.

So I spend a pleasant morning. Then Yue had to go to work, Diane just went to do her things, Rui cooked for me and Momo again, in fact initially Momo wanted to do this, but she was a disaster in the kitchen.

At least I could see her sexy, really sexy, sight with only an apron, I think I'll end up creating a fetish about it, damn it! Am I a big pervert.

I ate. It was without a doubt delicious, Rui is awesome in the kitchen, afterwards we were talking, nothing important, I don't even remember what it was honestly, in the end Rui also goes, so i get alone with Momo.

—   It seems that now is the time to do this alone. —  I suggest.

—  Did you want that?

—  Well, actually I wanted more to be alone with you, why don't we start watching anime.

—  If you want.

I take the opportunity to watch all seasonal animes, that i haven't been watching recently, all the time Momo pays attention in the anime, talking to me when I start the conversation, even those she clearly did not like, she did her best to pay attention, which is really cute, and it's nice to have someone to talk to as soon as I finish the EP.

—   Okay, let's have sex now.

—  Ok! —  Momo says lively

—  You can go take a shower, then hummm! Lie in bed naked and wait for me, please. — I order for some reason.

—  of course.

Of course, as soon as I went to the room, I found Momo exactly how I asked. I can't help smiling at the scene.

I think I say too much the word sexy these days, yet I don't know what word to use, anyway: I just know that getting a nice ass turned to me, completely naked just waiting for my will, is how can I say: EXCITING AS FUCK!

Faced with such perfection, such a sculptural body, I do nothing but feel it, feel it completely, with my hands, feet, stick, body, with my soul I feel that beautiful body.

—  Ahnnn! —  The answers are high.

—  Cumming !!!!

—  So good.

—  Ahnnnnn.

I become more and more uncontrollable, to the point that it is already difficult to find what I have not done yet.

Shall we open hentai randomly and copy them? — For some reason i wanted this, lol.

If it's the master's wish.

Decided then

Come on: Santa Claus clothes, it ends up being the result, I ended up falling into a very interesting hentai, although in this case it was a blonde, I think we can copy that without problems.

Come on then.

Sure, I'll change soon.

Just perfect, the red outfit goes very well with your hair.

Let's get the breasts out.

Of course.

This was necessary to get even sexier


Soon I started to fuck her from behind, her breasts move back and forth, I conform to my rhythm.


The more I do it, the more Momo's face distorts in pleasure.

Ahnnn! This is so good, I wonder how I could live without it.

I wonder the same.

. We keep having sex.

Did something happen? Did I do something that bothered you? — Suddenly momo asks.

No, why? — I answered.

You look weird. 

How? Maybe I'm just tired.

I understand, hmm! I already know let's eat something, I'll be able to cook this time.

Sure, sure it will.

Something strange? Will the lack of my power already take effect, in the end I was nothing without him, hahaha! It must be ironic, why were you acting so brave? I think I am very arrogant, I'm still just a nerd without friends, at the most, I can get a good grade, well in fact I am not doing very well.

Eat here to cheer up.

With a low voice, a little withdrawn, she says, she seems uncomfortable with the situation, this is the first time I've seen her do this, she was always so composed hiding what she feels.

I'll eat thanks. —  I answer and start eating.

Just what happened, what did I do wrong, why are you doing this? —  She asks hysterically.

Don't worry, as i aldary said: nothing.

So why does your look appear to be so vague, it seems that you are no longer in this world, it seems that ... Nigh.

—  You can relax, I already said, I think I just got tired.

Ahnnn! —  I start stimulating her, without giving chance to make more questions

We can go back.


Come on, I was just really hungry, now I want sex, so let's go.

If you say ... Okay then I'll do my best to give you pleasure, if you say it's okay, it must have been just my impression.


I totally focus on sex, I decided not to think about it, it doesn't really matter.


Cuminng!!!!!!! Hehe!

So I bring Momo to the climax.

Well, I'll be going, will you be fine alone? 

I said I was thinking of going to visit Louis, because I want to see her aftar all.

… —  Momo doesn't answer

It seems that she has already passed out, I will send one… I take her to the bed, clean, cover her with a blanket… I wait a while, it seems that she will not wake up so soon, I wonder what she should do.

Yuto— sama

While I was thinking about it Louis and his huge breasts arrive, in an animated way she hugs me, the sensation is very good.