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Let’s fuck, let’s fuck! — As an animated dog, Miri says.

Ok, start calming down, ok remove your coat, and stay at that place without moving.

Now we just entered the house, so we are still using clothes, but Miri starts wishing for sexy, even without giving me time to take off the clothes.

Ok. — She did as ordered.

Miri took off her suit’s black jacket with slow movements. When she was left with a simple white T-shirt, highlighting the beauty of her big breasts. Without removing her from this state, I mercilessly clutched Miri’s left breast with my right hand. I spent some time feeling the sensations. It was like thrusting my hand into unbreakable jelly. When I squeezed strongly, only my fingers dug into her chest, Miri receiving the touch didn't show any reaction.

So let's continue.

Ok… Ahnn!

From there, I touched her in other places besides her chest. The areas around her thighs, neck, and upper arms were caressed all over. In response, Miri starts to get more and more excited.

Miri was trying to resist, and continued to obey the order I gave. I thrust my fingers into Miri’s vagina. It’s likely that Miri had no idea what happened in that instant. However, as soon as she recognised what happened, her entire body shuddered.

Kya……hai, aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! Haah. — She moans loudly.

I increase the stimulation, making Miri climb higher on the staircase of pleasure. Being assaulted by such pleasure all at once, Miri has a lot of problems obeying my order.

But, of course, I I= wouldn't stop with just that, I continued stimulating Miri, who liberet lot’s of sensual moans.

Ahnnn, aah, aah, yahan, slowaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Ahn!!

Miri’s body was wracked with never ending convulsions. With each piston, the cycle of cumming and cuming countless number of times.

Ahn! Ahn!

But even with that much pleasure, Miri is loyal to my order, seeing that smile, I think it’s time to give a reward, Miri has finally learned to control himself.

Go to bed. — I order.

Ok! — She answered happily.

So I drop her on the bed, already opening her plusa and squeezing her breasts.

She opens her legs, seeing that I get more excited, my cook penetretes inside of Miri, I move my body as fast as I can.

I’m going to have my god soon, more, more!!!

Miri gets really excited, so I….



Ok, let’s continue, i want to be sure i will impregnate you boddy, with my cum.

Let’s do it! — Miri says.

So we pass the day fuking.