Chapter 14 – Breakfast and Magic
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Chapter 14 – Breakfast and Magic

Falling asleep with madame Elisa’s jaw-dropping body in his arms, Devon’s thoughts drifted away into dreams. 

In his dream, he saw a birthday cake, his mother… who was very young at the time, and then his father, whose face wasn’t very clear. Devon’s father passed away when he was only four years old because of a crane accident at work, so Devon didn’t have many concrete memories of his father. 

He barely even knew what his dad looked like outside of a single shaky photo taken from a disposable camera, showing both his parents, and a bundle of cloth with him in it being held by his father. Devon’s mom showed the picture to him many years ago, and Devon remembered that he could tell that his father was very handsome even through the poor visual clarity of the shoddy photo. 

Then his dreams took a bit more chaotic of a turn, as his brain tried to make sense of all the craziness happening to him ever since his death. 

The night passed rather comfortably otherwise, as Devon tossed and turned into the loving arms of a voluptuous milf with strong maternal instinct, although he had some tears pooling in his eyes from his dreams. 

The next morning, Devon woke up to find himself sprawled out on the madame’s bed, with some crust on his eyes. The sound of cooking came from downstairs. Rubbing his eyes, he headed down to the kitchen and saw Lillia, the short haired slave girl, cooking breakfast with the madame. 

“Oh, you are awake Devon,” madame Elisa said happily. “Your carriage is in thirty minutes. I was going to wake you up after I finished cooking breakfast, but you’re here already~”

Madame Elisa brushed Lillia’s hair back lovingly like a cat owner petting her pet cat, and spoke to her. “Lillia, where are your manners? Say good morning to master Devon.” 

“G-good morning master Devon,” the shy short haired girl said, fidgeting her legs together as she remembered how Devon violated her with his fingers yesterday, which was her first experience with a man, and with the opposite sex. 

“Good morning Lillia,” Devon responded, courteous as ever. He walked over to help the madame and her slave with cooking, but madame Elisa waved him back.

“We’re almost done already. Just sit down, my boy~” 

With a swish of magic, the madame floated a plate of eggs and sausage with a bit of toast towards Devon, and the plate clanked down right in front of him, spilling a bit of beans to the side.

Devon nearly fell back in shock, seeing a plate of food levitate by itself in front of his very eyes. He was not accustomed to the use of magic at all, even though he was aware that magic existed in this world. 

“Oops, sorry about that ohohoho,” the madame said, swishing her hand as a napkin zoomed over and cleaned up the small spill.

“You can use magic?” Devon asked, flabbergasted. 

Madame Elisa chuckled. “I can not only use magic, I can do much more than that. I’m actually the headmistress of the sorcery guild in this town, ohohohoho~” She laughed with the tip of her hand over her mouth in a haughty fashion, clearly proud of her achievements. 

“Can you teach me how to use magic?” he asked, feeling a rush of excitement at the prospect of commanding objects to move with just a swish of his hand. The stimulation of this new world was truly a sensory overload.

“Yes, if you have the potential I can show you how to control your mana,” the madame replied. “Here, before you depart for your expedition today, I will teach you one a basic trick.”

The madame walked over and placed her milk jugs on Devon’s hair, caressing his hair with one hand as she pointed down at the piece of toast on Devon’s plate. “Try to make the toast levitate. Concentrate your effort on the toast, and then say rise while making this gesture,” she explained, making an upwards motion with her hand.

“That’s it? Just concentrate?” Devon asked, confused. 

“Magic is just using mana to direct a manifestation of your imagination. It’s a bit more complex than that, but I won’t go into the details about energy equivalence. Just try to use your instinct for now, Devon~”

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