Chapter Eighty-Seven: Unexpected Visit
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I lay on the bed for a while thinking about what to do and decided to open up my skill tree. With enough points, I could see what my next available skill was. “Interrogate” is what it said. On the face of it, it sounded like something useful, something that could have come in handy back in the dungeon, if I’d had the time to use it that was. That being said, I had to doubt that it would work in any way like it sounded.

Still, I decided to acquire the skill and lay there on the bed trying to think of a safe way to test it. As I did, I realised that I suddenly felt exceptionally tired. Before I knew it, my eyes were starting to close and not long after I fell into a deep sleep. It was sometime later that I started to realise that something was wrong, that this was no longer a normal sleep. I started to gain a slight sense of my surroundings and I also had the feeling that I was no longer alone in my room.

Once the thought passed through my mind a blurry person stated to emerge at the foot of my bed, along with a strong sensation that I had felt before. The sensation was of lust and the person that was coming into to focus was the succubus that had attacked me back in the dungeon. I tried to struggle and to my surprise I could move, at least slowly. My head swam and my body was sluggish as I pulled myself up of my sheets and backed off to the head of my bed.

“Hmm… I wasn’t expecting you to come to, let alone be able to move. I really must have weakened since we last met. I’ve barely eaten a whole meal since.” The succubus said as she noticed my struggle.

She was right. The effects of her attack were weakened, she couldn’t even hold the visual technique covering her appearance let alone halt my movements.

“Well, no matter. I’ll be back to my full strength once I’ve feasted on you.” She told me.

“H-how did you find me?”

“It was easy tracking down the guild you came from. Finding you was a little difficult, but all I had to do was wait for you return patiently.”

The effects of her attack increased slightly as she climbed on the bed and approached me. I knew I had to do something whilst I could still move and before she begun to feed on me. I quickly fired off “disorient” she slowed her approach ever so slightly, but it wasn’t enough. I then tried “special heal” she quivered from its effects and her attack weakened just enough for me to move freely. Seeing my opportunity, I jumped forward, pushing her back onto the bed and pinning her down.

My first thought was to kill her then and there, but I stopped my hands before I crushed her throat. Perhaps this was an opportunity to gain some information. I looked at her pinned underneath me, her face full of disgust from the forced pleasure she was receiving. If nothing else, it was an opportunity to test out that ability. She really was weakened since the first time we met, now she could hardly put up any resistance against me.

“Get your filthy hands off me!” She demanded.

“You were just trying to kill me and not for the first time. I’m not letting you go free. You’re going to answer some questions for me now.”

“I’m not going to tell you anything.”

She wasn’t about to just answer my questions willingly, that much was obvious. I still had her pinned and while she was struggling, I could easily hold her down. Her psychic attack had completely stopped now, and I doubted that she would be able to put up much resistance to the skill I’d acquired before I fell asleep. I quickly opened my skill window to confirm that I had acquired it and that it wasn’t something weird that I dreamt up in my succubus induced sleep.

The window opened in front of my eyes and it was just as I had hoped. The skill called “interrogate” was still there. Having already made the decision to use it, I activated the skill there and then. The succubus immediately stopped resisting at all and just lay there helplessly. Her expression slowly changed from one of utter disgust and hate to almost cracking a pleasant smile. It was almost a little unnerving.

“Are you going to answer some of my questions now?” I asked her once I was certain it had taken effect.

“Yes.” She replied immediately.

I still had her pinned underneath me and I wasn’t going to loosen my grip in the slightest even if she no longer appeared to be resisting. For all I knew she could be putting on some kind of act to get me to let my guard down now. I deactivated “special heal” to save some mana.

“Aww… I was just beginning to enjoy that.” She complained.

“I’m not trying to make you enjoy yourself.”


“No… I want you to answer my questions.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you everything I can.”

It was a complete change of tune from earlier. Could this skill be working exactly like its name? It would be the first time any of my custom skills acted like I would have expected.

“Let’s start simple… Who are you?”

“I’m yours.”



“You name is yours?”

“No, my name is Celine.”

“What did you mean by yours?”

“I mean I belong to you.”

“What! Why are you saying something like that?”

“I don’t know how to explain it properly. A few moments ago, I felt like I needed to kill you. You had inflicted such an embarrassing and painful curse on me, and you killed my previous master. Then I don’t know, I just suddenly felt that I belonged to you alone.”

Ah, something seemed to be up with how this skill worked. Either that or she was putting on a strange act.

“You belong to me?” I asked.

“Yes master.”


Well, I should still be able to get some information from her and she didn’t seem to be putting up any resistance, perhaps she could be useful. If this wasn’t an act that was.

“Master, as much as I like being this close to you, could you loosen your grip a little? It’s beginning to hurt.”

“No… I need you to answer some questions, then I’ll think about what to do with you.”

“What do you want to know?” She asked politely.

I was a little thrown by the sudden course of events and racked my brain for what I wanted to know from her. Yes, that was it.

“What did your previous master mean when they called the summoners taboo breakers?”

“I’m not sure of the details, but somehow they caused the death of the lord’s kin. They betrayed them.”

“Lord, do you mean the demon lord?”

“That’s what you call them.”

“What do you call them?”

“We call them the lord. Before we came to this land they ruled over the entire under realm. What the people here call the demon realm.”

Hmm, that sounds just like the demon lord then.

“They betrayed them?”


“Their family, you mean that the families of the summoners had a pact with the demon lord’s family?”


“What was it?”

“I don’t know entirely. All I know was that they were entrusted with something important and that they used it against them, causing their demise. It was the reason that the lord came to this world in the first place.”

That wasn’t what I was expecting.

“What else did you want to know master?” Celine asked eagerly.

“I don’t know, I need to think…”

I still hadn’t loosened my grip on Celine, but she didn’t appear to be lying to me. I couldn’t sense any of the animosity I was getting from her before and she wasn’t trying in the slightest to wriggle free from my grip. She was just laid there smiling at me and trying to gaze into my eyes.

As I tried to think things over there was a loud knock at the door. I looked up, wondering who that could be, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be coming over this evening.

“Theo are you up yet? You’re late.” Lillia’s voice asked from outside.

“What, late?” I shouted back.

“Yes. We leave for the capital this morning. The carriage will be arriving shortly, you need to hurry.”

It was the morning. It couldn’t be.

“What’s going on.” I thought out loud.

“It is the morning master. I came to you in the early hours. You seemed to have fallen asleep clothed on your bed.” Celine told me.

“Shit… I’ll be right there.” I shouted back to Lillia.