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Since I finished school, two years have passed, my life has stabilized and we have started to enjoy life together.



The lights were strong, around me the purest glamur, several people around me, while Yue, wearing a beautiful wedding dress approached me.

As she approaches, she opens up a beautiful smile, as expected from someone refined, even though her engagement dress had a considerable neckline, exposing her chest, she managed to maintain an aura of nobility and purity, not sexy or vulgar, but yes beautiful and impressive.


Loud noises, the wedding ends with a kiss, after that drunken priest. Yue had a passion for weddings, so there was no way…. She also had no idea, in fact I ended up discovering during this time that she has hobbies diferent of sex, like chess.

Well, the wedding party star, so a lot of relatives that i don’t remember or care, any way i don’t even pay much attention, i only remember some isolette frases: 



I can't believe you got a woman like that, what's your secret, cousin?


Hello, you may already know, but we were the ones who took care of Yue when she was a child, she is like a daughter to me.

Yes, Yue talks a lot about you, no doubt you are a great man, taking care of a friend's daughter, everything you did for her, is something that there is not even enough word to express gratitude for. — I say for Yus’s adoptive fathers.

Well we talk about a lot of uselas bulshit, but i don’t give a fuck or remeber, in the end I really don't like parties, it's really exhausting to greet everyone, so as soon as the party ended I felt like my brain had erased everything, absolutely everything from my mind.

Hey! There is still something we have to do.

When the party's over, Yue puts her wedding dress back on and goes back to the altar, there was no one left, she sits on the altar.

Sexy, right.

She opened her legs for me, she was wearing another wedding dress, with a bigger neckline, long tights, in addition to a lot of flesh exposed on the belly, on the sides (shoulders), and the thighs, without a doubt this dress ...

Yes, it matches much more with you, Yue.

I always wanted to have sex on the altar.

I hope I didn't endure this party just for that!

No ... Not only at least, in fact I really like this kind of party.

Okay, fuck it, I just want my reward right away. — I say, and star fucking with Yue.

Sure ... Ahnnn!

That is to say, in this two years my family got acquainted with Yue, they still do not believe or fuck in that fact, but as she literally has nothing to gain by marrying me, they were forced to accept that she has bad taste, or something like that.

I currently live abroad, since I “managed” to pass university with a pocket, I would live on campus, but Yue can run her company from anywhere, so officially we only live together two and she plays me while I study, my dads would even help me and tails, but Yue said not to worry about anything, in the end they gave up.

Yue is doing very well, she remains a successful woman, her wealth only seems to increase. Finally, already her family side, be surprised: they liked me, at least Emily's parents liked it, the rest just accepted it, since it would be better than Yue marrying some successful startup owner and dominating even more the market, or something.



What the fuck are you doing? Gucking asshole!

Shit! That again, in the end I really have a knack for making enemies, i huh.


What a fuck!

Thanks, Ishida ..

Relax bro, we are friends, besides that crazy person is nothing close to Miri, although anyone close to that monster is nothing.

Her mouth is as big as ever, it looks like someone is going to suffer in training today, well, he has no way of knowing that she is always spying.

Come on then. — I say.

Yes. — He answers. 

Ishida is a friend from school, one of the ones I did during the whole thing about Louis, as he was interested in martial arts and such, so I ended up introducing him to Miri who became his master. With her training he became a monster.

But how did it end up here? Well, in reality he is very intelligent, we were friends and Miri told him to protect me, so he only passed any course at the same college as me, despite that he doesn't know about our relationship, he doesn't even know about connections with the world of the crime, which Miri possesses, is just a good and innocent soul.

Shall we have sex? — Miri says.

Completely different from the corrupt, violent and perverted soul in front of me.


But she is fucking sexy who cares. As soon as I got home, I was welcomed by Miri, with her traditional red dress, big cleavages, besides being wet with some alcohol, they are all things that excite me.

Seriously looking at those big tits, and their expression of those who really want to do this, damn, it seems that my reason has been to space, two years and I still have no resistance.

How was your day? — Miri asks.

Why do you ask? You may already know.

What a nastiness, I just wanted to talk, besides I can't watch you 24 hours, I spent a good deal of time running my business and some stuff there.

I see, but it’s not as I want to know what those things are, ok? — Ignorance is a blessing, so I prefer to continue ignorant.

