224 Let’s Get Married. Without That Rubbish.
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[Wang Ya Ting and Huan Gui Ying were busy with their own problems and didn’t notice what was going on around them.

Huan Gui Ying placed the jug down and sighed. "I wished there was something I could do to find her too."

Wang Ya Ting scoffed. "What do you want with a woman that would leave you for another man at the drop of a hat? Just forget about her. She’s not worth it."

Huan Gui Ying nodded along earnestly. "Right, right. Forget about her!" He took another gulp of wine before turning back to Wang Ya Ting with a tearful expression. "But what about the money? I don’t even dare to go home. My family will be furious, won’t they? Ugh, just imagining how father will scold me …" He grimaced and once again lifted the jug.

Wang Ya Ting wouldn’t have it. His own little brother had to rest in their room right now because of what that bastard had done to him. How could he let someone else’s adorable little brother get so drunk because of the pain that bastard woman had inflicted on him?

He grabbed the jug and wrested it out of his hands. "Don’t drink so much. There’s nothing to worry about. Just leave it to me. I, Wang Ya Ting, wouldn’t let such a despicable bastard get away. I’ll make sure you’ll be able to face your family again!"

"Ah Ting!" Huan Gui Ying was completely sold. "You know what? You’re the best person I’ve ever met! You’re so great. I love you!" He hugged him again and was patted on the back as a reward.

"There, there. This is what I should do. We’ve both suffered through the machinations of some despicable bastard and we’ve drunk together, so we can be considered friends. There’s no reason to thank me."

"Mn …" Huan Gui Ying nodded but his eyes still glittered when he looked at him.

Wang Ya Ting smiled proudly. Ah, this felt good. Just like when Wang Ya Hui was clinging to him. He generously patted Huan Gui Ying’s back again. Mn, not bad, not bad.

Huan Gui Ying’s eyes narrowed in bliss. He had never before considered it but … why should he marry a woman in the first place? Wouldn’t it be much better to marry a man like Wang Ya Ting who would care for him? He was so handsome, so generous, so gentle, so caring, so thoughtful, so smart, so knowledgeable, so sophisticated … He was so perfect it could have been scary but Huan Gui Ying just felt very, very comfortable around him.

Wang Ya Ting raised the jug of wine and drank, not noticing how Huan Gui Ying’s gaze deepened. Only when a small hand touched his torso did he look over. "Don’t feel sad." He patted Huan Gui Ying’s head with a generous smile, leaving a trace of warmth.

Huan Gui Ying smiled back at him and grabbed his other hand. "Ah Ting, I understand that she’s already gone. Actually, I don’t mind it too much. It’s just that my family wants me to marry and I don’t want to be alone either. So how about we marry instead? I really like you and you’re not married yet, right?"

"Ah?" Wang Ya Ting stared at him uncomprehending.

Huan Gui Ying nodded eagerly. "Yes! It’s not a problem that we’re both men. There’s still my older brother who can leave a child for my family and I don’t expect you to make me your main wife. Your family is rich, isn’t it? You’d certainly take more than one wife. You can just make me your second wife or something."

"Uh … That’s true." Wang Ya Ting furrowed his brow.

Actually, this wasn’t bad. Back home, he had seen that women weren’t all that good. They wouldn’t treat his Xiao Hui good enough. But Huan Gui Ying was alright. If he married him, he could help him take care of Xiao Hui. And since the two of them had both suffered because of some bastard they would understand each other. Yes, Huan Gui Ying might be the best candidate to become his wife.

Wang Ya Ting slammed his hand down on the table for the third time. "Very well, let’s get married!"

"Yes!" Huan Gui Ying hugged his neck and kissed his cheek, making Wang Ya Ting’s lips curve up. "So when do we hold the wedding?"

"Mn …" Wang Ya Ting frowned. "We’d need at least a few weeks to prepare everything if we consider presents and all. I should also go and discuss with your family beforehand to see if they’re really alright with this."

"Ah?" Huan Gui Ying’s expression fell. "Then wouldn’t that take a really long time? Who needs all this stuff? I’d much rather marry you today already without any gifts or whatnot."

Wang Ya Ting smiled even more when he heard this. Ah, this was how his brother would have reacted too. And honestly, wasn’t a wife that didn’t care about wealth the best? Mn, he also didn’t want to wait. What if Huan Gui Ying reconsidered or if his family was against this? Then wouldn’t he have missed his chance to get the best possible wife who could care for his little brother?! He couldn’t let that happen!

Wang Ya Ting turned to the side and put an arm around Huan Gui Ying’s shoulders. "Ah Ying, you’re right. Let’s not care about all that rubbish and just marry tonight. I’ll get a second room for us and then we’ll go through the most important steps only. We can still have a real ceremony later on."

"Mn!" Huan Gui Ying nodded and clung to his husband-to-be.

Wang Ya Ting picked up the jug, leaned back his head and downed the rest of the wine. He slammed it back down on the table, stood up and threw some money at the waiter. "This is for the wine. Now get us another room so we won’t disturb my brother!"

The waiter looked at the two of them in stunned silence before hurrying away and doing what Wang Ya Ting had asked for. Then the two men proceeded to what would be their bridal chamber for tonight.]