227 My Little Kitten
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Whatever bad mood Su Yan had been in before, vanished when Nie Chang led him into the park. Ah! How great! He had a day off and he could use it to leisurely stroll through a park with his boyfriend. If he told anybody this story, they would be so envious of him! Mn, he should take lots of photos and send them to his mother later on. She’d probably love seeing what they had done the whole day.

Nie Chang’s already good mood became even better when he saw how happy his little darling was. He took his arm from his shoulder and hugged his waist instead, pulling him closer and leading him down the small path to their right.

"Where are we going?" Su Yan craned his neck to try and see if there was something special about this path but he couldn’t spot anything. He turned to his boyfriend. "Ah Chang, are you sure this is the right way? Look, the family that went in before us is also going straight ahead."

"Oh? So we’re a family?"

"No. Who’s talking about that? We’re a couple, of course."

"Aw." Nie Chang stopped walking, turned to the side and cupped Su Yan’s cheeks. "The way you said that as if it was a matter of course … It’s very, very nice."

He pursed his lips and bent down. Su Yan conveniently forgot about the question where they should go, grabbed Nie Chang’s arm and pursed his own lips, waiting for his boyfriend to bridge the rest of the way.

Nie Chang almost laughed out loud. He recovered in time though and gave his little darling a resounding smack on the lips.

"Mn. You’re so cute, so adorable, so irresistible."

Su Yan beamed and wriggled on the spot, his expression asking for more praise.

Nie Chang watched him with glinting eyes, still holding onto his cheeks. "And because you’re so special I’ve thought of a very special thing we should do together."


"Mn. It’s just … I’m not too sure if you’ll like it."

"Of course, I’ll like it! You took so much pain in preparing all this. How could I not like it?"

"Alright, you said so. So you can’t get angry when you see what I prepared!"

"Of course not! I can’t believe you actually think I would." Su Yan puffed up his cheeks only to have them pinched by Nie Chang. "Eh! Stop that!"

Nie Chang chuckled and kissed him again. "If that’s what you want …" He pulled Su Yan along again and only stopped when they reached their destination at the end of the path.

"So, what do you say?" He motioned ahead and turned to Su Yan with a happy grin.

In return, he was met with silence. Su Yan stared ahead at what was essentially a car park … for bicycles. They were standing there in all possible shapes and sizes, forming rows upon rows of bicycles. What … was this? And where was the special something his boyfriend had promised him? It couldn’t be … this, right?

While Su Yan’s thoughts tried to catch up with him, Nie Chang went to get his desired vehicle. A teasing smile tugged at the corners of his lips when he pushed it in front of Su Yan but he suppressed it as well as he could. He might be able to avoid having Su Yan throw a temper tantrum with the promise he had gotten but if he dared to show any form of amusement in the face of Su Yan’s stunned state, he could forget to get away unscathed.

Su Yan shook his head. Alright, his boyfriend had brought him to some kind of bicycle parking. Maybe this wasn’t their final goal and just a place they went to before going to their real goal for some reason? But then why …

Su Yan frowned at Nie Chang who was holding onto his selection proudly as if he had done everything right. "Ah Chang, what’s that supposed to be?"

Nie Chang smiled broadly. "Why? It’s a tandem, of course!"

Su Yan’s lips twitched. "Could you repeat that for me?" He had to have heard wrong. It couldn’t be that his boyfriend had really said what he thought to have heard.

"I found us a tandem. A bicycle for two. Isn’t that great?"

Nie Chang’s eyes formed little crescents while his lips quivered conspicuously. Thankfully, Su Yan hadn’t recovered yet and was still eying the tandem instead of looking at his boyfriend. He was less thrilled though but he remembered that he had promised not to get angry. He couldn’t break this promise too soon.

"Why would you get a tandem?"

Nie Chang blinked innocently as if he had no idea what Su Yan was trying to get at. "To get around the park, of course. Isn’t that much better than walking the whole time?"

"I … I don’t think so." Actually, he couldn’t imagine getting onto that thing and riding around. Wouldn’t they have an accident?

Nie Chang was unperturbed. "You can decide if you want to sit in the front or in the back. In the back, you could stop pedaling and I might not even notice. Well, actually, I don’t mind if you don’t pedal in the front either. As your boyfriend, I’ll naturally do my best to drive you around. So which one do you prefer?"

Su Yan eyed the tandem and shook his head. "Neither. Can we just walk?"

"Of course not!" Nie Chang pushed the tandem closer. "I remember that a certain someone once said that he thought gay people were just an invention of the Internet. Just like cats on bicycles. So … how about getting onto the bike now, my little kitten?" He reached out and tickled his darling below the chin.

Unsurprisingly, Su Yan was not amused.