Chapter one: Hidden Skills
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I opened my eyes slowly, the bright sun hurting them as I tried. Finally, I forced them open and was met by an entirely unexpected sight as I squinted. Right in front of me stood one of, no, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. She was leant far enough forward that I could see right down the front of her low-cut top. I tried to pull my eyes away, but it was as if that part of her body possessed its own field of gravity. Her arm was on my shoulder and she gently shook me.

“Mwmwm mwmwm mwmwmw mwmwwmw.” She called out.

I couldn’t make out a word that she was saying as she tried to communicate with me. I could just see an expression of mild panic written across her face. As the rest of my senses started to come back to me, I noticed that my ears were ringing loudly.

“Are you okay? Can you move? I partially healed you and the creature is dazed, but you need to act quickly. I can’t defeat it on my own!” I could now make out what the beautiful woman was saying.

I tried to move, but pain shot through my body, my head feeling like it was being pulled down by a heavy weight.

“Easy there, stand up slowly.” She suggested, as she offered me her hand.

I took the offered hand and I tried to stand once again with her help, trying to do my best to take my eyes of the curves of her beautiful body as I did so. This time I was able to stand with her help. The pain was seemingly retreating from my body and my mind was beginning to clear. I looked at the woman stood in front of me, she was wearing odd clothes, as in she seemed to not be wearing enough for our current situation. She had on what looked to be a black bikini top and tight hot pants covering her lower half, with a velvety looking cape slung over her back. She had shoulder length jet black hair, her skin looked as pale as fresh snow and almost translucent. In her spare hand she held a long staff with a crystal on the top. I was almost sent into a trance as I gazed at her.

“Ahum.” She coughed as she finished pulling me up. “Are you okay to stand?” She asked now blushing a little.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine thank you.” I belatedly drew my eyes away.

“Good. We don’t have long until it wears off. I’m sorry to drop you in at the deep end like this when you’ve only just arrived, but we don’t have time to do it any other way.”

“Until what wears off?” I asked still confused about the whole situation.

“Until the daze effect wears off him.” She answered me, titling her head in the direction of something lying on the floor.

My line of sight followed where she pointed to the thing that was the floor. A groaning sound came from it as it slowly started to get to its feet. The creature or thing looked just like a giant pig, but unlike a pig it was starting to stand up on its hind legs. The other big give away that this was no pig was the rows of sharp teeth that its mouth contained. It was scary looking even from this distance.

“What is that thing?” I yelped.

“It’s an Ogre.”

“Right makes sense.” I thought to myself.

“Look we don’t have. Time you’re just going to have to fight it before the effect wears off.”

“Fight it. That thing! Me?! What with?”

“Your sword.” She pointed to my side.

I looked where she pointed and found a blade on my hip.

“There’s no time to explain. You’re just going to have to attack it. Don’t worry about what to do, just swing at it your hardest before daze wears off and I’ll buff you. It’s a weak monster so a buffed strike even from a beginner like you should be enough to kill it.”

With no time to think and the Ogre creature already getting to its feet, I made the split-second decision to trust this woman a do just what she said. I drew the blade from my hip, held it above my head and charge the creature before it moved on us. As I ran the woman called out something from behind me, I felt a warm sensation and noticed a slight glow for a second before suddenly feeling full of energy. I bore down on the Ogre bringing the blade down across its neck severing a major artery as I did so. Even I could see it was a fatal strike. 

“Yay! You did it!” The woman called out from behind me.

I spun around to see her looking elated at our victory. It didn’t last long as the next moment she stumbled and fell to the ground. Not knowing what was happening I ran to her aid.

“What’s the matter?” I asked as I reached her side.

“I was injured during the summoning, and I spent too much mana using the status effect and buff.”

“Can’t you just heal yourself?” I asked brushing off the thing about summoning, too concerned about her wellbeing.

“Not anymore.”

“Isn’t there anything I can do?”

“No… The hero class doesn’t have any healing abilities in their skill tree.”

“Hero… Skill tree?”

“Just concentrate when you think it.”

I did just as she said and concentrated as I thought ‘skill tree’ and to my surprise a translucent screen appeared before my eyes. It was just as you would expect there were the names of various skill lines, a couple already highlighted, some seemingly basic skills that my class came with. I scanned the screen, but it was just as she said, there was no healing line… That was until I looked at the far right of the screen, there was a greyed-out skill line. I couldn’t even make out any of the names of the skills in it. Apart from one skill at the very start. It said, ‘special heal’.

“Hold on, I’ve found something!”

“Really?” She answered sounding really surprised.

“Yes. What do I do now?”

“You should have some starting points and possibly a first kill bonus, but you shouldn't be wasting your points on that.”

“I’m going to, so just tell me what I need to do.”

“Okay… Think of the skill to select it then think learn skill.”


I did just as she instructed and there was a faint tada noise as I did so, and the skill became highlighted like my other basic abilities.

“Got it now what?”

“Seeing as you’ll only be at level one, you will need to be touching my body to use it. Just think activate and skill name to make it work.”

“Okay, where are you hurt?”

She rolled over from her side and on to her back, revealing a cut travelling up from her hip to her belly button. It looked deep.

“Here.” She said pointing to the cut. “Just place your hands on my sides.”


I knelt next to her, leaning over from her side and gently placed my hands either side of the cut. She quivered ever so slightly as a touched her silky smooth skin. I glanced up at her face only to see her blushing and quickly looked back at the cut.

“I’m going to start now.”

“Please do.”

I quickly activated the ‘special heal’ skill, my hands glowing ever so faintly as I did so. I stared down at her wound as the healing process started. The cut slowly started to disappear right in front of my eyes, it really was quite something to behold, but it was what happened next that really took me by surprise.

“Mmnh…” She suddenly moaned.

It really wasn’t the sort of moan I would expect from an injured person… No, I shook my head, I was just letting my imagination get the better of me as I was touching someone so damn hot for the first time in a while.

“Nghhh…” She moaned again. This time much louder than the first.

I was sure I wasn’t only imagining it this time, she definitely sounded like she was enjoying this. I glanced up at her face. She was completely flush and was holding a hand to her mouth seductively.

“Are you? Should I stop now?” I asked a little thrown by what was suddenly happening.

“No… P-Please, you need to finish.”