Chapter Eighty-Five: Room Service
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I sat there not really knowing what to say for a moment, just looking at Jill standing there. The front of her maid outfit was open just enough to reveal most of her cleavage. She was more well endowed than I had first thought. Before I had a chance to say anything further the door to my room opened once again. Altria, still dressed in her dress from the party waltzed inside.

“Really Theo? I’m a little disappointed, I thought you would have taken up my gift right away.” She said as she stood behind Jill.

“Gift? Altria you can’t just send someone over as a gift like that.”

“Oh, that’s what you’re worried about. Don’t be she wanted to come. She only seems innocent on the outside. Trust me you don’t want to pass this up. You haven’t been with one of the bunnykin either yet, have you?”

“No, I haven’t…”

“Then we should begin. There’s more under here than you were expecting.” Altria said while grasping one of Jill’s breasts through her uniform.

“Lady Altria.” Yelped Jill, surprised by the sudden groping.

“Come on, it isn’t like we haven’t played around before.”

“Please don’t say such things in front of Sir Theo!”

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t mind about things like that and he won’t say anything to anyone. Go on, do what you came here for.”

Without any further instruction Jill walked to the end of my bed and climbed on, slowly making her way towards me. She let her hair down and undid another button at the front of her uniform as she approached on all fours. I could now see all the way down her dress. This was quite the surreal moment as a slightly embarrassed bunny maid crept towards me provocatively while my catkin friend just looked on from across the room.

“You’ll be in my care this evening then Sir Theo.”

“Err thanks… It’s just Theo by the way.”

“Yes Theo.”

As she reached me, she pulled back the covers of my bed. Once she had done so she quickly pulled off my boxers. She gently stroked my cock for a moment, before bending down a placing it inside of her mouth. She looked up at me innocently as she sucked away. Despite the look, I could tell right away she was practiced at this. It felt really good.

I just lay there for now, simply enjoying the service from Serin’s maid. Would Serin be mad if she saw this? Probably not, they all seemed to have a pretty liberal attitude to this sort of thing and I highly doubted that Jill would have come here if she thought it was going to land her in trouble.

Altria, who had just been watching up to this point climbed on the bed. She crept up behind Jill and pulled her dress up over her bum, then pulled her panties down to her knees. She then reached around and started playing with Jill’s pussy. Jill stopped what she was doing momentarily and looked back over her shoulder at Altria.

“Altria! What are you doing?” Jill asked, her ears twitching a little.

“I just thought I would get you ready as well… You shouldn’t be stopping should you.”

Jill turned back and continued to suck on my dick. Her technique was a little sloppier than before, now Altria was playing with her as well. I didn’t mind, I was quite enjoying the scene playing out in front of me. Whatever Altria was doing, she was good at it. Jill’s ears started to twitch once again as she started to cum. Seeing she was finished, Altria stopped.

“She’s all yours now Theo… Go on Jill, do what you came here for.” Altria told her.

“Okay… Should we continue Theo?” Jill asked me.

“Please do.”

Jill crept forward on all fours, only stopping when her face was almost pressed up against me. She was blushing slightly as she pulled up her dress and lowered herself down onto me. She was sopping wet from Altria and I slipped straight inside her. She moaned a little as she lifted herself up and down on me. It was really cute. She eased herself in slowly at first, but it wasn’t long before she started to grind away on me hard.

As she frantically bounced around on my lap, I could see she was getting hot, still wearing her full maid uniform. She had just a few buttons undone at the front. I leant forward and undid the rest, then gripping her dress from the bottom, gently slid the whole thing over head and tossed it to the side. She was now just in her bra and stockings. Now free from her clothes she pressed forward on me, pushing me back and riding me even harder than before. Her cute little bunny tail bouncing up and down.

So far, I had been happy enough to let her do all the work, but I decided to take control. Putting my arm around her side and rolled her over onto her back. She wrapped her legs around me as I thrusted from on top. Her legs gripping me tighter with each swing, until I activated “special heal”. She felt the change immediately, her legs opening wide as they slipped down to the bed. As they did, I gripped her hips and swung away even harder than before.

“Hnnngg… W-what is this?” She moaned, while pulling she sheets from the bed.

She was already starting to cum, while I rolled her to her side. Lifting one leg to my shoulder then pulling her bra down to reveal her large breasts, I gripped one with my spare hand and started pounding her again. She still hadn’t recovered from the first time.

“Theo… anymore and I’ll… I’ll…. Break!” She tried to say in between load moans.

I was too engrossed in what I was doing to stop now. Her lewd noises just made go harder. I just had to hope that the walls of this place were solid enough to not let the sound carry through.

There was already a wet patch on the bed, where her juices were spraying with each thrust. As she came once more her insides gripped tightly on my dick, it was just enough to finish me off and I left her with a cream pie. I pulled out and left her breathing heavily trying to catch her breath.

“You didn’t go easy on her then?” Asked Altria from behind me.

“I got a little carried away.”

“Well, she’ll be okay in a moment, but I hope you still have some energy left for me?” She asked climbing up the bed towards me.

“Of course, I was going to help you out of that wasn’t I?”

“That’s what I was hoping.”

As Altria reached me, she grabbed my hand and placed it against the side of her thigh just under the hem line of her dress. I pushed my hand up to the top of her thigh and passed her hips. She had no panties on. Grabbing her by the hips I pulled her towards me, and we kissed for a moment. As we did, I rolled her to the side and gently pushed her back onto the bed.

We stopped kissing and I sat up, pushing the bottom of her dress up. Pressing her legs apart a little I leant forward and started eating her pussy, Altria gently grasping my hair as I did so. She quickly got wet and as she did, I kissed my way further up her body pushing up her dress as I did so. Eventually slipping it off over her head. She was entirely naked underneath. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had been walking around the party all night with nothing underneath her little dress.

After throwing her dress to the side, Altira spread her legs wide open for me and I pushed inside, rocking my hips as I did so. I’d barely got up to speed when Altria flipped our positions and started riding me on top. She was more eager than usual. As she did, I heard a rustle from next to me. It was Jill, she had moved next to me. Leaning over she started to kiss me and grabbing my hand placed it on her breast. I squeezed her surprisingly soft yet firm breast as Altria continued to ride me.

I glanced over to Jill, to see she was busily rubbing her clit, pleasuring herself whilst we kissed. I turned on “special heal” once again. Both girls moaned a little from the effects. Altria continued to ride me, but her rhythm was off ever so slightly. As Altria started to cum, I sat up quickly, pushing her onto her back. I looked over at Jill, she seemed to guess my intent right away, climbing on top of Altria and lifting her bum up in the air, waiting for me.

I stopped for a moment just to watch on as Jill was on top Altria, having her pressed against the bed. The pair were kissing, while Jill had already started fingering Altria as she lay there. Jill’s pussy was already twitching from the effects of “Special heal”, gripping her firm ass I jammed my dick inside her from behind and started fucking her hard right from the beginning.

Jill stopped kissing Altria as I pumped away, tilting her head back and moaning loudly with each thrust. As I sped up faster her pussy juices sprayed over the bed and Altria who was still laid underneath. She came hard and collapsed on top of her, once again gasping for air. Altria, who by this point had gotten impatient rolled Jill off her and climbed on top of me. I picked up Altria and stepped off the bed. First fucking her stood up as she bounced off my thighs, before laying her back down on her back to finish the job.

The night continued much like this for hours, I would be surprised if no one else in the house had heard what was going on the room.