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Well, I'll be going, will you be fine alone? 

I said I was thinking of going to visit Louis, because I want to see her after all.

… —  Momo doesn't answer

It seems that she has already passed out, I will send one… I take her to the bed, clean, cover her with a blanket… I wait a while, it seems that she will not wake up so soon, I wonder what she should do.

Yuto— sama

While I was thinking about it Louis and his huge breasts arrive, in an animated way she hugs me, the sensation is very good.

What are you doing and why didn't you reply to my messages? —  She asks.

I was having sex, but Momo passed out and ..

Why didn't you call Yue, something happened with your cell phone.

Actually nothing, we just had a few full days, so I wanted to give her a break.

Break for… —  She starts to speak, then stops, looks at me intently—  What happened, did you lose all your confidence? 

? —  I look doubtful.

So you don't intend to tell me, hmmm! So ... —  She gives a slight smile and, and...

!!!! —  surprise leaves me unable to speak ...

  She, she, she, she, she makes a small cut on her wrist, just what is happening.

It seems to surprise you, it was a little drastic, but I'm perfectly fine, the cut was superficial.

W,w,we have to fe, ... sigh, we need to close this, now!

In response she smiles, not ironically, neither in happiness nor in amusement, I can't even attempt that smile, haha! I can't even do that.

Why are you still standing there! —  I scream.

True, I got lost in thoughts, but that's how I thought, without a doubt you haven't changed anything.

What are you doing? — I can’t understand her way of thinking.

Instead of closing the wound, she squeezes out more blood.

It was just a little bit, but it will be more if you don't tell me, what's going on, what's bothering you.


Well we are friends we should tell each other everything, but one thing I learned several things from you, among them: that to force us to do something that we are afraid of, we only need a greater fear, I am just forcing it.

That's insane... I'm just going to talk.

Good boy. — She smiles. 


I consider myself a little explosive, but I always regain my rationality quickly, so in difficult situations, I tend to think calmly. Still: white…

just white! about so much white pressure is what was on my mind, I just pathetically managed to say everything, without coherence, agreement, without filtering what to say or not, everything was the most sincere experience of my life

I'm already in the middle of the story, no I have the courage to face her, I didn't see her expression at any time, but for a reflex she ends up looking at me, I feel panic, my brain is afraid to process the image, she must hate me when she knows everything: smile

Why? —  I lose all my reasoning, suddenly saying only those words.

Because you would do the same for me, because we are friends, because even if you seem arrogant I think I understand you, because I am like that, but honestly it doesn't matter because, my face just answered my feelings and I'm honestly calm, I intend to hear everything to say, without judging, in the end I will give advice, I will still be by your side. —  Louis says.

I just turned back to the floor, I didn't think about what she said, I just kept talking and telling the holy history, of my least 5-6 months, since i received god's invite, until I lost my powers

I understand, so that's only it. —  Louis says, without showing any reaction after knowing everything.

Only? —  I ask

Why don't you ask to get my boobs. —  Suddenly she says that.

Why ..

Do it. 

… I can. — She looks straight to my face. —  Better, raise your arms, I want to take your breasts.

How does it feel?

Great, excellent, I get pretty hard here.

Her breast sensations are excellent, as expected.

Hehe! I already knew, but maybe there is something you don't know yet, hear the feeling of your hand is also wonderful.


I can't understand what she wants to say.

Having you around taking the lead when something bad happens is comforting. — She starts speaking suddenly

Talking to you is pleasant.

And feel careful, being close to you makes me and will always make my poor heart flutter like a condemned.

But ...

You know how much I've changed since we met, I was an introvert, without confidence, I became more domineering, I like to teach and even talk, now I know that I'm sexy, I have confidence in achieving many things, as well as I'm afraid of many things, I intend to continue evolving, besides helping the cute Momo and Rui.

I continue to hold her breasts, with more and more strength.

But realize, no matter how much I change, our relationship will not change, to guarantee this, we will evolve together, count on me as I always counted on you. — Louis says in a pretty cute way.

No matter how much time pass, these big tits are yours, just like your cock is mine, so if I want I'll ask you to use it without hesitation, and you?

But I'm not the same anymore.

And did you happen to use this ability 100% of the time?

Not yet ...

Did she led you on what to say?

No, but ...

All he had was information, the skill was just a crutch, for his fragile ego to use as support.

However ...

Enough, you were always you, so stop running, you don't need that crutch anymore, I know how it is, but remember what you did in karaoke so that I could learn.

Removing her crutch, at the time she leaned on me, even interacting it was just because I was around, so I started shock therapy, leaving her alone with friends, to interact alone. I'm a fucking idiot! In the end, I say:

I want to take your breasts.

As you prefer.

But first, let's treat that pulse.

Of course hahaha!

Never do that again, ok.

I don't guarantee that, after all, there may be something very important for me at stake.

Okay, whatever, I'll teach you who's boss in bed.


Tall and clear are the girl's moans, whose breasts swayed tirelessly, in a fierce and sexy way.

So we fuck with all our soul, until we are satisfied.





Say X for the photo:

After fuking a lot i said that.

After all that, I came home, it was kind of complicated to explain why I spent so much time out, so I appealed again to Diane's skills, although it wasn't perfect.

Then I went back to school, with the help of Louis studying is easy, so I went through the second trimester without any problems.

The third quarter was much smoother, I made the relationship official with Yue, Momo decided to leave, Miri hid her and she, kind of became a very famous youtuber, besides, not much happened in this quarter, even without my power, our relationship has remained well, over time everything has normalized, nothing more in particular happens during the year.