Chapter 55 – “Petunia” joins the fray 
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Chapter 55 – “Petunia” joins the fray 


Another tomato landed by his feet, rather harmlessly. Devon jumped away from it as a second one lobbed by the busty blonde noble bounced off his butt.

“Two points~” the busty blonde with light blue eyes in a sundress said with an air of victory, laughing. 

“My turn, my turn~” a brown haired noble wearing a loose fitted dress said. She had a parasol to her side, but it looked unused and for decoration only. Just like the other noble girls, she had so much precious stone jewelry on her body from her bracelet to her armlet band that she was a walking piggy bank. 

While this all unfolded, the short girl with black hair in bangs just sat cross legged with her juicy thighs on the porch with a devilish smirk on her face, enjoying the control she had over her minion friends, her minion slaves, and of course the little minion rabbit named Devon that her father got for her for an afternoon to toy around with.

She was the host of this tomato run party, and was one of the prettier girls here and had well shaped large breasts despite her short stature. All the girls here were quite pretty and had nice and lewd bodies. The black haired host’s feline-like features including her bangs, dewey eyes, small chin, and round cheeks were more asian looking than the others and almost made her look like an anime character, to use earth comparisons, although humans in this world were distinctly different enough that such comparisons were only accurate in a loose sense, and to a certain degree. 

Clearly in charge and spoiled out of her mind, the host giggled happily and signaled one of her female servant aides to her side. “Betta, can you dress up Petunia?”

The servant nodded. “At once, Lady Anne.” 

So her name was lady Anne, Devon mentally noted while dodging more tomatoes thrown by the giggling girls. They were kind of bad at throwing, and he only got hit once every ten tomatoes. Most of the tomatoes weren’t breaking either, so special designated slaves darted onto the field to collect them and add them back into the basket for reuse.

That was expected, Devon thought. These nobles were rich, but if they threw tomatoes at this rate without collecting them back for reuse, they’d need a mountain of tomatoes the size of a miniature of the pyramids of Giza to be able to keep this game going. 


A ripe and squishy tomato thrown by one of the girls caught him right on the bulge. 

“Ten points~~” she exclaimed happily. 

Devon groaned in pain. That was actually a pretty good throw, catching him right on the balls. But he couldn’t stop here, because if he did he was going to get hit by more tomatoes. 

As three noble girls ran towards him with tomatoes outstretched, Devon had no choice but to run away and bite down on the pain, his bunny ears bobbing up and down comically as he ran. 

He dodged a few more, and then another tomato hit his tail, and then his body a few times, and then… crucially… his bulge again. 

“Nnnggff…” he groaned, doing the best he could to keep a straight face as the girls continued to giggle and laugh. 

In the back, lady Ann swept back her black hair with bangs behind her ear, smirking while watching the procession and constantly signalling for her maid to do something.

“Where’s Petunia? What’s taking her so long to get ready?”

“H-she’s still getting ready, miss!” the maid answered nervously. 

Devon hopped over another tomato and did a barrel roll on the ground while covering his balls with his hand.

“Hey, that’s cheating. No covering!” a pink haired noble with a tight eighteen year old aristocratic girl’s body shouted. 

Devon took the opportunity to dart away, jumping over a bench and slipping through some tall grass on the edges of the boundary. He needed to stay within the field though, so he had to make a u-turn eventually and head back to the courtyard.

“Petunia!! My darling~” lady Ann exclaimed.

Devon’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

‘Petunia’ stepped off a carriage and landed near lady Ann, making her look diminutive in stature. It was a massive, muscular man with biceps and pectorals that rivaled the sizes of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s back in his heyday, with a jawline that rivaled the Terminator's, wearing a feminine frock that clearly did not fit and a cutesy pigtail wig. The man that lady Ann referred to as Petunia looked like he was about to rip a cow in half with his bare hands. 

Devon gulped in fear as the giant man took a tomato into his hand, squeezing it until it almost popped. 

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