Extra 2: C20 Unleash Your Inner Child!
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Nie Chang tried to get Su Yan to finish his call but his little darling wasn’t too happy about that and pouted at him. Nie Chang could only smile wryly and try to convince him. "Darling, you can still chat with him again later on. Didn’t we want to go out on a date today? And we still haven’t eaten breakfast. Aren’t you hungry at all?" Su Yan had eaten part of his food yesterday but knowing him, he would certainly be hungry again by now.

Indeed, Su Yan’s expression started to waver as soon as breakfast was mentioned. Apparently, not only was the dog more important than their relationship, but eating was also higher on his priority list.

Nie Chang patted his head and looked at the screen where Xiao Bai was still excitedly looking at them. To be honest, this dog and owner were surprisingly similar to each other. "I’m sure Old Lao and Gong Gong will do many fun things with him today. And he already had a lot of excitement now that he saw you."

Su Yan continued to pout for a bit but finally nodded his head and bid his dog farewell with tears in his eyes.

Nie Chang watched impatiently and then closed the notebook, putting it aside. "Alright, now that that is finished, you should go and wash up. Then we can go to eat."

Su Yan grumbled but still did as he was told. Nie Chang tidied up the bed out of habit and then took out his phone, checking up on the botanical gardens in Las Vegas. He had read up about some fun things that couples could do in the city but since the actual date had only been decided on yesterday, he didn’t know yet which garden they should choose.

He clicked around and finally found one that looked like it might be a good fit. It was big and they were actually advertising with the claim that this was the perfect place for a person to unleash their inner child.

Reading the latter, Nie Chang couldn’t help but grin and glance at the door to the bathroom. Well … Somebody certainly wouldn’t need to unleash their inner child. It was already out 24/7. In that case, this should be like paradise for Su Yan.

Nie Chang noted down the address and then put his phone away. Anyway, he didn’t need to know too many details. That way, it would be more interesting when they actually went there.

First of all, they had to get there though. Nie Chang’s lips twitched when his little darling still hadn’t returned after half an hour. He wasn’t deliberately taking his time, was he? How were they supposed to do three different things in one day if they already started into the day late?

He glanced at his clock and couldn’t help but rub his forehead. It wasn’t that late yet but considering Su Yan’s usual behavior, he wasn’t too optimistic that they would get to the botanical garden anytime soon. Most likely, eating breakfast would take a lot of time as well, especially if they went with Su Yan’s parents, and then there would also be the time they needed to get over there. And with him running around everywhere, looking at every little thing, and feeling the need to talk about it when they were there, things wouldn’t go faster either.

He rubbed his neck and sat down on the couch again, wondering what he should do. Well … If there was something they couldn’t do, then it probably also wouldn’t be that bad, would it? After all, the most important thing on this trip was their wedding tomorrow. This date was just something they had decided on spontaneously. Even if they change their plans again, it wouldn’t be a problem.

In that case, he might as well let Su Yan do as he wanted and see where it led them. If there wasn’t enough time, they could just talk about it again and decide whether they’d rather want to do the balloon ride or watch a show. It wouldn’t be too late by then. