Chapter 1
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            "So we got the usual stuff. But I heard you wanted new stuff?"

            "I told you I was only interested in the new stuff. How many are we talking about?"

           "Four girls, all elegant and lady-like. Then we got a fifth who's a real stunner. We've had to conserve her to preserve her value. Yeah, real care with that one."

          "Only five new? Don't be holding out on me, man. How many you really got?"

            "Five new. Aaaand…two scared stiff. We were thinking of putting those two somewhere else. One's actually been recycled around for a bit; the other's probably just a snowflake." Two men rounded the corner into a prison corridor, their last steps ringing off the stairs. Their voices suddenly ceased to echo.

            "I see you always keep the place nice and spooky," said the man in the military uniform.

            "Inside each comfort room is a well-lit area with plenty of cushions and supplies." The other man scoffed. "We haven't spooked you yet. Why so fussy?"

            "Oh, just waiting to be relieved. Practice never hurt." There were doors lining the walls of the prison corridor, with small glass (safety) windows at eye-level. The military man peered inside a room immediately to the right. "I've seen this girl. What's her bio again? And where's the new ones?"

            There were also wall screen consoles to the right of each prison cell. "Bios are on the consoles," the other man pointed. "And the new ones are further down. Didn't you see her bio last time you came?"

            "I didn’t come inside her yet. And what's wrong with a refresher?"

            "True dat. You going to take your time again?"

            "Of course. Your two snowflakes are probably needing comfort. I'll take a discount if I decide to bite."

            The other man chuckled. "Sure, sure—just don't start drawing blood." Having stood at the doorway, he leaned closer to the soldier. "The guys that sealed these girls tell me that nothing funny will happen, but who knows. One time, not long after your last visit, a guy went three hours in 5's room and things started to shake when I went in to clean up. You gonna be fine with magic?"

            The soldier turned to face the other man. "Well," he shrugged. He held up his hands. "My hands are magic." He turned back to peer through the cell window. A white room, broken by cushions, a cupboard, and a black haired girl's eyes stared back. "You know they like these hands."

            The other man let loose a guffaw then, leaning against the main door. "W-well," he laughed, "have fun." He turned around to go back up. "You know what the codes are, you know where the bios are—and you know what your hands can do." His laughter subsided, and he footed the stairs.

            "How long until you're done with business?"

            "At least four hours. Don't worry about running out of time—we'll probably take longer." The other man started ascending the stairs as the soldier peered into the cell, then took a look around the corridor. The hatch clanged shut at the top of the stairs. The soldier abruptly sagged against the cell's wall console.