Extra-02 Louis
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Tanskandoggi the extra chapter about pregnancy, are going to be publish Monday


Hey, hey wants to leave.

Louis comes to ask me suddenly, by the way, when she asks, Louis presses her big breast against my back.

Of course without problems, I just hope that I want to end the episode.

Unf! This is not more important than me, buu!

She makes a sad face.

Ok, I'm going.

Hehe! Come on, come on.

Aff! Obviously it was just a pretense, but ok.

Only where do you want to go?

Hummm! How about Paris.  — She says.

Easy, just take the bus that is already there.

I knew I could count on you.

Someone please save me, I'm being used by a cruel woman.

Bong, large masses of pleasure are pressed against my body.

I'm not bad, I'm your favorite soft pudding, right.

Damn it, I'm being manipulated by carnal desires, I'm being manipulated, I'm… Fuck it, i don’t care anymore. 

There is no way I can win this gun you have in your chest. — I say aponting to Louis' breast.

Hehe! Don't praise me so much.

Now seriously, what you want to do?

Going out, no matter where you go, I just wanted to spend time with you.

We could do it at home - I mutter quietly.

No, not even hard.

Even speaking quietly she hears.

Okay, okay let's go.

We left the house, the sun was strong, I think I spent a lot of time locked at home, I was on vacation after all, so…. Okay I have no excuse, in fact I only have hikikomori tendencies. 

As soon as we left we started walking around, kind of aimless in fact, it is still quite fun, spending time with her is always good after all, there is nothing to be done. 

Hey, hey! Let's go there.

Of course.

While we were walking we ended up finding ice cream, delicious by the way, it was creamy and seemed to melt in your mouth.

Looks like you liked it a lot. — Louis says.


Do you want to make it even more delicious?

Will she do what I'm thinking ?! I get excited, I stare at her big breasts.

No, I'm sorry but no, it's cold, sticky and I can't do it now.

I see.

I end up being disappointed, I kind of already knew, but I ended up creating expectations, in fact I don't care so much, but to get revenge on Louis I end up with a particular look sadder than necessary.

It doesn't have to be like that either… Hmm! I know later, I'll find a way, we can do it. — Louis says.

Yay! — I say.

Damn pervert, blé. 


Nhgh! — We kiss.

I am surprised, her mouth with a considerable amount of ice cream gives me a kiss, I feel the sweet taste spreading. Our mouths move away.

She comes close, I can feel her breasts press on my shoulder, she then whispers in my ear.

Don't think it will come out on top. — Louis says.

She sits on my lap.

Look, it looks like there's a pervert here. — Louis says.


What, you are the type of person who thinks about these things even in public, what a horrible person. — Louis says.

Finally, after slowly eating her ice cream, she knows, my lust must be exploding already. I am surprised to have kept self control until now, I feel that I will need to enjoy liters.

Now let's fuck i realt want. — I ask.

Now? Even if we were here.

And whose fault is it? — I ask.

Hehe! Okay, okay no problem.

Let's go to a motel and 

Ahnnn !!!!!!!

So we stayed all day, from behind, from the front, Spanish, blowjob, enjoying everything, even though the ice cream didn't roll

You are no longer out of control.

not my fault, I held all day.

Aff! Okay, I’m not the one to clean up randomly

I have to say this is true, I'm lucky to always have someone to clean for me.


Much, much time passes, I even lost count, I just know that a fortune came out.