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Wash me.

In order to Rui, actually we are in the bathroom and we are naked.

Rui receiving the order starts  to work. Taking a nearby loofah, she put some soap on it and started to clean my shoulders. As she did that, I moved my hands grabbing her legs. Rui froze for a second, the shock of being grabbed like that causing her heart to speed up, but start to wash me agin without a problem.

Meanwhile, touching her soft thighs was invigorating. I kept thinking about the naked woman behind me, and my own self-control was slowly being whittled away by the soft warmth behind me, and those soft gentle hands rubbing against my skin. My hands continued to fidget their way down her thighs. They made their way higher and higher up her leg, and my cock became more and more engorged with lust, especially as her own hand started rubbing lower and lower, reaching to my cock.

Ahnn! — Rui moans, when my fingers had gotten too close to her own nether regions.

Turn to me

Rui loko me face to face, so I grabbed her breast softly, after that she got closer to my face, so she kissed me, a delicious long kiss. 

I will hide. — Rui says.


Rui start fuking me in a cowgirl, she is fast and intense, after heving sex so much times i am realy used to her body.

Ahn! Ahn! Ahn!

 Her own mouth was agape and she was panting slightly.

I’m going to cum soon. 

I love you, ahnn! — Rui moaned, kissing me on the lips.

I was immensely happy when I felt her legs wrap around mine and her hips bend to give me a deeper penetration. She started moving faster,  Soon, Rui was holding me tightly as I plowed into her. The bathwater splashed in waves onto the floor as we violently fucked in the bathtub.

Ahnn, Ahnnn, I love you, I love you! I want you seeds!!!

I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!!! — I say.

Cum inside of me!! Ahn! Ahn! Ahn!

Ahn! — I moan.

Ahn, ahn! Quick! Cum in me! Quickly! I want your cum! — Rui says.

I’m cuming!!!!

When I finally exploded deep inside of Rui, the chance of getting pregnant excited Rui, so she rolled her eyes in pleasure when she received my sperm.

The feel of my semen warming deep inside of her womb was excellent. 

while my cum was liberet inside of her, thinking the chance of being pregnant Rui exploded in an incredible orgasm, clinging tightly to me. The pair of us continued to kiss in what was left of the hot water, our hot bodies pressed against each other, my cock finally softening.