329 His Usual Troublesome Self
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Saying that Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang emptied the four flasks together actually wasn’t accurate. In fact, Yue Mu Gang slowly sipped one of them while Xue Chang Fu downed one after the other.

Su Yan couldn’t help but look from one to the other, waiting for either of them to show signs of being drugged. Strangely enough, that didn’t happen.

When Yue Mu Gang reached the bottom of the flask and put it back onto the tray, he was still sporting the same unapproachable expression and hardly said a whole sentence when someone spoke to him.

On the other side, Xue Chang Fu was still his usual troublesome self. He clung to Yue Mu Gang’s arm and whispered things into his ear that couldn’t be heard on the other side of the table but made the Elder eye the Sect Master warily from time to time. The only difference about him was that his cheeks were flushed but after emptying three flasks on his own that wasn’t much of a surprise.

Su Yan frowned. How come they were still normal? Don’t tell him that drug was fake? The Sect Master really should have paid more attention when he bought it!

Su Yan huffed and turned to Nie Chang, tugging at his sleeve and looking up pitifully. He really wanted to ask him what they should do about their special mission now but with the other two people still sitting next to them, he didn’t dare to bring it up. After all, wouldn’t that expose their plan? Hmph, this was such a stupid situation.

Nie Chang rubbed his head and glanced at the window. They had left the sect in the morning but with their discussion before going to the inn and the time they had taken to stroll through the city, it had already turned afternoon.

He cleared his throat and turned to Yue Mu Gang. "It’s getting late and there hasn’t been any trace of the demonic cultivators. Should we return to the sect for today?"

Yue Mu Gang wanted to answer but a hand was clasped over his mouth.


The other three men turned to look at Xue Chang Fu. It seemed the Sect Master wasn’t just his usual troublesome self. No, he seemed even more troublesome now that he had gotten tipsy.

Yue Mu Gang pulled the hand down and cleared his throat. "I don’t think it would be good for the Sect Master to return like this."

"Mn. That’s true." Nie Chang looked away and sighed. "Then we should stay in the city today. Aren’t there rooms in the inn? We should rent one." He glanced at Xue Chang Fu and his lips twitched. "Or two."

Hearing the words of his senior martial brother Xue Chang Fu beamed. "Ah, senior martial brother still treats me the best! Ah Gang, let’s share a room tonight, yes? If you feel restless, we can even share the same bed. I don’t mind at all." He craned his neck and pressed his lips against Yue Mu Gang’s cheek. For once, he wasn’t shaken off, making him continue happily. His hand once again sneaked down but was caught before it could reach its destination. Xue Chang Fu pursed his lips. "Boring!"

The Elder didn’t do him the favor of responding though. He just held onto that hand to make sure the person next to him wouldn’t make any more trouble. Unfortunately, he had underestimated Xue Chang Fu’s talent to make trouble.

When he didn’t get what he wanted, he turned away and looked for something else to do. Seeing a group of cultivators not far from them, his eyes lit up. Ah, look at that! So many handsome men! He glanced at Yue Mu Gang and his lips curved into a mischievous smirk. Wasn’t it said that no man could hold back in the face of a love rival regardless of how straitlaced he normally was? He’d like to see if this Yue Mu Gang could keep pretending not to notice him when he finally saw that there were other men who wouldn’t let him wait that long!

Xue Chang Fu had never been indecisive and he was even less so now that he was drunk. He pulled his hand back and harrumphed before turning away.

Yue Mu Gang just wanted to heave a sigh of relief that Xue Chang Fu had finally realized that this wasn’t the time and place to do things like that when the person in question vanished.

He froze and looked around only to see him at another table, his butt firmly planted on another man’s lap and his arms circled that man’s neck. He had practically plastered himself to that guy’s body as if he wanted to melt into him.

The man raised his brows in surprise but seeing Xue Chang Fu smile at him, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he looped his arms around his waist and pulled him even closer, one of his hands gliding downward.

Yue Mu Gang clenched his hands into fists and gritted his teeth. Just what was Xue Chang Fu doing there? Hadn’t he always been going after him? And now that he finally relented and considered giving in and being together with him, he actually went and clung to another man?! He wouldn’t accept it! No, he wouldn’t let him walk away just like this!

Yue Mu Gang got up and raised his chin. This was his person. He wouldn’t let anyone else touch him like that. Whoever that guy was, he should better get his filthy hands off him!

He didn’t bother to tell the other two people at the table anything and stalked over, grabbing the hand that had dared to sneak down to Xue Chang Fu’s butt. "Get your hands off him." He applied pressure onto the man’s hand but the other was a cultivator too.

He narrowed his eyes and examined Yue Mu Gang’s face. "Or what?"

Yue Mu Gang took a deep breath, trying to restrain the wrath in his heart. "Or I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget for the rest of your life."