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Uh! Very good, more.

As Momo stimulated her nipples, she moaned in a low voice. By the way, we're doing it now, obviously with the intention of having a child, as it was with the other girls.

I'm getting hot, can you suck them like last time?

Pervertedly Momo asks. I can feel her body burning and her heart rate increases as you stimulate. I do as requested.

Uh! Stronger! Ahnn! Ahn! Ahnn! 

As the intensity increases, the girl's moans of pleasure increase, becoming louder and more uncontrollable.


Ha! There is! There is!

Breathe heavily, even if it was just foreplay, our bodies are already sweaty, but that was far from diminishing our lust, on the contrary.

I love you. - She mumbles.

Momo is beautiful, I get distracted admiring her beauty. On the other hand, without wasting time Momo throws me on the bed.

Hey! Calm. — I mean.

The more I look at you, the more I want to have you inside me as soon as possible, will we have a child?

First she stimulated my cock with her thighs, until she brought me close to the edge.

I'll come. — Said.

Hold on a little longer.


It was inevitable for me to moan lightly while she licked the head of my dick. After taking me to the limit of resistance, Momo finally puts my cock inside her. 

Cumming !!!! - I released the first jet.

Shall we continue? - Momo quickly asks.


I stay in the position she asked for, so she sits on my belly, then raises her hips slightly and goes slowly fitting my cock into her pussy, until it suddenly descends.

Ahnnn! I'll speed up. - While moaning Momo says.

Uh! Ahn! Ahn! I'll come !!

Come inside, come on me !!

We both started to moan more. Little by little time passes, I get closer and closer to the limit, the pleasure becomes unimaginable, she always moves faster and faster.

I'm almost ...

Come on ...

Cumming !!!!

In the end we ended up screaming, she kept her mouth open for a while, with heavy breathing, her whole body moved. The air came in, her eyes rolled with pleasure.

After a few moments making a hook, Momo's body felt exhausted.

We were both completely naked, I could fully feel her curves, breath, smell, heartbeat and body.

I love you. 

I end up mumbling, and then I run my hand through her hair, stroking it slowly.

Also ...