Any way I move towards Miri, in the end that was what they both wanted


As my boner was cracking I started to accelerate. Fucking behind, with enormous strength and speed.

Grab my breasts. — She asks.

With pleasure.

The feeling as expected does not disappoint.


Soon your body is covered with semen and pleasure.

Cumming !!!

That was very good, hehe!

Are you going? — I say.

Unfortunately, there was a problem, I'll be back as soon as possible. — She says.

Until next time... 

I didn't even finish talking, she was already gone, as always Mri appears and disappears without anyone noticing, I just don't know how she does it, well, whatever.


The class today was a pain. — I say

I'm with ishida again, I don't have many friends at the university

Hahaha! Today I had a practical class, it was easy. — He ansewrs

I'll come here, bye.

Bye, bye.

Ishida lives in the direction of my house, that's why he always accompanies me, by the way, it was Miri who planned this. I open the door.



As soon as I arrive I am received by Momo, who wore a cute maid outfit, it seems that she made some sweets for me, although…

Ahnnn! — Momo moans.

Milk is always better to drink from the source.

Ahnnn! Unfortunately I don't produce that, Ahnnn!

I was just kidding, she takes my orders too seriously sometimes. 

Hummm, in that case you can pour the milk on your breasts, how about I will eat like this.

Delicious, it’s a little strange thing to do, but is pearty sexy lick her breast covered by milk. Then out of curiosity I ask:

How are your channels doing, shouldn't you be recording video?

I've finished all of the week.

Everyone, how did you record so fast?

Hehe! I'm good at that.

It’s worth mentioning that Momo’s specialty has always been entertainment, in the end she really loves doing it, so we found youtube as a solution, but she started channeling everything, despite showing her face in just two, she usually spends the day recording, well she loves it and is happy doing that kind of thing, so it's perfect.

Besides, in reality, she cannot  leave the house whenever she wants, since there are haters, threats and everything, including some very heavy thereats. If I'm not mistaken, she even had a case of murdering a double of her, so it's understandable that she becomes a hikikomori.

Hey! Let's go to your place.





Until having sex outdoors is not bad.

It was already night and since Momo's house had a large yard, covered with trees and shrubs, not allowing anyone to see us even during the day, it was a very safe way to have an interesting experience.

In addition to being of course for her to also be able to sunbathe without leaving home, since this is important and everything.

I look at the girl on all fours in front of me.

Let's try to have sex like this.

What ?!

In the end we made it, even though I said it just for fun, she became very serious about everything I say, in the end.


Finally returned to classes, what was i speaking? — Ishida asks.

We were talking before classe, but the teacher stopped us, so restar speaking after class ended.

I went to visit my parents for a while, then we traveled around, I couldn't warn or communicate, because they wanted to experience something like total connection with the family and something like that… — Rui says.

Rui took the same course as I did, becoming my best friend at the university and to whom I did some things, depending on my level of lust, since no one here knows about Yue, she is like my girlfriend at the university.

I still have class after that, but it's kind of boring, since Rui came back, I'm going to her house, only should I go through the tunnel or visible? I think I'm going through the tunnel anyway, so nobody sees me “cheating” on Yue, I'm a little paranoid.



I feel a great dejavu, sure Louis spoke to the two(Momo and Rui) something about maids this week, these two are very influenced by it, even though almost the same age, they are very influenced by her.

Just what you're doing. 

Still, this reception was very, how can I say, unexpecting as shitt! As soon as I get home, I'm greeted by Rui using his body as a table, for a nice cup of coffee.

You won't drink? — Rui says.

Okay, right 

I get  the coffee, she is still in the same position, in fact it is very exciting, and if she wants to play with that, I'm not going to refuse.

Are you in the mood for sex? I spent a long time without sex, masturbation is no longer enough. — She says.

It remains as straightforward as ever, although a little more expressive.

Hmm! I don't think so, since someone hasn't finished writing what they should.

How did you find out !?  — She looked surprised.

Obviously Louis told me. — I say.

Rui became a writer, in addition to having his blog, so Louis ended up becoming her "editor", reviewing what is written and giving tips.

Forgive me please, next time I'll make it.

… Okay, sit on my lap. — I order.



