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Come on master, I’m waiting for you.

Yue lies down in bed naked and completely unprotected, waiting for me.I look over her voluptious body, and place my cock between her two gigantic purple breasts then I start tit fucking, as much as i want. 

Don’t move, ok?

I order that, because look exciting fuck with Yue like tha, she obey, and  remains stationary while I start slow, just thrusting all the way up to her mouth.

Glup… Hhn.

When I put my dick in her mouth, Yue started to do a blowjob.

 — Ahnnn! — Yue moans.

I grab her tits and start thrusting harder, watching as the head of my dick pops out her mouth and slaps her cheek or mouth. 


I hear a loud moan and I stop, so i look to the cute girl under me, i slowly I get off the top of her body, so i look to her beautiful naked body, and say:

Lat’s star fuking.

Yes!! — She answers.

She moans again "annnnn-nnn" , when I start rubbing her pussy harder. I grab her breasts again, I move and start thrusting harder, faster, I can feel the cum rising.

I stop, pull my cock from her tits and slam it into her wet pussy, it's a really tight fit. Her walls clench as she orgasms, love juices gushing out, I grab her ass and lift her up, ramming my cock down once more, getting up until to her uterus.

I'm going to get harder!  — I say.

Ahnnn! — Yue answered with a lovely moan and a beautiful smile. 

I satr fuking her pussy with all my soul,her moan was unstoppable until I slam down one more time,


I will impregnate you.

Yue has an orgasm and I keep shooting, lots of cum goes in her pussy, leaking down her legs. I removed my dick, all my cum I had already been released. So yue closes her legs to keep her inseminated, she wants to be sure that my baby will be born in her body.

Ahnn! Master! I will have your baby. — Yue said with a smile.