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Actualy Emily don’t want to have babes, she is afrad of the fact, that being a pregnant girl,may make sex difficult, but after she lisen i will have sex with all the haremgirls, of couse she wanted her time too, so wwe ar going to fuck as we want, and adter that she is going to use some medication to avoid a baby.

Naturaly i don’t have any problem with that, she could do what she think is the bertter, and I’m every time willing to have some more sex. Anyway, Emily came to my house in the morning, and got outta the showe just now. 

Looking at her saxy shape, I had no resistance. I moved the hand I had around her waist to her back, then I pulled her to me with a little bit of force to enjoy a kiss with her. 

 — Nnm…*kiss*…mnn*kiss*, *haa*, nnnmm*kiss*…Mnnm, *kiss*, *puah*, *haa*, nn, master

Let’s start.

I was completely taken by desire, so I threw her on the bed, after that star  ran my tongue all over her treasured place, soaking it with saliva. Her female scent tickled my nose, and the salty taste stimulated my tongue.

Ahnnn! Ahn!

Emily moan with my stimulations, so i start penetrating her sensual body, and say:

I want to fuck while kissing.

We started kissing, it was a delicious sensation, so while we kissed, I arranged my body’s position. Considering that Minith was lying down facing upward on the bed, there could only be one sex position.

Ahn… Do it while kissing, ahhh… I loved it, anne… that way I could see Yuto’s face…

Emily espres the fact she liked the sesual position, but it’s a little difficult to understand, because of the moans. The fact is that both of us wanted to do it in a missionary position, then we’d go with that position. Responding to her with a kiss on the forehead, I spread her legs open. Then, I positioned my rock hard dick to her entrance, which opened and closed.

Aahn! Aahn! Amazing This thick cock is raping my perverted pussy! Moo ~ ♡ Noo !! No ♡ Aahn! cumming ♡ I'm cumming

Please, cum inside my perverted pussy ~ ♡ ”

Not yet, I want to continue for a few more hours.

Ah, ah, ah, ah !!! 

Her moans become louder and louder

More, more, Yuto, deeper, grab my breasts, from this dairy cow at will

Naturally I don't reject the offer, her breasts sway with each advance, when I want a new position, she goes on without blinking, when I want her to say something she says, if I want her to be quiet she obeys.

So I start coming again and again, without caring if it’s inside of Emily, or if it’s in the rest of her sensual body.