Extra 05 – Miriwedding
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Ha! There is! There is! I was dead from climbing so much, but I finally arrived, I hate stairs!

- How do I look?

With a smile Miri says. Her aura seemed calm and relaxing, unlike the normally perverted, crazy, and troubled Miri, she now looked like a respectable person.

Now that I think about it, I haven't noticed it for a while, but she is really beautiful. She 

was wearing a white and red Yukata, a beautiful smile, and a respectful body, if you know what I mean.

- Hmmm! Very good.

- Hehehe!

Even with such a simple compliment she already seems extremely happy, completely losing her dignity before, sigh! Not what to do, besides that side of it can be cute at times.

- Come on.

- Of course.

In saying this she guides the way, today it will be my wedding with her, I am doing it because of all the bullshit I explained last time, she was only the second in the draw.

We will have a "traditional" wedding for your family or something like that, I just know that I suffered going up a hill to get to this temple.

By the way, I'm also in the gi, particularly I don't find it very comfortable, but on the other hand, he looks great on Miri, as well as being easy to take off.

What! What the fuck is that? I think. After I arrived at the temple length the guests, the highest level members in the Mafia of Miri.

After that I was told to wait in a separate room, when they called me back I came across something surprising.

- Hurum, take the chain.

- Yes, I'll be right.

But how could I not be surprised, in front of me was Miri, on her knees, with a kind of collar.

It's a very sexy position, but it's definitely not what I would expect for something like a wedding, it doesn't make sense.

Anyway, I took the collar, pulled it as they ordered too. Seeing her this way is really sexy, the position of sweetness that Miri was in particular values ​​the bust a lot, so it was perfect.

- Now all on their knees.

Says the guy who would be like the wedding priest (I think), 

As ordered everyone is like that, including himself, I wonder if I should go down, but apparently not.

- Now you officially become the master of the family, Miri can go.

The "priest" says.

- Um, of course.

What! Calm down, out of nowhere she started hugging me in a very erotic way, then she ... What! Not!!! My erect dick was exposed.

I look around no one seems surprised, or rather they don't even look, they just keep hunched looking at the floor respectfully.

A little while later she bakes me and it's over I think, I don't know, she just went to another room and I stayed behind.

- What should I do now?

I ask in a whisper.

- What you want, obviously, at the moment is the head of the family, no matter what you want to do, nobody will be against it.

- But it wasn't supposed to have a tradition of how to do that.

- Yes, the tradition is that the leader chooses how it will be.

Wait, so Miri had an idea! That goddamn one, I will take revenge. I leave them behind and go to the room where she was.

- How am I?

Again the same question. Miri was lying on the bed, without a bra, so the Yukata comes open showing one of her breasts.

But she was covering them with her hands. Not that it changes the fact that he acts like a supernatural force attracting my gaze.

And wait, my rage has gone crazy, I've been tricked by your sexy body.

Is this girl a succubus or something? Or maybe it's just me who's really perverted, who knows.

In the end, I can't help wondering how she would look like a succubus:

Imagine, her long black hair blowing in the wind, red wings, maybe? Pointed ears, I don't know, this isn't even succubus, but it's sexy.

Besides, they would have the horns, I think they could be red or black, but honestly, I don't find it funny.

Most importantly, imagine her as succubus completely naked, saying welcome master, using the succubus cause to hide the pussy.

A wonderful image forms in my mind.

- It's a long time to look.

- Sorry, just that it looks very beautiful.

Sorry, I think I traveled a little too far now, I just couldn't help myself.

- No problem, you can look as much as you want.

Does she say embarrassed, Miri embarrassed? How rare, maybe I really faced too much.

- Take off the Yukata.

- Right now.

Even if I have looked too much, I obviously want to see even more.

She slowly took off her clothes, it is beautiful to be able to see this, a private strip of a beautiful girl.

By the way I also took off my own clothes and closed the bedroom door, it will still make noise, so everyone will know, but honestly I don't even care anymore, I just had a focus on the moment, just a head thinking now.

- Whatever you think, that body will always be at your disposal.

Miri says words that win over any man. 

She had a sexy smile, she had even pulled out her tongue, her expression was one of pleasure.

Most importantly, everything was visible to me, in addition to her holding her breasts tightly, which only Amen makes me want to move forward.

- Ahnnn!

Finally, I can’t stand it anymore, I needed to surrender.

- Ahnn! Ahnnn! Ahnnn!

His moans were continuous, non-stop, without restraining and growing louder.

- More, more, more!

She was getting lost and pleasure, I who had spent the last days busy preparing various things, I really needed to finally release all the accumulated libido 

Result was fuck, fuck, fuck fuck and fuck until I give no more.

- Ahnnnnn!

Even when the body looked tired, more energy kept coming.

And as much as he did for so long, he showed no sign of getting tired, just more and more always.

Miri seemed to be already exhausted on the other hand, yet it made it impossible to continue.

- Cumming !!!!!!

The last spores came out, I finally managed to release all my desire, at least for today.