222 There It Was Again
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Nie Chang gave a laugh but hurriedly stifled it with a cough. "Uh … How about skipping one chapter and seeing how much happened? If it’s not much, you could skip more and if it’s interesting again, you can continue to read."

Su Yan nodded. "Sounds good to me." And since Nie Chang understood the system so well, this shouldn’t be against the rules either.

He picked up his phone and skipped to the next chapter. After some consideration … he skipped another one. And since he was already at it and since the novel was horrible he even skipped a third one.

Ah, this felt so satisfying! Was there a way to skip whole arcs? He would like to give it a try but, well, he couldn’t be too greedy either or the system might refuse to count this task and he’d have to read from the beginning again. Thus Su Yan resolved to read at least part of this chapter.

["I’ll kill him!" Wang Ya Ting slammed the jug down on the table. "No, I’ll torture him and then I’ll kill him!"

The man sitting next to him on the bench clung to his shoulder. "Wuwuwu, I’ll never marry any other woman in this life …"

Wang Ya Ting ignored him and continued to imagine how he would pay that bastard back. "I should … hack off his fingers! One by one!"

"How could she do this to me? I was so good to her!"

"I’ll do the same with his toes. Such a guy doesn’t deserve to have toes!"

"You’re right! I don’t deserve her!" The man picked up Wang Ya Ting’s jug, leaned back and gulped down the wine.]

Su Yan’s lips twitched. What the hell was this? Who was this random guy drinking with Wang Ya Ting? Don’t tell him this was his future boyfriend?! Oh god, what a sad couple! They didn’t even listen to what the other one was saying. Don’t tell him the readers of the novel liked this?

Su Yan shook his head but persevered to read on. He had to at least finish this one chapter so he could skip the next few.

[Wang Ya Ting grabbed his arm when he almost fell down from the bench and pulled him back up, looking into his bloodshot eyes. "And you know what else he doesn’t deserve?"

The man shut up and sniffled, pitifully shaking his head.

"A bird!"]

Su Yan lifted a hand and covered his eyes. Oh no. There it was again. That bird. He had thought he had skipped all the chapters with the birds but there was still another one! Wasn’t this novel only supposed to include four birds?! Why were there so many?!

He gritted his teeth, lowered his hand and took a deep breath. He had only gotten a few sentences further. This wasn’t enough. Even if he didn’t manage to read the whole chapter, he should at least read half of it! Come on, Su Yan! You can do it! He motivated himself and concentrated on the novel again.

[Wang Ya Ting reached down and grabbed the man’s leg. "An asshole that is able to maltreat my dear little Xiao Hui doesn’t deserve to have a bird he can use. In fact, he shouldn’t have one! I’ll be doing this town a favor if I cut it off. You hear me?! I’ll chop that bird right off!"

"A bird?" The man leaned his head back onto Wang Ya Ting’s shoulder and clung to his outstretched arm.

"Mn, yes. I’ll castrate him!"

"Castrate him?" The man blinked groggily and reached for the jug, only to miss it. He narrowed his eyes and tried again, finally grabbing it. He moved to drink, only to find out there wasn’t any wine inside anymore. "Ah Ting, there’s no wine anymore." He looked up and pursed his lips.

Wang Ya Ting stared at him and slowly lifted his hand, grabbing his chin. "Eh, Ah Ying, did anybody ever tell you that you’re cute? You’re looking a lot like Xiao Hui when you pout your lips like this."]

Su Yan turned to look at Nie Chang. He wanted to cry but there were no tears coming out. Just what was this novel trying to do? "Ah Chang …"

"Mn?" Nie Chang didn’t look over and continued to concentrate on the traffic.

Su Yan pursed his lips. Well, he couldn’t expect more attention from Nie Chang. He still had to drive, after all. "I think the character that was just introduced might be the future boyfriend of one of the main characters."

"Isn’t that good? Maybe the system will count the story as read when all major characters have been introduced."

"Maybe." Su Yan looked at his phone. That wasn’t what he was worried about though.

Nie Chang also noticed that something wasn’t right. He glanced at Su Yan and saw him looking downcast. "So, what is the problem then? Is something strange about that character?"

"The main character said he looked like his brother."

Nie Chang coughed and hurriedly tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Damn this! What kind of novel had that system recommended to Su Yan?! It couldn’t be that there would be anything … illegal happening, right?

Su Yan frowned. "Why aren’t you saying anything? Don’t tell me that’s normal in this genre! They’re brothers!"

Nie Chang shook his head. "No, no, of course not! I was just shocked when you told me. I mean nobody in their right mind would think like that of his brother."

Su Yan heaved a relieved sigh. "Right. Nobody would do so." He lifted the phone again and continued to read.

Nie Chang tightened his lips and stared out of the windshield. Thankfully, his little darling hadn’t paid that much attention to what he said. Now, he could only hope that Su Yan would never stumble upon one of those stories that did feature such couples.

Ah, he should probably alter Su Yan’s account a bit and add a specific filter so he wouldn’t be able to see that kind of story. Mn, that was the way to go. Being a hacker had to have some perks.