232 Don’t Pretend to Be Manly!
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"Ah Yan …"

"What kind of excuse do you have this time?"

Nie Chang sighed. "Why does it have to be an excuse? It’s my bank account. The information comes from a bank. Do you really think I could falsify anything there?"

Su Yan pursed his lips. "Probably."

Nie Chang coughed. Ah, he didn’t know whether he should feel honored that his little darling trusted in his skills so much or rather miffed that Su Yan didn’t believe him. Well, he could hack his account but he wouldn’t do something as nonsensical as that. Why should he?

"Well, even if I could, why should I? The repair shop —"

"Ah! Don’t even try it!" Su Yan slapped a hand onto his boyfriend’s lips and gave him an 'I’ve figured it all out' look. "I’ve worked at your shop for a few days now and I’ve seen how many people come by. How could you earn enough to buy a car and still have so much money? That’s unscientific. And even if it was true, it still wouldn’t change anything." He took his hand from Nie Chang’s mouth and puffed out his chest. "Naturally, I will also do my part since this is our house."

Nie Chang waited in case his little darling wanted to reveal something else but Su Yan didn’t say anything. He still waited for praise. "Uh … So you’ve decided that you want a house after all?"

Su Yan frowned. "Didn’t you say you want a house? Why are you suddenly chickening out?"

"I’m not. I just thought —"

"Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll find a way to make a lot of money so we can buy that house."

"Oh." Nie Chang didn’t dare to ask if he had come up with something already. If he hadn’t, Su Yan would be angry. If he had … Who knew what kind of crazy plan Su Yan had? He wasn’t too sure if his mind was strong enough not to dissuade him immediately.

Su Yan smiled happily. He had indeed no idea how to get enough money to buy half a house but he was sure he would find a way. Spurred on by this idea Su Yan crawled out of Nie Chang’s embrace and leaped to his feet. "Let’s get going! Actually, I think there’s no need to wait until Saturday. How about we go back home right now and look for houses?"

Nie Chang sat there on the road leading through the Century Park and looked up at his little darling that was all fired up about buying a house. How had this happened? Hadn’t he thought just this morning that he would very, very carefully bring this subject up again later? How come Su Yan had gotten the drop on him and even wanted to get it done as quickly as possible? Could it be their accident with the tandem had been worse than he thought and he was hallucinating right now?

Su Yan looked at his boyfriend that didn’t seem inclined to get up anytime soon. He propped his hands up on his hips and frowned. "Nie Chang! What are you doing? Don’t tell me you don’t want to move in with me!" This wasn’t okay. Nie Chang had brought it up way sooner than him! Why was he suddenly against it after he had brought himself to like the idea?

Nie Chang’s mouth opened and closed again. He honestly didn’t know what to say. Just what was going on here?

"Nie Chang!" Su Yan kicked his shin, making Nie Chang wince.

Alright. He wasn’t hallucinating. This was very, very real and he had just managed to anger his little darling again. "Ah! Stop, stop! Just give me a moment!" Nie Chang raised his hands in defense, barely avoiding to get another kick from Su Yan.

"What?" Su Yan still frowned but his expression slowly eased up. When Nie Chang still hadn’t gotten up a few seconds later, he crouched down in front of him. "Eh, you aren’t hurt, right? You fell on top of me before. How come you’re hurt worse than me? Should I call you an ambulance?" He reached out and rubbed Nie Chang’s leg. Looking at him now he felt a little apologetic that he kicked him. Well, it hadn’t been hard so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Nie Chang rubbed his face. "Ah Yan, sometimes I’m feeling old."

"Ah? What nonsense. Aren’t you just a year older than me? It can’t have to do anything with that. If you’re really hurt, then it’s because your bones are too frail. Who would have thought? You always looked so fit."

Nie Chang sighed. "It’s not my body. It’s my head."

"Your head?" Su Yan leaned forward and cupped his cheeks, turning his head this way and that before he leaned back. "I can’t see anything. Maybe it’s a concussion because you fell down so fast. Isn’t it that your brain swashes around in your head then? It’s very likely a concussion. So should I call you an ambulance now?"

Nie Chang grimaced and made a mental note to never get into an accident or get ill. Having Su Yan care for him might just worsen his condition. "No need, no need."

"Are you sure? This is not the time to pretend to be manly! If you’re hurt, you should just say so."

Nie Chang put a hand to his forehead. Ah, if it went on like this, he would really get a headache. "Ah Yan, it’s not like that. I just feel that I can’t keep up with you. How come you suddenly want to move in with me? It hasn’t been so long since I brought that up and you didn’t want to at all."

Su Yan tilted his head. "What does that have to do with your concussion? Look, you’re even holding your head. I should really call an ambulance." He fumbled around for his phone but Nie Chang grabbed it as soon as he took it out and shook his head.

"No need, no need. I’m completely fine." To prove his point he got up and pulled Su Yan to his feet again. He wouldn’t be able to take it if he had to explain to any medic just why his boyfriend had thought he needed treatment.

Su Yan didn’t look too convinced but nodded when Nie Chang seemed to stand straight. Ah, he could still call the ambulance in case Nie Chang looked to be doing worse later on.