Louis gets pregnant.
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Here's, to you.

Sudentaly Louis gave me a present, we were at work, and she gave me a love chocolate, in addition to a letter. By the way, she was wearing formal office clothes, but with a dcote, who became especially sexy when she bent over, as she had done.

Initially I don't understand why she did it. We have been married since high school, that was 10 years ago, so a love letter is not some normal thing at that point, but anyway, as she had a serious face, I take it in a serious way.

Aftar giving me the letter, Louis goes back to work as fast as she could, it’s strange, she is afraid of my reaction to that card? It’s the only reason I could think of the way she was acting, but anyway I need to read the letter, so….

Louis! Is It true?

I say pretty surprised, Louis was pregnant, it was what the letter said at least. I didn't know how I should react to that, only how?

Yes, I did several tests to confirm, after that I got to speak with Maid, she confirmed, you are able to have kids again.

It’s really sudden.

Sorry for that, I…

Don’t worry, anyway i love you as much as i ever love, but what do you want to do?

I and the others want to have a child within you. I had a talk with the girls, so we decided we want to have babies, but before we need your aprovation, what do you think about that?

Well, if it’s their will, I have nothing against it, I will get all pregnant. — I say.

Ok, so we decide that: each girl will have one day to get pregnant, after that you have three days of rest and go to the next, at the end of the shekel we repeat with those who are not yet pregnant, how about that?

Ok, it’s fine.

By the way, 3 days off are very important. I'm not as resistant as I was in high school, it’s not like I don't eforte six or more girls at once, or I can't deal wth fuking every day, but it’s not healthy.

End note:

As Tanskandoggi wish for a extra chapter about pregnancy, so I decide to do, I hope to achieve his expectations, and I hope that my english be understandable, because that time i wore this in a little different way, like, writing directly in english, not as a did before, when iI wrote the first version in my native language, then I wrote the final version in English.

Well, I will be posting one short chapter per day, leave it in the comments if you like this model, or prefer just a big chapter in the week. Well, if you like that model I could do it again when I have time, because work, bills and all that stuff  kind of stay in the way.

I think it’s all  have to say, i hope you enjoy