229 Who’s Working for Whom?
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Nie Chang coughed. "Darling, this is a public park. If somebody used his bird here, people would have called the police already." But it was interesting that this was the first thing Su Yan came up with. And how come he had thought of two men when he mentioned a couple? Don’t tell him Su Yan’s mind was so flexible that he started to see gay couples as the norm?

Nie Chang couldn’t help but glanced over his shoulder this time. His little darling didn’t seem to have noticed anything off. Instead, he looked at him curiously.

"Then what are they doing?"

"Uh …" Nie Chang turned back to the front. "They’re strolling down the road."

"But that’s not bad at all."

Nie Chang paused. This conversation was somehow flawed. "I never said they were doing anything bad though? Actually, I wanted them to be a positive example."

"Ah? Positive example? What for?"

"For spending time with the person you love! Isn’t that what a couple does?"

Su Yan leaned against Nie Chang’s back again and thought about it. Before he had asked Nie Chang why they had come here, hadn’t he? "So … You want to say that you actually don’t like gardens but that we came here because you want to spend time with me?"

Nie Chang grinned. "Darling, you figured that out so fast. I really want to get down from the tandem and pull you into my arms. Do you want a kiss?"

"Mh-mh." Su Yan tightened his grab around Nie Chang’s waist and shook his head like a rattle-drum. "No! Just continue to pedal."

"Oh? So my little darling doesn’t like to be kissed?"

Su Yan harrumphed. "Of course, I do! But if you get down, I’d also have to get down. You can’t expect me to do that after I took the pain to get onto the tandem."

Nie Chang laughed. He wouldn’t have thought that getting onto a tandem could be called a pain. Well, Su Yan had a unique stance on a lot of things. It shouldn’t surprise him. Although, if getting onto the tandem was that much of a bother to him … "So you want me to drive you around the whole day? Without any breaks?"

Su Yan grinned, not ashamed at all. "Of course! I’m working for you normally. So shouldn’t you work for me when we have a day off?"

"Mn … That sounds really convincing. Except for the fact that I’m working for you on a normal day too."

"Ah?" Su Yan lifted his head and stared at Nie Chang’s neck accusingly. "What are you talking about? You’re not working for me! I’m your employee. Not the other way around."

"Oh? Then why do I remember making breakfast for you today? And helping you get dressed? And packing your stuff? And driving you here?"

Su Yan pursed his lips. "I didn’t ask you to do all that for me. You volunteered."

Nie Chang hummed. Indeed. It was all his own fault. He had spoiled his little darling rotten over the years and after the last few days, it had gotten even worse. Ah, it seemed he’d have to continue spoiling him then. There was no way to make Su Yan give up his privileges.

"Well, if you insist, then I guess I’ll have to do as you say."

"Mn." Su Yan happily rubbed his cheek against Nie Chang’s back. Ah, having such an appreciative boyfriend was the best. He should make sure he treated him well in return. "Then I’ll be generous and allow you to take a break later, alright?"

"Alright. Then I’ll make sure we find a nice place until then."

"Mn! Eh? Ah Chang, wasn’t there a forest here? I don’t remember too well but I think it was quite nice there."

"Well, it certainly wasn’t as wet there compared to the other parts of the park when we came the last time. But the forest is in the other direction. We’d only come by there if we go around the whole park."

Su Yan pursed his lips. "Can’t we just go another route? There are so many paths here!"

"Well …" Nie Chang continued on in silence and looked around. He hadn’t studied the map too closely so he didn’t know more than the general layout. Finding a quick path to the other side of the park from the top of his head was asking a little too much.

Su Yan waited and stared at the gardens but when his boyfriend still hadn’t said anything after a few minutes he couldn’t help but pull at his shirt again. "Ah Chang, what about it?"

"Uh, I’m not too sure. I guess we could try?" Driving in the general direction should work out, shouldn’t it?

Su Yan kept quiet. Nie Chang didn’t sound too thrilled about his suggestion and he didn’t care about it himself that much either but it was the only spot he remembered. He pulled at Nie Chang’s shirt again to get his attention. "Actually … it’s not that important. You said it yourself: It’s about us spending time together. It doesn’t matter where we spend it. So let’s just do something around here. It won’t change anything."

Nie Chang took one hand from the handlebar and patted the claws around his waist.

In return, his back was slapped. "Don’t let go! Concentrate on steering! Or do you want us to get into an accident?"

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. "Darling, you make it sound as if sitting on a tandem with me was more dangerous than sitting in my car."

He earned himself another slap with that remark.

"What are you talking about? Of course, it is! I already know you’re a good driver so why should I worry in your car? But if you don’t pay attention now, it’ll hurt when we crash."

Nie Chang sighed indulgently. "I guess you’re the only person on earth who would worry more about how much it would hurt to crash with a bicycle than a car accident." Well, he also loved that quirkiness of his.