I begin to lightly stimulate your erogenous zones with my fingers. I take out my cell phone, call Momo and Yue.

Ahnnn! More more. — She says.

Calm down, your punishment will be to stay like this until Yue and Momo arrive. — I say.

You are very bad, so my body will not endure so much lust.

Whose fault is it? — I ask.


When the two finally arrive we give an excellent reception night for the perverted Rui. It was a great night, we recorded everything in passing. 


Ahnnnn! More more! — Emilly moans, wilhi wishing for more.

Calm down, just a break. — I say, I was realy in nead of a litle break, we were fucking for hours

Ok… I know I'll use this for now. — She gets a sexual toy.

Are you relentless by any chance? — I ask.

Don't be mean, you know how long I've waited for this.

I think you can understand, yet it seems that this time deprived of sex, just made Emilly a complete addict.


Their moans were louder and louder, I accelerated with all my soul.

Ahnn! More! More!

But it was never enough. I had stayed in my body every hour, the smell was strong, for pleasure it was overcome.


Her pussy was completely filled, as well as her mouth, breasts everything.

Hehe! Is so good.

Cumming !!!

I think that's my limit, ha! There is! — I say.

She didn't answer, when I looked at her she seemed lost in thought, but unable to move a muscle.


I try to get up, but soon I fall, it seems that I really went far this time, we had been waiting for this for a year.

After Yue visited us, cleaned everything up and took Emily to her house, after all Yue is responsible for taking care of Emily, now that her parents have finally allowed her some freedom, it is fortunate that they for some reason trust me and Yue, of course they definitely don't know about doing this kind of thing, for them she is still a virgin.


Next day

Shall we do more?

Stop and she is already recovered, I wonder if my dick can take all this.




I'm back! — Maid says.

Eh !! Don't appear like that out of nowhere, I almost died of fright.

I don't have so much free time, I have a lot of work to do, you know, if I didn't carry a cable I wouldn't have time to spend here.

If you are so busy why waste time coming here? You are no longer required to accompany me, I'm not a guinea pig anymore.

Unf! Don't be so mean, I come because I want  She pouted.

Sorry, sorry, but so what are you doing?

The same as always, accompanying guinea pigs, in the case you must know the current one, is the singer Tsuji.

That guy, his power does what?— I asked. — It helps to always know what the best answer is to avoid controversy, haha? — So i say as a joke.

You nailed it again, how do you do that? — It was only a coincidence in reality.

Well ... I think instinct, I just look at what doesn't seem natural.

Do you want a special service? It will be quick though.

I just smile in response. She takes off her panties, as she is wearing her traditional maid outfit, that is, she is wearing a skirt, that is enough for us to have sex.


I groaned. While I am sitting she gracefully sits on my cock, moving quickly to increase pleasure. 

Ahnnn! I wanted all the chosen ones to be like you. — She says.

I'm not sure, but I think she is referring to the fact that most guinea pigs end up letting the power go to their heads, doing some shit, or just not being able to continue to live when they lose it, in that sense I am very well.

Will you want to greet Louis? — I ask.

No, I prefer that she forgot about me like everyone else.

Haha, it happens.

Don't laugh, this is all your fault. — She erased the other girls' memoirs about me, but as I have told Louis about everything about my power, Maid can’t erase her memory, or something like that.

Don't be cruel, I just had no choice — I say.

Whatever, God said he could make an exception, if it's just the two of them.

I see, good.

Ah! Speaking of god, he had almost forgotten, he knows that his body was modified because of the tests, right.

I'm not going to die, right?  I'm a little worried

Dying will, but not because of that, but what will happen is children.

Shit! I forgot that.

Relax, luckily you still have a little time, but in a couple of years you will be fertile again 

… — This news was kind of shit.

But think on the bright side, your dick will continue to be modified and will develop even more, so you won't have any more problems, even if it is to endure Emily.

How does she know about this? Ah! Fuck.

I got it, well afterwards i think about it, but there are always some options.

I’m cuming.

I'll be right then, see you! — Maid says

See you. — I say.


I hear a shower noise, I wonder who it is.

Yuto-sama, are you awake at this hour? You should sleep well, this is bad for your health.

I have slept correctly, it was only i spend that least night having sex, I promise, I have lived in a very healthy way as you requested, but Maid visited me, and... — I say

Wasn't it Diane? — She asks.

