Chapter Seventy-Seven: Practical Application
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Just as I felt like I couldn’t hold on any longer, Liz abruptly stopped. She pulled her dress back up and over her head, chucking it to the side. She leant forward and kissed me, before sitting back up.

“Hold on just a moment.” She told me as she changed positions.

She turned herself around into a reverse cowgirl position, before carefully pushing my dick back inside and swinging her hips once again. I don’t know what it was, but this felt even better than before, and it was only moments before I lost control.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be so quick.” She said looking over her shoulder at me.

“Sorry, it just felt really good…”

“I thought so, here this should help.” She said before mouthing something at me I couldn’t hear. “That should improve the circulation.” Then winked.

She wasn’t kidding either. It was some sort of magic incantation. To be expected I suppose from the person that has the back room for private items and the creator of the potion that Altria had me drink on our first meeting.

As soon as she felt that her incantation had worked, she had a satisfied look, then she turned back forward carrying on where she had left off. She was just too good at this. She really did seem to have a higher resistance to “special heal” than the other girls. Then again, it was only at the lowest level. Realising this I notched it up to full.

“Mnnnnhhhh.” She moaned almost instantly.

Her perfect rhythm was instantly thrown. There was something very satisfying about seeing this effect on someone like Liz. She had that older, experienced woman vibe in spades and up till now everything had been going to her pace, but not anymore.

I sat up to my knees, pushing her forward over the arm of the sofa and really started giving it to her hard from behind. The sound of my thighs slapping into her behind was only drowned out by her sexy moans. I was a little surprised to hear her making those sounds all of a sudden.

“Oh fuck, Theo…”

I didn’t stop, my hands squeezing hard into her soft but firm behind. She was gasping for breath, whilst gripping the arm at the end of the sofa as her life depended on. As she started to cum, her juices dripped down her inner thigh and her insides spasmed. Then she went limp and lay still on the side of the sofa.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be so quick.” I repeated her line with a laugh.

She just looked up at me, still breathing heavily, but smiling like she wanted more.

“That was…”

“It’s not over.”

I pulled her into a sitting position on the sofa as I stepped off. Leaning forward I slipped off the panties she had pushed to the side, but was still wearing and chucked them over my shoulder. Then grabbing her by the knees pulled her towards me and slipped back inside her wet pussy, as I spread her legs wide apart. She let out a lewd sounding yelp as I pushed in up to the base.

“Take it easy, I’m still… ha, from before.”

I didn’t though and continued to thrust in her hard. Next, I pulled down her bra letting her large and pert breasts slip out. Being a half elf, they really were something. She had the look of milf, but her skin was still elastic enough to hold her tits up under their own weight. They slowly giggled as I slapped against her thighs.

I squeezed one of her breasts as I went at her even harder than before. She was at this point almost yelling the place down with her moans. I think we were far enough back from the street here that no one would hear. Her insides spasmed and gripped my dick as she came again, only this time I didn’t stop.

“Ah Theo, I can’t… If this goes on… oh.”

Her eyes rolled back as her pussy sprayed whilst I pounded her. She had seemed to cum a second time only moments after the first and even harder than the first time.

I stopped, giving her a moments rest. She seemed to recover quickly though and giving me a look that almost said, was that it? I leant forward and she wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. I decided to stand up, putting my arms under her thighs to support her. She immediately begun fucking me, bouncing off my arms.

I was kind of surprised, when I took things this far with Siofra, it took her a good five minutes to regain herself. I was worried then, that I was close to mind breaking her, but Liz was already started to take this in her stride.

After a few minutes of being ridden like that, I sat back on the sofa. Liz continued to grind me like mad while we kissed. We carried on like that for ages, until we were both too tired to continue any more.  I had no idea how much time had passed, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to visit Elentra again today.

“That was great… I’ve not had that much fun, in well ever. You should be pleased with yourself.” Liz told me as she picked up her clothes from the floor.

“It was great for me too.”

“Good, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself… I’d definitely be interested in doing that again. I think your skills could do with further investigation.”

“I’d be glad to let you… Talking about further investigation, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to elaborate further on what you told me earlier?”


Liz slid on her purple dress and after picking up her hat sat back down on the sofa.

“Aw, don’t look like that.” She said putting her arm around me. “I can’t, I’m not sure I can trust you with everything I know yet. Someone in your precarious position should sympathise surely?”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“You didn’t think that what we just did would have changed my mind that easily did you?” She asked in a slightly teasing voice.


“Sorry Theo, I’ve lived a long time and that doesn’t just happen, not without being cautious. It’s not like I will keep it all from you forever. I’d just like it if you earned my trust first okay?”

“I understand…”

“Look I’ll tell you something, and maybe you can come to your own conclusions…  Research the history of our world. The beginning of the answers you are looking for are there.”

“The history, what do you mean? Which part?”

“I think that if you come across them you will know. I think you are smart enough to connect the dots.”

“And that’s all you can share?”

“For now, yes.”

“Okay, I’ll look.”

After dressing, Liz walked back to the front of her shop and saw me out into the street.

“Thank you for talking with me today. I appreciate it.” I told her as we stood on the doorstep.

“Think nothing of it. Thank you for the treat, I hope you will come by again soon.”

“I will.”

After saying my goodbye’s, I headed down the street in the direction of the guild house. It was already starting to get dark and it was well past the time that Elentra was going to close up. I didn’t even bother to stop and check if she was still there.

It was frustrating that Liz wouldn’t share more with me, but I suppose I only had myself to blame for that. At least now I knew that what the demon woman told me meant something to her and it tied in with her own investigation. I would just have to look into what she suggested, even if it was vague and clearly a wide area of research. When I saw Lillia next I would have to ask her where it would be possible to look into that… No, she was the wrong person to ask. If I let on than I had spoken to Liz about this at all it would only make things worse.

If I was going to ask anyone for help in this matter, Serin was my best bet. Lillia meant well, but her connections to the guild and her family made her a landmine as far as Liz was concerned. Chances were that she would mention anything I told her to Liz the next time she saw her. My best bet was to keep her clueless, so Liz knew I hadn’t shared our talk the next time they met.

By the time I had made it back to the guild night had fallen. I stepped into the bustling guild hall, seeing no one I knew I decided to take an empty table to myself and sat there deep in my own thoughts as I waited to order my dinner.