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This is a work in progress. While not the first story I have ever attempted to write, it's far from anything professional. I intend to publish the completed version as an ebook, so please bear with me. The story may have missing pieces, skipped chapters or temporary chapter numbers, or something like (insert name here) written out, or even just blank lists where details are supposed to be.

Unlike the "classic" webnovel style, I do not intend to split this into volumes, so this could be considered to have more of a Western-style format. However, this series, and indeed this entire literary universe was inspired by anime, so don't be surprised if it takes on a slightly light novel feel.

As of writing this, I am still in the process of worldbuilding. I am also going through...interesting...times IRL (in real life). So it is entirely possible that I may not post anything for a while - either I'm on hiatus or...

It is also possible that entire chapters, or parts of entire chapters may change. That being said, I may also add in chapters with nothing more written (for now) than notes to myself, generally outlining what would happen in that chapter or part of the story.

I think you get it by now...

Having said that, I do ultimately aim for a good story, one that I am satisfied with and one that other people will want to read. I mean, good stories are the stuff of legends.

Enjoy it when you can. And maybe start reviewing it once I've actually finished a draft of it? (I still haven't finished a first draft yet.)