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In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, more precisely in their department of system admission, a certain female official reached into the bag of chips on her desk and froze.

"Damn! Fucking Shit!"

She took her feet from the desk, lifted the bag and opened it a little wider to peek inside. Nothing. To make sure she hadn’t seen wrongly, she shook the bag but nothing came out. Indeed. There were no more chips!

"Damn this!" Shen Lu furiously threw the bag aside.

How was she supposed to live through the rest of this day without her chips?! Since the department head had been to that meeting with the big boss he was giving them a lot of pressure.

Just look at the 'working prompt' he had given her as 'motivation' for this week: Find one special person to grant a system to! (Note: No reincarnators!)

What the hell was that supposed to mean? No reincarnators? Every second person their department granted a system to was a reincarnator! No, wait, it was probably even more than that. There was maybe one person in ten thousand people that wasn’t a reincarnator.

Bugged out, she opened her personal terminal and browsed some websites instead. Mn … Speaking of that, she should have a look at the profile of her favorite author. Maybe he had finally started a new project.

Shen Lu navigated to the site but was disappointed: Nothing new. The last update — the last real update at least — had been three months ago. Four weeks ago, he had at least left a short message that he was busy with work due to the vacation period and would only get back to writing when things got less stressful.

Shen Lu shut her terminal down again and spun around on her chair. Ugh, life was hell at the moment. She had no idea how to complete that strange assignment from her boss and she couldn’t even look forward to her quitting time since she had nothing to do. Ah, if just her favorite author could become famous and quit his daytime job so that he could write more!

She rested her arms on her desk and put her head on top. Life was so unfair! Considering that he only wrote fan-fics he would probably never get famous. Well, he might get famous but he wouldn’t earn any money. Damn. Was there no way to help him? She wouldn’t mind paying a bit if that got her some more awesome novels from him. Other readers certainly also thought so.

Mn … Shen Lu tilted her head. That damned working prompt popped up in her field of vision again. She wanted to turn away again when she suddenly blinked and jerked up.

Wait a moment! Granting a system to a special person who was not a reincarnator?!

She opened her terminal again and searched a little. There! Her favorite author definitely wasn’t a reincarnator! So … What spoke against granting him a system? With a little bit of help, he might finally start a story all of his own and then become famous and rich and quit his daytime job to dedicate his life solely to writing! Yes! Mission accomplished!

Shen Lu hastily searched for the application form, madly grinning the whole time. This was like killing two birds with one stone!

She finally found the right file and looked through the blanks. The form required her to fill in some general data about the desired system and the possible host. But there were also some things that needed to be specialized like the system’s name or its more specific task.

She had to seriously ponder that. There could be no mistake!

[Information regarding possible host:

Name: Su Yan

Age: 21 years 3 months 7 days]

[Height: 1.75m / 5'7"

Weight: 66kg / 139lbs

Hair-color: black

Eye-color: caramel]

[Occupation: service staff at a railroad station

Targeted occupation: author]

[Information regarding the desired system:

Type: Special System K81-3FA5-69

Scope of application: work related

Tasks: Furthering the host’s experiences and skills, helping the host to achieve greatness

Matched skill set: writing]


Shen Lu hesitated. She really hated it when the other officials were lazy and just put in the system’s number. How were the hosts supposed to remember them?

No, she would help Su Yan as good as possible! He’d get a system with a nice-sounding name! Mn … How about … Writing System?

Ugh. That was certainly easy to remember but it had no style whatsoever! No, she should take something that could convey her honest, innermost feelings to her favorite author!

Shen Lu stared at the blank for a full five minutes before a smile slowly crept onto her lips.

[Name: Lovely Writing System]

See! You write lovely stories and this system will help you to write even more lovely stories! This is a name bestowed by one of your avid fans. With love!


Shen Lu clicked the submit button, prepared to be rewarded for her hard work.


Some big red words popped up on the screen of her personal terminal. Huh? What had happened?

She clicked the button for further information. Her expression soured upon seeing the explanation: ['Matched skill set: writing' is too broad. Please select a smaller category.]

Shen Lu gnashed her teeth. What was the problem with 'writing'? That was a great skill set to have! Well, at least the tech team had supplied her with some suggestions. Or should she say: They had given her a whole drop-down menu to choose from? Why didn’t they do so in the first place?

Shen Lu shook her head and went through the menu layer after layer.

Mn, fiction was a given. Web novels were good, too. Genre? Mn, he mostly wrote things with cultivation and stuff. That should be somewhere at the bo—

Shen Lu’s eyes went wide all of a sudden. She had seen something in the provided list that instantly caught her attention.

If you asked her if there was something, anything, she didn’t like about that favorite author of hers, she probably had to nod: Su Yan didn’t write her favorite genre. But … it seemed she could change that?

Shen Lu peeked around to make sure nobody was there. Then, a certain fujoshi clicked the button she had spotted.


Well, if Su Yan ever found out that his change in genres and everything it entailed was thanks to a certain official at the Heaven Corporation’s headquarters, he’d probably swing by and beat her up with all the books he had written until then.