226 Did We Lose Our Way?
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Su Yan’s lips twitched. Where had he gone wrong? Could it be that since it was unlikely to have two birds of the same size Wang Ya Ting’s bird had turned out even bigger than Ling Yu’s? Or had Nie Chang told him that it wouldn’t hurt as much with a small bird because he wanted to make sure nothing would change about Friday? The latter was more likely even though Nie Chang had never lied to him.

Su Yan pursed his lips. In that case, his boyfriend was probably blameless. So this could only be the fault of the novel. But what could be the issue? Was it really the size of the bird? Or were there some other factors that could influence how much it would hurt? He had to figure this out before Friday!

Su Yan turned to the side to ask Nie Chang but could only gape. The driver’s seat … was empty. Where was his boyfriend?!

Just when Su Yan started to panic the door beside him opened and Nie Chang leaned down to smile at him teasingly. "We’re already there. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice at all how I stopped the car and got off?"

Su Yan frowned at that smile. Maybe his boyfriend wasn’t as blameless as he had thought. Just look at his expression! This was obviously something that should be blamed! Hmph. Su Yan lifted his chin and unfastened his seatbelt. "It’s because you drive so strangely. Who could tell for sure whether you’re parking or just stopping for a red light?"

"Mn. I get off most of the time when we stop for a red light." Nie Chang stepped back to give Su Yan some more space and closed the door behind him.

Su Yan wanted to retort but then his gaze fell on the place behind Nie Chang. He blinked, rubbed his eyes and took another look. It still stayed the same. There was actually the entrance to a park in front of them, complete with a little building to sell tickets, a turnstile entrance control, and a queue of people. Nie Chang locked the car and then stood next to Su Yan, his hands clasped behind his back, his gaze trained on the entrance.

Su Yan cleared his throat. "Ah Chang, say, you were driving around for so long and now we’re in front of the Century Park. Don’t tell me we lost our way?"

Nie Chang smiled. "No, we didn’t."

"Then what are we doing here? Don’t tell me you want to relocate your shop to somewhere around here? Actually, I think the original place is quite good. No need to change anything."

"Don’t worry, I won’t do that."

Su Yan frowned. What was with that kind of communication? Couldn’t he say a sentence more and start explaining already?! He glared at his boyfriend and Nie Chang relented with a cough.

"Well, I remember that you said you wanted to have several dates before … you know, doing it. But somehow things turned out differently from what we expected so … We never got around to having a single date. We only went shopping once and then visited your parents together. I think that doesn’t count, does it?"

Su Yan pursed his lips. "Now that you say it like that …" That was indeed true. Why hadn’t he noticed? It had been his idea to go out, after all! He should have insisted on it.

Nie Chang put an arm around his shoulders. "Well, I spent a lot of thought on this previously. So, since we decided to do it tomorrow and there isn’t much time left I took the liberty to give my favorite employee the day off. And while I was at it I also took a day off and brought my darling out for a date."

Su Yan looked from Nie Chang to the entrance of the Century Park and back again. "When did you think of this?"

Nie Chang considered pretending to have planned this long ago but in the end, he just smiled wryly. They had been at Su Yan’s parents’ just yesterday. When should he have thought of it if not afterward? After all, they had only talked about going out on Monday. "This morning when you were showering."

Su Yan pursed his lips. "And I just praised you in my mind for always being honest."

Nie Chang’s brows raised. "Ah? But I really thought of it this morning."

"But you told me afterward that we were going to work." Su Yan pouted. Maybe this meant that Nie Chang had also lied about what would happen on Friday. How mean!

Nie Chang sighed. Ah, where was the adorable half-curious, half-furious expression he had been waiting for? How come it seemed as if his little darling had turned into a completely furious kitten that would scratch him if he dared to get close?

He bravely left his arm hanging over Su Yan’s shoulders and even leaned his head closer. "Ah Yan, what are you even saying? I wasn’t lying. I was preparing a surprise for you! I just wanted to make you happy! Are you angry because of that?"

Su Yan pursed his lips even more and puffed up his cheeks. "Sweet-talking me doesn’t work! You lied! Who knows what else you lied about?"

Nie Chang bravely smiled when the furious little kitten started to hiss. "And here I thought you really loved the crows on my roof."

Su Yan wanted to retort but it seemed … He had said that himself? Without any better alternative, he snorted, grabbed Nie Chang’s shirt and pulled him forward. "Stop blabbering. Let’s just go get our tickets. Right, did you bring any money?"

"But of course!" Nie Chang happily followed his boyfriend over to the entrance. Ah, this would definitely be a great day!