330 He Bullied Me!
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The cultivator stared at Yue Mu Gang before he burst out laughing. "What? You? Teach me a lesson?" He eyed Yue Mu Gang again and smirked. This guy might be wearing a gray robe but he was obviously together with the white-robed beauty that had slipped onto his lap. They had to be righteous cultivators, nothing he needed to fear. At least not if this was the extent of their cultivation. He grinned even wider when he took in Yue Mu Gang’s dark hair. "Before talking about whether or not you’re even able to teach me a lesson, I don’t think there’s a reason for you to get involved in this. The beauty ran over here by himself."

Yue Mu Gang didn’t consider backing up. Yes, Xue Chang Fu had run over himself but that didn’t mean that he would tolerate this. Not just because he felt that Xue Chang Fu should be sitting on his lap instead but because this guy didn’t deserve him. "There are people that can’t be touched casually." Wasn’t that why he had held back all the time? Because the Sect Master of the Jin Shan Sect was too lofty, someone with too great an image that he couldn’t be sullied by someone with his past? And now this guy dared to touch him like that!

The cultivator chuckled. "No? But I think it’s quite easy to do." He made a point of rubbing Xue Chang Fu’s back.

While Yue Mu Gang seethed with anger, Xue Chang Fu didn’t even notice what the other cultivator was doing. As soon as Yue Mu Gang appeared behind him, he had looked up and focused on him. Seeing him this angry, he couldn’t help but smile.

Ah, look at this! The bastard should better not try to pretend he didn’t care about him later on! He had seen his expression very clearly. He wasn’t able to put up with it when he got close to another man.

Yue Mu Gang gritted his teeth. "I told you to let go of him!"

The cultivator snorted and turned to Xue Chang Fu to show Yue Mu Gang just how he could touch this person. A casual look revealed that the beauty wasn’t focusing on him though. Instead, he was looking at the man that had stormed over.

Hmph. So it was like that. He was just used to further the feelings between two people. In that case, he should give them a little surprise.

The cultivator tightened his grip around Xue Chang Fu’s waist and grabbed his chin. "Little beauty, where are you looking? There’s no need to worry about that guy. Aren’t I here now? I’m sure I can fulfill your desires much better than him."

Xue Chang Fu stared at the guy that was slowly leaning forward, obviously trying to kiss him. So … should he wait for Yue Mu Gang to do something or should he do something himself? He pondered and finally reached up.

His hand … slipped and somehow made contact with the cultivator’s face. Xue Chang Fu took in a shocked breath, leaped up from the guy’s lap and hid behind Yue Mu Gang. Then he proceeded to point at the stunned cultivator. "Ah Gang, he bullied me!"

Behind them, Nie Chang choked on his tea. Ah, the system had done great work! Turning Su Yan’s ideas and experiences into such life-like characters …

Su Yan patted his boyfriend’s back with a worried expression. "Ah Chang, are you alright? Is the tea too hot? Should I get you some cold water?"

Nie Chang put the cup down and shook his head. "No need. I … was just appalled at what my junior martial brother did and didn’t pay attention for a moment."

Su Yan pursed his lips. "Hmph. That guy had it coming! How could he get in-between a happy couple? He deserves to get face-slapped several more times!"

Nie Chang obediently nodded before picking up his cup again. Ah, ancient times were nice. You could actually hide your expression behind a cup and a wide sleeve. If this was on earth, he’d get into trouble with his little darling. Mn, it wasn’t a wonder. Su Yan and Xue Chang Fu really thought alike.

The two of them weren’t the only ones who thought alike though. Yue Mu Gang stiffened when the Sect Master shamelessly pushed the guilt onto somebody else. In the end, he knew which side he had to stand on though. He pushed Xue Chang Fu further behind him and raised his chin. "So this is a beauty that came onto you? Shameless! You were obviously trying to take advantage of someone and tried to cover your bad deeds up!"

Su Yan gaped. This Elder that always looked so upright was astonishingly good at spouting nonsense and inverting black and white! He never would have figured from the way Yue Mu Gang normally carried himself. Ah, he should make use of that when he got back and continued his novel.

Beside him, Nie Chang silently sipped his tea. Ah, it seemed even the system had deemed his skill to butter up his little darling important. And it seemed Yue Mu Gang was good at using it too.

Xue Chang Fu happily smiled and hugged the Elder from behind, even going so far as to press his cheek up against his back. Seeing those fair hands around Yue Mu Gang’s waist enraged the other cultivator even more.

"Fuck! The two of you really want me to teach you a lesson! You better not regret it after I’m done with you!" With that, he lifted his hand and a ball of black energy was thrown at Yue Mu Gang and Xue Chang Fu.