Chapter 46 – Tussle on the Guest Bed (18+)
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Chapter 46 – Tussle on the Guest Bed (18+)

The mature baroness’s wet tongue dragged and down Devon’s neck like a cat, dragging that soft wet tongue up and down his neck seductively while Devon humped her at a fast pace. 

Things were heating up fast, and Devon’s erection was now almost at full mast. The only factors enabling him to control himself from straight up raping the baroness were his somberingly half empty balls, and the fact that he was in the middle of enemy territory so to speak. 

Despite the fact that he couldn’t die, he’d rather not get sliced up by a bunch of guards. The pain was unpleasant, and it would certainly kill the mood and his chances for a big gold reward at the end of this mission.

“Baroness, can I please come inside you just a little bit… maybe just the tip?” Devon asked politely. He was imploring her earnestly, hoping that she might let up just a bit.

“Not tonight honey~” the baroness replied, her doughy mature body sidling up to Devon’s as she fully wrapped her legs around his body and began gyrating her hips in tandem with Devon’s humping. 

Panting, the red haired baroness reached up again and connected her lips with Devon’s, giving him the sloppiest kiss he ever received in his life. As they continued their tussle on top of the guest bedroom’s mattress and blankets, Devon’s cock fell out from the side of his boxers.

Nearly fully erect, he began to press his bare cock against her thin panties now while humping her, which was a whole new experience compared to just humping her through his underwear.

Sneaking a hand down, Devon slyly began to push aside the baroness’s panties. “Mmmmfff,” she moaned in protest in the middle of another sloppy kiss, as her eyes widened a bit and she shot her hand down, preventing him from fully pulling aside her underwear and leaving her completely exposed to penetration from his drooling cock.

“You naughty boy,” the baroness said. “Not tonight, honey… I’m still married, so we can only play like this okay~”

Devon groaned, verbally expressing his frustration. “I wanna do it tonight, ma’am.”

“Oh you naughty little boy,” she replied, squeezing him harder with her thighs in reaction to his honesty. “Your big cock finds my mature body irresistible, right~” 

Devon nodded.

The baroness smiled, then began gyrating her hips on Devon while gripping him even more intensely. The sensation was overwhelming for him, as he was lost in her perfumed pheromones and sickly sweet scent of a woman in heat. Her body was so soft and mushy, the body of a forbidden housewife, a noble’s wife. 

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Devon said, putting his hand down near her panties again. He began to pull her panties to the side even though the baroness attempted to stop him. Her cold and slender fingers wrapped around his wrist and tried to pull his hand aside, but he overpowered her and slid to the side her panties, exposing her moist pussy to the air for the first time tonight, in a position that was vulnerable to penetration by his penis.

Aiming his cock with his hand, Devon sank down with his bodyweight, pushing his hips forward into the baroness’s thighs. The tip of his cock sank into her pussy, but he had trouble getting it any further.

“Oh my god,” the baroness exclaimed in shock. “Well, it’s not fully in yet, so it doesn’t count as sex.”

Devon nodded. “Yeah, this doesn’t count if I just put the tip inside.”

“Alright~” the baroness said seductively. “You can move like this if you don’t put it all in, alright Devon baby?”

That was all he needed to hear. Shaking his hips slightly, he felt the baroness’s oyster gently envelop the tip of his penis while resisting any push further in. Somehow he managed to convince her that this wasn’t sex, which made it feel all the more lewd and lascivious when he sank his cock into her just another millimeter.

“Oh that feels so good,” the brown eyed mature housewife said, rolling her eyes back while fully experiencing the sensation of Devon’s dick sinking into her up to the nob of his dick.

Devon began to move his hips frenetically, trying to sneak an extra millimeter further into the baroness’s sopping pussy with each push of his hips, as she continued to tighten her grip around him with her thighs and calves. 

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