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Needless to say, the novel went on to describe vividly how the two drunk men made use of the so-called bridal chamber that night. Su Yan glanced at the first paragraphs, grimaced and skipped three chapters.

Well, thankfully … Su Yan just wanted to praise that he could skip chapters when a few of the words entered his line of sight.

["Ah Ying, how about I call you Xiao Gui? Wouldn’t you feel much closer to my brother then?"

"I don’t mind, I don’t mind. Just continue. Ah! Mn, Ah Ting …" Huan Gui Ying only managed to get out a few words before the pleasure overwhelmed him. He clung to Wang Ya Ting’s body, moaning incessantly.]

Su Yan’s brows twitched. What was going on here? Hadn’t he immediately skipped three chapters when Wang Ya Ting and Huan Gui Ying entered that room? How come they were still at it? Or had something else happened in between?

He bit his lower lip, debating with himself whether or not he should have a look. Unfortunately, curiosity always killed the cat. Su Yan went two chapters back and read the beginning of what had happened after the two characters entered the room.

[Wang Ya Ting and Huan Gui Ying went through the motions of a wedding as good as they could in their intoxicated state. Actually, they just promised to stay together and then bowed to make everything seem official. After that, they turned to look at each other.

Huan Gui Ying’s cheeks reddened and his breath came in short huffs. "Then … should I strip?"]

Su Yan skipped to the next chapter. Just as he had thought. This stupid novel had let the birds out again but hadn’t even taken the time to describe the wedding! What was it with that two-sentence description of such an important plot point?! How could the author gloss over it like that?!

He shook his head and tried to concentrate on the next chapter but, naturally, it didn’t get any better.

[Wang Ya Ting couldn’t take it any longer. With a wild growl, he ripped his own robe from his body and pounced on his newly-wedded bride. It was time for the rice to become cooked!]

Su Yan sighed and went back to the chapter where he had originally wanted to continue, then he skipped to the chapter following it. He would never believe that this shitty novel would conclude everything in this chapter. It would drag things out until the end and only start with the next plot point in the following chapter.

Su Yan wasn’t wrong with that. The novel indeed used the rest of the chapter to describe how Wang Ya Ting and Huan Gui Ying went at it. Unfortunately … Su Yan was still mistaken about the other point: The plot didn’t start to continue at the beginning of the next chapter. Instead, Su Yan was once again met with something he didn’t like.

[Huan Gui Ying arched his back and groaned when Wang Ya Ting’s finger entered him. He clutched his husband’s shoulders and burrowed his heels into the bed, trying to somehow alleviate the arousing sensation.

"Ah, Ah Ying, don’t! I can’t take it! I’m going crazy! I …" His words ended in a yelp when Wang Ya Ting’s finger dug deeper.]

Su Yan grimaced. Ah, he wanted to give his phone to Nie Chang and have him skip chapters in his stead until he was finally past this stuff! Why were there so many chapters just describing how two people had sex in this novel?! Was there no plot at all?

He frowned at his phone and continued to skip, only taking a glance at each chapter before deciding if he could safely read it. Most of them weren’t. Well, actually, it wasn’t too surprising. The system had said that this was a spicy bl novel, after all. He should have expected this.

Su Yan stopped moving and stared blankly. Actually, this task wasn’t too bad. Sure, he didn’t like reading this stuff but he had learned two very important things from it.

First of all, he knew he never wanted to write any kind of spicy bl novel. He would just keep to the sweet ones. And secondly, he finally knew that having sex wasn’t as easy as his mother had claimed. If he hadn’t gotten this task from the system, he wouldn’t have found out and things might go wrong on Friday.

Come to think of it … How would this bout of Wang Ya Ting and Huan Gui Ying end? He had skipped a lot of stuff including a description of Wang Ya Ting’s body but it couldn’t be that his bird was just as big as Ling Yu’s, could it? Wouldn’t that be too unrealistic? But in this case, the aftermath of them fooling around shouldn’t be as bad as the one from when Wang Ya Hui and Ling Yu had had sex, right?

Su Yan scrolled further down until he finally found the scene where Wang Ya Ting and Huan Gui Ying fell asleep. The next chapter should talk about the issue, right? He held the phone closer to his face and stared at the lines of text intently so he wouldn’t miss it.

There! That should be it! Su Yan stopped scrolling and read on.

[Huan Gui Ying woke up feeling groggy and confused. There was a blissful smile on his lips but he didn’t know why. He didn’t feel all that good. His head hurt, his arms hurt, his shoulders hurt, his back hurt, his legs hurt and especially his rear end hurt.

This was probably how a man felt if he was pushed onto the road and then run over by a carriage drawn by four horses.]