Chapter 81– Devon’s Missing File [18+] 
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Chapter 81– Devon’s Missing File [18+] 



The businesswoman felt her throat contract and expand as she drank the entirety of the manager’s hot juice one thick swallow at a time. She then pulled away after finishing the deed, breathing deeply.

“Hah, hah….” she panted, wiping some saliva off the corner of her mouth, where a thin strand of lewd spit clung to her lips from the man’s jeweled cock. “Your juice tastes so thick and hot, so heavy,” she managed to say, blinking and looking up at the dominant man sitting before her as she sat submissively on the floor on her knees. 

Her dark and gloomy manager with a heavy aura of condemnation was wordless as ever, even after forcing her to submit to him sexually. But Hecate felt a sliver of victory, knowing that her tongue and mouth pussy were able to push even a man of his stature to climax.

She would’ve liked if he were a bit more vocal, at least. It felt like she just gave sexual services to a phantom. His mysterious and stoic demeanor was befitting him though, and his title of the King of the Underworld, and one of the Three Brothers.

Suddenly, a dark voice broke through the silence in the room. It came from above her head. 

“Give me his file.” 

For a moment, Hecate looked up in a daze. She didn’t quite process what he just said, her mind still full of cock and her mouth still fresh with the taste of his semen. She pulled herself together as fast as she could despite her jumbled thoughts, scrambling onto her feet and pulling her panties up.

When the manager was serious, he was not to be trifled with. If she dilly dallied, he might end up losing his temper. Remembering the last time that happened, several hundred years ago, Hecate shuddered. It was not a sight she wished to see again any time soon. If she could, she would rather not have to face that kind of outburst for the rest of eternity.

Hecate limped over to the desk with all the files of the reincarnators in it. It was actually an infinity drawer, a drawer that could extend as far as the eye could see, despite only looking like a regular drawer. The rules of reality were bent and warped in this space, and the furniture was no exception. 

“Devon Hall… Devon… Hall…” she murmured to herself while flipping through, reaching down to her skirt to adjust her panties, which made a rather lewd squelch sound when she fixed them. Something about a man with transcendent authority was a turn on for her. 

She felt the presence behind her grow stronger ever so slightly, and her fingers flew fast as she rummaged through the files, looking for Devon’s file. 

“That’s so strange…” she frowned, scanning through the D-E section under the H last names file section. She remembered taking out his file to look through it yesterday, but she was sure that she put it back afterwards. But now, as she looked through, the file was clearly gone.

“I-I can’t find it!” Hecate yelped in surprise, flipping back and forth again between names that started with D. “His file, it’s not here!”

She threw her hands up in the air in panic. “I’m absolutely positive that I put it back here last night, after reviewing it. I swear on my divinity!”

The shadowy man otherwise known as the manager stood up, his towering physique casting a large shadow on the floor behind him. He walked over to the file cabinet and ran his fingers down the files, as Hecate respectfully bowed and stepped away to allow her boss to work.

The King of the Underworld rubbed his fingers together, then lifted the tips of his fingers to his nose, taking in a whiff of a scent. “Someone has been through your file,” he said slowly and deliberately. “I can smell the magic. Demon magic.”

The black mist around his face turned even darker and thicker in volume, as the hairs on the back of Hecate’s neck stood up like a cat in fear, sensing an immense killing aura coming from her manager’s presence. 

“You have a new assignment,” he said in his trademark magically coated voice. “Find the perpetrator. Find the thief, and bring them to me. Alive. I need to have a little chat with them.”

“And find that file.”

Hades paused for a moment in thought. 

“If the thief fled to the mortal realms, track them down and bring them to me. If I had to take a guess, that thief may have gone to that boy’s mortal realm.” 

Hecate swallowed, the taste of his bitter semen still in his throat. Pussy juices dripped down her leg, as she felt herself get incredibly wet. “I’ll get to that at once, manager.” 

"now why would someone steal devon's file?"

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 Author's note: Thoughts on negative responses to the last two chapters! As author I am worried when readers don't like certain chapters, because most chapters so far got positive reception, but as the designer of the story I know that these three chapters are plot essential for Devon's character, even though it seems 'unrelated' so far. I will stand by the decision to include these chapters in the story!