Wedding Rui
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You can kiss the bride.

Lights, laughter, flowers, a clear environment, well decorated, definitely a beautiful place. In front of me a beautiful woman, a unique smile, beautiful eyes and blue hair.

A wonderful white dress, that perfectly matches with the beautiful smile of Rui, well, I'm at a wedding, I can't help but be enchanted by everything. Anyway I kiss Rui, a short but very important kiss.

The celebrations begin, there are lots of drunks and people doing stupdi things everywhere, that is a young people's party, so it is just natural be like that, well, I'm the one that just invited college classmates. 

Speaking of just having young people, I think I owe an explanation, how did I get here? And to put it briefly, it all started because of Momo, she wanted a lot, to take a picture dressed as a bride with me.

So far it would be easy, but the others also wanted similar things, so the conversation escalated until they came to the conclusion that they all wanted a wedding ceremony.

Even because we agree, it would be very complicated to have a ceremony together. In the end we decided, I let them out randomly excluding Yue and Emily, in the end the first chosen one ended up being Rui.

But it is worth saying that this is not so simple, we can ignore the legal problems in the registry office, because I'm not going to did any official register, but anyway, I need to think about not letting anyone find out, like, it's going to be problematic if someone discover that i have a harem.

For example, with Rui just calling the guys from our college, in addition to Rui's parents, let's ignore the effort I made on her side to convince them that I am a good match. I had to put on lenses, dyed my hair and used a lot of makeup.

Why all this? Rui's parents don't know mine, but there will be posts on the internet and everything, I just wanted to guarantee, besides I took other precautions, like making the theme of the wedding party be masks, which is very strange.

Ok I admit I can be a little paranoid, but I really want to avoid all the social problems that having a harem can create.

After all this, I'm dead, luckily everyone will just be drinking, so I manage in one way or another to rest in my corner, until the party is finally over.

Sigh! Finally thank god.

I really dislike parties at the end of the day. Anyway, it’s finally over, so I came to my room and slept for a while.

I open the door.

Welcome master!

Rui was waiting for me, so far nothing surprising, but ..

Hehe! I really liked the view.

In addition to wearing her traditional and super exciting maid outfit, she still lay down on a table facing the door, so she reared her ass at the right angle, so as soon as I enter I had an instant erection.

Her butt was beautiful, as were her sexy thighs.

Besides, her beautiful white pantyhose, which she was wearing, gave her a special charm, in a way making her body even sexier, if that is possible.


I approach her and touch her pussy slowly.

More, more please.

Even if she asks I don't do it, this time not for any special reason, it's just that ...

This is kind of our wedding, but I haven't even had a chance to talk to you yet.

True, you weren't around the whole time.

I don't get along with this kind of party, but what do you think?

Perfect! - She says excitedly. — As expected by something planned by you, everyone seems to have fun, you even thought of foods that everyone would like and places for each one, like the most classic couple with low music for those who just wanted to talk quietly, the more ballad-style area, or the part ...

Enough, I understand your point.

It was so laborious to do that that I created a certain trauma, at least next time it will be easier, I think. I could even delegate to someone else, as in the case of Yue, but I prefer not to.

Understand, in Yue’s case I had no choice, her parents have their traditions and tails, but with the others I will do it myself, I consider it something very important… Okay, I know it doesn't make much sense.


Rui leans against my chest, she gives a smile as we have a more intimate and closer moment. I slowly run my hand through his hair, it is very soft and silky.

I'm so happy, 


I say with a smile, end up distracting myself and stop stroking her on the head.

Don't stop, I want to be spoiled.

Sigh! This girl only looks at her and gives me a wish to spoil her. Time passes slowly, wilhi we have a warm moment together.

Let's have sex. — Those types of moments are really good, but I'm really excited, I can't wait any more.

Yes, of course ... Ah! But before you can go out just a little bit, it will be more fun if it's waiting for you.

I accepted the proposal, I left for a few minutes, he entered when she said.

Sexy and beautiful. Two words are the words that can describe what I see as soon as I enter.

How are you?

She seems prepared to move out of position.

Calm down, I want to admire it for a while.

She is a little flushed with what I say.

Of course. — She responds promptly.

She was perfect, she had been lying in a sexy position, which showed the best of her body and face, in addition to wearing her beautiful maid outfit, which only highlights her beauty.

 Starting with the face, besides its already natural beauty, you can still count on the bright light of the room, which made your eyes kind of shine, not to mention that the maid accessories and her face of anticipation, made the situation even more exciting.

Going down to the chest, that is, the breasts, which were completely exposed, hard nipples, on top of that she pressed them with a kind of tape, left over from the decoration. As a result, they seemed to have a much larger volume than usual, in addition to how all their white skin seemed to have a special glow, the light really favored her.

Finally and most importantly, as I said, she squirmed in a sexy pose, which allowed me to see her butt and chest at the same time. However in this one she ended up ripping her pantyhose a little, which tightened her beautiful flesh, making me even more excited.

Uh ... It was enough.

Ah! It was bad, I was so absorbed in its beauty that I forgot everything.

That .. - She blushes a little.

Nigh! - A kiss.


We no longer needed words, we both wanted the same things and we had done it many times.

I started to feel and take advantage of the body I admired so far.


I started kissing and enjoying her beautiful face.

Ahnnn! More more.

Soon after her nipples were hard, some nibbled and showered.

Ahhnnnnn !!!!

Soon after, touch and rub your pussy.

Hey spread your legs ... That's it.

Finally I leave her in the perfect position, her beautiful thighs and butt. It really seems like that part of her won me over. I take off my clothes, actually I just rip them off anyway.

Plat! Duck on your beautiful ass, the feeling is definitely great, I feel that I will be even more addicted.


Come on.

Of course.

Finally I penetrate.


Their moans are loud. 

Uh! Ahn! Ahn!

Listening to them is like fuel for me, making me accelerate.

My breasts too.

As a request to stimulate all your ergogenic chicks, faster and faster.


I'm almost done. - I mean.

Also, let's enjoy it at the same time.

Just a little more, just a little more and ...

Gozandoooo!!! - We shout together.

Fuck explodes.

It was all fun. I'm going to get pregnant that way.

In fact, because of what God explained to me because of all the fun with the experiment, I probably won't have a child anytime soon, I think I'll be sterile for another 5-7 years.

Hehe! Let's go to the next round.

Not that it matters much now, or having to tell her that, the important thing is the next rounds.


Loud moans can be heard for a long time, unfortunately we stopped at the end, first because she couldn't take it anymore and because it was almost time for the second party.