C Extra 01- Miri
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One day at the supermarket:

Does anyone want to go to the supermarket? — I ask.

Me, me, I'll go with you - Miri offers.

So nobody wants to go? — I ask again. 

Me, me ...- Let's ignore the buzz.

I can't go now, well, if you order it maybe. —  Yue says.

I can't go now. — Rui also answers.

The others were not, Except for Louis, I'm sure she is here, apparently she just ignored me, it’s kind of sad.

Me, me, chose me.

I think I'm going alone. Let's see the list, I have to buy eggs, cake, milk, bread, a microwave, fruit (banana, apple and more), spinach, broccoli, sweets, detergent ... Ahh! The list doesn't end.

Me, me.

Aff! Do you want to come with me? — I ask Miri.


I don't think I have a choice, there's no way I can carry it all, but ... 

.... — Perverted eyes pleading are looking for me, of course, it was Miri.

Just behave well.

Of course, you can trust me. - I don't trust her at all.


Shall we buy this? — Miri asks.

You can take it if you want.

But I wanted you to decide, man.

Why should I decide everything for you ?!

Don't be bad, you're my god remember.

Yanderes are a pain sometimes, but she still doesn't have to separate my head from her neck, so it's okay, right.

But you know don't think that a believer who decides nothing for himself, would not be a pain in the ass. — I say.

It's kind of embarrassing to say that, I want a place to stick my head, I'm not a fucking god!

True, this is bad, I need to be ... But what if …

She starts murmuring several nonsense.

Let's just go. — I say.

What should I …

She keeps murmuring nonsense, anyway we go to the garage.

It's it! Nou I know what I should do.

You know what? — I try to ask, but. — ... Hold on! — I say.

She opens the buttons of the blouse, thus exposing the breasts completely covered only by a bra.

Let's go!

Okay, we can do it, but not here … — I say trying to stop her.

Come on.

Shit! That's why I didn't want to bring her, as she doesn't always think in a racional way.

Come on, come on 

Your eyes seemed overwhelmed, there's not much to do but I have left ...

Get in the car. — I say.

I throw her inside the car. A glimpse of common sense comes to me at the last second by luck, soon after I see people coming down the elevator.


In the end I managed to hold on, good points for me.

Come on, come on, come on. — Miri says. 

Yeah, just hold on a little.

But ...

I'll be angry.

But ...

I know! Just stay put in there, now stay more or less ... Like this! Now you can't move.

I make her have a rubber stick in her pussy, with her legs spread, so that I can see in the mirror.

By the way, my car has a very interesting glass, because of it, people outside don't get to see inside, I just don't remember the name of it.

We arrived at the nearest motel.


Without wasting time we start, I am not made of iron to hold on

Hey! Why don't you put on that fantasy.

Right now.

They used to give me some nice toys.



Result: I fucked the whole night from behind and the ice cream melted, shitty shit, in the end we'll just ask for an app in the next times.