Chapter 44 – Keeping The Baroness Company (18+)
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Chapter 44 – Keeping The Baroness Company (18+)

“You don’t seem to be from around these parts,” the brown eyed baroness said with a sultry expression on her face. “So you must be from somewhere exotic… how exciting. Across the sea, maybe?”  

Devon shook his head. “Eh, not quite but you could say that I come from another world.”

“How interesting,” the double-D breast baroness replied with a chuckle, crossing her legs in her maroon dress. 

Devon wasn’t sure how to play this situation, so he decided to observe for a bit longer. “Where are you…”

“You may call me Aena,” the baroness said softly, her lips slightly puckered up while she looked at Devon as if she was examining her pet toy. 

“Yes, ma’am,” Devon replied. The distance between his seat on the guest room bed and the chair she was in was like an impassable ocean. If only he could get across, but the tides were high and the currents tumultuous. He was afraid that ship Hall would sink before it could get even halfway there.

“I’m from a city about a day’s journey from here,” baroness Aena began explaining, bobbing her crossed leg and showing her shapely body while doing so. “So I’ve never been out of the country. All my travels are done through conversation with my foreign servants and slaves. Ah, I’d love to travel the world one day…”

“That’s why I requested the guild backroom to provide me with an exotic accompaniment.” She winked at Devon while she said that, tossing her curly dark red hair that fell to her shoulders seductively. 

“So… tell me about this other world that you are from,” she said. 

Devon laughed. “There were a lot of things different in the world I came from. First of all, magic didn’t exist. And everyone was human.” 

Baroness Aena’s eyes sparkled, the early-forties woman shifting in her seat with her wide hips to get into a more comfortable position to listen to Devon’s ramblings about earth. “A world without magic… how exotic.” 

She uncrossed her legs, then put her left leg over her right, mirroring her earlier position. For a moment, Devon could see a glimpse of her panties. He felt his dick rising just a little, and continued to speak.

“Yeah, there wasn’t magic, but we had very advanced engineering that was almost like magic too. There was something called electricity, which is the same thing that lightning is made out of. So we found that electricity can be generated by burning things like coal, and can even be stored in little tubes called batteries.” 

The baroness leaned in to listen, breathing slightly heavier than usual. 

Devon patted the space on the bed next to him. “You can come here ma’am, so we can talk more closely.” 

The baroness rose from her chair and walked over to Devon, sitting next to him. “Tell me more, Devon,” she said, her hot breath close to Devon’s face as she sat with her hips touching Devon’s legs, her left thigh leaning into his. 

Devon leaned in until his face was over her shoulder, and spoke to her softly. “Miss Aena, your body is too distracting for me to continue. Mind if I fix that problem first?”

He brought his lips to the noble woman’s and pecked her on her red juicy lips, while his hands made first contact with the baroness’s slender and mature body. 

“Devon, I’m married,” the baroness said softly as her lips parted with Devon’s. “You shouldn’t be feeling me up like this.”

Devon smiled. “I heard that your husband is out of town a lot lately, doing all sorts of things.”

The baroness’s face pouted up, and she looked down shyly. Devon took the opportunity to begin groping her double D breasts, then pushing her down onto the bed so that his body laid on top of hers. 

“Nobody will know,” he said, running his knee up her inner thigh. 

The baroness moaned gently. “That’s right, because I snuck you in here,” she said, pulling her right leg over Devon’s waist and pulling him in. “I snuck a chef’s assistant to my private guest room so that I could show him what kind of pastries I want made for the ball. If anyone asks, that’s what you’re doing here okay~”

Devon pulled down his pants, showing off the red boxer underwear that Annabelle picked out for him earlier today. The baroness bit her lip and began feeling Devon’s bulge underneath his underwear.

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