223 How Would They Get Together?
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[Huan Gui Ying shook his head. "No. She said I was handsome. But then she left me. Wuwuwu." He tightened his grip around Wang Ya Ting’s arm, freeing his chin in the process and rubbing his cheek against Wang Ya Ting’s shoulder. "I’m not handsome at all, am I? What about that bastard with the bird? Was he handsome at least?"

Wang Ya Ting’s expression darkened and he slammed his fist down on the table once again. "Ugh! Even if he was the most handsome man in the world, he still wouldn’t be good enough for my little brother! Even the emperor can’t have him! No, what am I saying? I wouldn’t hand Xiao Hui over even if the Heavenly Emperor knocked on my door!" He grabbed the jug of wine to take another mouthful but just like Huan Gui Ying before he had to find out that it was empty. He slammed it down with a curse and motioned at the waiter. "Bring me another jar!"

"Two! Bring two!" echoed Huan Gui Ying.

Wang Ya Ting looked down. Huan Gui Ying looked up. The two of them looked into each other’s eyes.]

Su Yan bit into his sleeve. Ugh. Please tell him the two of them wouldn’t fall in love like this. That was so stupid!

[Wang Ya Ting reached out and patted his head. "Don’t drink so much. You’re too young for that."

"I’m not. I’m old enough to get married. It’s just that she doesn’t want me! Wuwuwu." He hugged Wang Ya Ting’s neck instead of his arm this time and sobbed into the front of his robe.

Wang Ya Ting patted his back absentmindedly. "Ah, all these assholes in this city. One of them forces himself onto my little brother and another one pretends she wants to marry you just to elope with somebody else. This is too outrageous! We should chop off all their birds.

"As for that asshole that forced my Xiao Hui I know exactly how to find him. Don’t worry about that. You know if there is one thing my family has more than enough of, then it’s money. It’s so much we don’t even know what to do with it. So I’ll put some of it to good use and find that bastard. I’ll have Xiao Hui describe him to me tomorrow and make a painting and then I’ll post it everywhere in this town and in all the other towns in a radius of a hundred miles!"

Huan Gui Ying lifted his head to look up at Wang Ya Ting in worship. "Ah Ting, you’re so great. You know exactly what to do."

Wang Ya Ting puffed out his chest. "That’s only natural. How else would I take care of my Xiao Hui?"

Then the waiter finally came over and put the two jugs of wine down in front of them. Both Wang Ya Ting and Huan Gui Ying reached out, opened their respective jug and took a big gulp.

Behind the two of them, another person lowered his jug of wine and silently motioned for the waiter to come over. He didn’t say anything and just handed over some money before he got up and left.]

Su Yan smiled wryly. He would bet his wage for this month that this man was none other than the Ling Yu that Wang Ya Ting had threatened to castrate. No wonder he got up and left. He was probably afraid Wang Ya Ting had already gotten some information from his younger brother and might recognize him if he had the chance to take a closer look. Or maybe he thought Wang Ya Ting’s revenge would get even worse if he found out that he had barely missed him. Well, at least this should mean that the birds had all flown away, right?

Su Yan blinked. Wait. If Wang Ya Ting had found out what Ling Yu had done with Wang Ya Hui and wanted to castrate him and if Ling Yu wanted to leave because he found out about it before Wang Ya Ting could start to implement his plan, then how would Wang Ya Hui and Ling Yu end up together?

Su Yan whirled around to Nie Chang. "Ah Chang!"

Nie Chang almost stepped on the brakes. "What is it?!" He glanced at Su Yan and found him staring back at him with widened eyes. "Don’t tell me you’re not feeling well?" He wanted to pull over to the side of the street but Su Yan shook his head.

"That’s not it."

Nie Chang sighed. Ah, why did his little darling always have to shock him like this? Couldn’t he just say whatever it was he wanted to say instead of scaring him like that? He had sounded so anxious …

Su Yan pursed his lips when Nie Chang didn’t ask what the matter was. Well, he would cut him some slack since he was still driving. Ah, it was all because the traffic was so bad today! He couldn’t believe they needed this long to get to work.

"I’ll tell you what the problem is. It’s a BL novel, right? So the main characters should get together with another man, right?"

"Mn, they should."

"Yes, but that Wang Ya Hui slept with some guy named Ling Yu and now that Ling Yu left because Wang Ya Hui’s brother found out. How are they supposed to get together then?"

Nie Chang’s brows raised. "That’s what’s bothering you?"

"Of course! What else would be bothering me? If it’s a BL novel, then how come the main characters won’t get together?"

"Well, I’m not sure if this is really an issue. You don’t know yet if they’ll get together or not, do you? I mean isn’t it normal for a romance novel to let the main characters suffer through some hardships first and place obstacles in their way that are supposed to let them have difficulties to get together? And the novel is actually about how they manage to endure all this and finally get together in the end. Why should a BL novel be any different?"

Su Yan blinked. Uh … This made a lot of sense. And it was such an easy issue. Why had he even worried about it in the first place?

He leaned back into his seat and lifted his phone. Ah, forget it. He should just continue to read the rest of the chapter and stop thinking about it. This novel was too dumb to seriously consider anything.