C Extra -03 Yue
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-- Welcome master.

As soon as I get home I find Yue cooking, probably something for me. I don't know what it is but it smells really good. 

She was wearing in a pretty sexy way, with an apron, no clothes underneath, in order to make your nipples visible, as well as her sexy ass.

-- Master! -- Yue says suprise.

I know she was cooking for me, but I wasn't there. I was very interested in eating, I had had a tiring day and I wanted something else, something that would heal me, breasts, i really want to grab breast, so i did it.

I grab Yue’s breast from behind, surprising the girl, but I really need to do it, estimating Yue’s niples. 

-- Ahnn! Mester. -- Yus mons.

-- There is some problem? 

I ask teasing the girl

-- Uh, it will be difficult to cook if you ... Ahnn.

I turn on the deposit o, yes, the one from chapter 3, she still uses it today.

-- Didn't I hear a problem right?

-- Don't worry, everything is great ... AHMN!

I grab her hard nipples, play with them while she stays as cooking as possible.

-- Sinf!

-- Master!

It seems to shiver when I sniff it. The smell of her hair was really delicious, as was her ass that in that position, brushed my already hard cock.

-- It's ready ... Ahnnn! Calm.

I ended up letting her go, at the end of the day I was hungry, there's no escape from it.

-- So how is it?

She asks with a beautiful smile, it is worth saying she is almost naked now, why I sent.

-- Hummm! Bad, it's medium dry, too much salt, and trains more.

-- Ha! Ha! Ha! Of course I will do better.

She was clearly excited by my words, as expected. I could praise her, the food was excellent, but this girl is like that, she wouldn't be really happy with compliments.

It reminds me of when she did my homework, whenever she complained she got better and got more excited, when I decided to praise and reward her, she lost her motivation and desire to do it. Just like I said, she keeps doing it, but not with the same energy.

-- Get closer.

A called her to close, she naturally did, the sit on my lap, this act makes my dick explode.

-- Sinf! Really a wonderful smell.

For some strange reason, I started to get interested in the smell of Yue, some kind of new fetish, honestly living with a harem, I find a new fetish every week.

-- Let's go to the room.

-- Of course.

I was already getting very excited, I couldn't help myself anymore and I definitely don't want to mess up the kitchen.

-- What are we going to do?

-- First your punishment for not having cooked well enough, then I will have sex, that's all.

-- Hehehe!

Upon hearing the word punishment she has already lost in her lust, sigh! She is like that in the end, always perverted, which in a way gives her a cute charm.

-- Spread your legs.

-- Ahnnn!

She does exactly as I ask. Quickly I take off her panties, and start playing with her pink pussy.

-- Ahnnn!

-- You couldn't make noises. -- I order.

- Ah ...

She starts to hold on, even though she is squirming with pleasure. I started to tighten up my skills skillfully, and also used some toys.

-- A ..

Even so she only lets out rare and muffled moans, and was in fact very well trained.

Pleasure builds up, his hips body, eyes hard contorting with pleasure, yet no sound is emitted, continually playing fiercely.

-- Ahnnn!

Finally, the pleasure is so great that she is unable to contain herself more, pleasure explodes all over the bed, she squirms, her hips rise and she passes out.

Soon I tend to wake up, to no avail. I could do it violently, probably she would like to, but I am not comfortable with hitting the girl I like very hard, verbal provocation still makes me my limit, I can do more when she actively asks, only with her unconscious she doesn't roll.

I end up waiting for a while ... Okay. Okay, actually I couldn't stand it, I just started doing it with her sleeping, when suddenly I heard a groan.

-- Ahnnn! Sorry I couldn't moan, sorry.

-- No, it’s ok, you can moan, the punishment is over.

-- Seriously, Ahnnn! Ahnnn!

Stopping to hold on, his moans go on sounding loud and clear, his sound becomes as compatible for me as I just accelerate, more and more, more, more.

-- Cumming !!!!!!

Until it climaxes.