Chapter 7 – My 1st training Arc in life Part 2
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Now we are back in the Hidden Modern Village, it’s been a month since I’ve been here but it feels like more than that after what happened in the Academy. Now we’ve taken a rest after the travel we had and me on the lookout if ever there are suspicious people, also this is the moment I am using my improved eyesight I received from God. These eyes grant me improved vision and my depth and distance perception also improved, if it has game like stats it would be like this:

Improved Eyesight

Far Sight - S+

Depth Perception - S+

Distance Perception - S+

Vision - SS+

Micro Perception - S+


Pretty OP right? The thing is it’s only on the eyes and I need to train myself and my body and experience on using my skills.  I will explain this in a moment.


But first I have to visit our Village Head to discuss my future. Now before I go there, I have to make sure I have to cook a rice meal for the village head so he would have a hard time to reject me. 


Now I arrived at the Village head’s house and gave him the food. Now I told him what happened at Konoha on our “Vacation”. Then I told him about what happened at the academy also. Then I told him about my decision to be a ninja in Konoha in the future.


I told him that “I want to be a ninja in Konoha, and starting now I would like to train using the guns we have and we know, from pistols to rifles” I added “I have to try using my eyes technique, I know that the underground is wide so I wanted to try training there so there’s nothing that can see me.” “At night I will train day and night, at day I would train on basic ninja things like weapons and fighting style, then at night I would train using our former world’s techniques like martial arts, tactics and guns”


“What I want you to do is please coordinate with the Hokage of Konoha so I can move in 1 year’s time to Konoha.” Also “ I know we have an underground facility so I can train myself in a lot of things”. But our Head said, “sorry little one but we don’t have that much to offer you to teach things for ninjas but we can teach you the basics apparently, like ninjutsus and martial arts because we have people specializing in those fields. You can consult them for training”. Then we talked for hours at what happened in our time in Konoha


Now the next morning, not to waste time I tried to go to a resident in the village with approval from the Village Head for my Ninjutsu training, he was a retired ninja of a nearby village, he migrated here so he can have a peaceful life. His name is Ryu Kagetora. After knocking on the door of his house, he told me to enter his house. As I enter his house, he is alone at the moment he told me that his family is out working, and before teaching me he wants to eat food that’s bought outside his house,  but I told him that I can cook if he wants as payment for teaching me Ninjutsu. Since there’s only assorted meat and vegetables here and also eggs, I cooked Chow Fan since it’s easy and there’s leftover rice left by his family, wondering why there’s leftover rice and nothing to eat? Well he's too lazy to cook I think, don’t ask me I’m ot the creator of this story, ask the writer lmao. 


Now after eating the Chow Fan, mister Ryu told me the course plan for the training. It was in this order and I will be brief on what he said: Chakra, Elements, Ninjutsu, and a little of Genjutsu and other jutsus used by Ninjas in general. 


Then in the afternoon after taking lunch I would go to a certain somebody’s house for martial arts as it will improve my hand-to-hand combat, I know this is different than Taijutsu since Taijutsu would be from people in this world, but in our village somebody with a wide knowledge of my previous world’s martial arts wound up in our village. He is Rui Nakamura, he was a former another world hero (Isekai’d Hero), he told me that he was a famous person for knowing and mastering various martial arts practices on Earth and also fictional ones, by just learning them from their source materials such as manga and novels. Then he was transported in another world and was asked to save that world, but because it was too wholesome there was no backstabbing or hero sabotaging or such, so  after saving that world, they mutually parted ways but in the last second of teleporting him to his original world a demon tried to sabotage him by jumping in the seal of teleportation, what it would do is jam the teleportation process. In the end he and the demon ended up here. I tried to ask where the demon was but before asking, I saw a small elf-like creature looking at us bringing snacks and tea for us. I thought to myself “Do they acknowledge elves as demons or this guy brands him as such?”, he told me this was the “demon” who was with him. After putting the tray in front of us the elf tried to punch mister Rui, but mister Rui was too agile and strong to be hit by one. Now after that interaction the elf introduced itself “Hi I’m Tia, Cristiana von Rudelheim, I was an elven noble from where I came from since I was madly in love with the hero and I don’t want him to leave, I decided to go with him”. Mister Rui said “And she didn’t know that it would jam the teleport magic” with a disappointed face. 


Now after that long talk, we had more after that reveal, Rui san also told me the course of my training: Offensive and Defensive Martial Arts, then branched down to using each body part for Offense and Defense and Counter attacking.


This would be repetitive and there is only 1 day of rest and me time. I won’t break my body, I experienced that with my college sports festival, I joined a Cheer Dance Team, training everyday and no rest ay meant that fatigue would catch up to me, but having a rest day would mean that the next day I/we may forget the routine which is critical when building such teams of this sport. 

Now I envision myself to be buffed next year, but I don’t want to be one… 

Hi guys real life job got hectic so this chapter took longer than it should. I am so sorry it got out late