I don't think so, that was just a temporary name, when she pretended to be my sister.

I think it makes sense.

Now that I look, his wet hair and almost all exposed body is very…

It's very sexy, right? — As she can read my mind Louis says.

Don't read my mind like that, haha!

It’s not my fault if you always think the same thing, but we can have a good sex tomorrow. 

Yay! That's good news.

Okay, how long will you stay? — I ask.

I think three days, but I don't guarantee anything, so ... Yeah, we better catch up on conversations today, even though ...

None of us will be able to sleep, it's already 3 am, it's not even worth it — I say.

Okay, how are things going in college? — She asks.

Honestly, I don't like studying, I can't understand people like you, that  do it for pleasure, it doesn't make sense, but I still get good grades, just to be able to say something like, ours was so easy, I passed without even studying.

You became quite an asshole, huh?

What a bad thing, I don't do that much, just that sometimes it's stronger than me.

How stupid, if it’s the case, you have a perty week mind, lol.

Down here I have no doubt that I am. — I say referring to my dick, and my inability to stop my sexual impulses.

We spent a long time talking about my university life, in a way it is relaxing and pleasant, talking to her, after all these years I think we no longer have any filters when talking.

Your turn, I don't have anything to say about me anymore, how's it going in the lab? — I ask Louis.

Honestly, it is very complicated trying to go straight to being a researcher without going through college before, it is very exhausting, I don't know if it was a good choice , I was very rushed.

But you don’t want to admit that you were arrogant, so you are studying double, at the same time that you pick up more things to do like being “editor” of Rui, to prove that everything is smooth.


Don't even think about looking away. — I say.

I'm giving up, that's right. — She finally admits it.

Shouldn't You stop, nobody will judge you, only go to the slow, normal and easier way.

No chance, now that I have come this far, I want to be able to reach the end and be able to show everyone that I did it.

Okay, you can do whatever you think is best, but it's not good to live trying to prove things to others.

You don't have to tell me what I know, I'll give up, only that having to start from scratch now would be shit, I'll just admit that I was arrogant and take it easy.

Besides studying, have you been doing  something else? — I ask, changing the conversation topic.

Hummm! Anything I think .. Ah! Truth Rui, what did you do to her? — She asks.

Nothing, I just gave her a whip, because she is very cute. — I answer. 

I agree, she even apologized for delaying the shipment, even though I was helping for free, apologized a thousand apologies and sent me chocolate.

Hahaha, you need saw her face when I said we weren't going to have sex, because she delayed the book.

No better than the messages look. — She showed me her cell phone.

How I suspected you are the one who influenced thay to use maid outfit

I thought you were going to be missing maids, now you don’t have Diane anymore.

I admit, I really liked it.

I knew you will like it.

That's the sun over there. — Suddenly i notice a fact: it’s alderley morning.

Now! Damn how possible I only drank half a glass.

A glass and a half, right? — I correct she

Don't be boring, you should say something like: spend time with you ... You know what, fuck, it seemed cool in my mind, but ...

Yes, better not to continue, someone else's shame has limits.

Let's just have sex.

Yes, I think you have nothing more to do, only that and the others, you will call them together, or just be two.

It's been a while since I've been in harem style, but we haven't done it together in a while too, so I want to make the most of your body just the two of us.

What a pervert.

I think I'm hopeless. — I say.


Come on.

Where do you think it's best? — She asks.

Sofa or bed?

Bed, sofa look kind of: roar!

It didn't make any sense. — I say.

But you understand anyway, right? — She aks

Yes, I was just pissing you off.

For the curious, she wanted to say something like, the sofa looks very rough, it reminds me of instinctive sex, when we can't hold on, but I think I'm in the mood for something more romantic. Then we decided to go to bed in Louis' apartment, we don't want an interruption, so ..

Put a warning on the door, so as not to interrupt. — She suggests.

Not even fucking, is too shameful.

After all this time you are still so shy, you get to be really cute some moment.

Come out with that look over there, it's scary when you look at me like that, it's only cool if it's for others.


You can ride!

She rides me, moving her body up and down, it stimulates my dick a lot.


We're done, she hugs me with the stick still inside, we stayed like that for a long time, we just stayed.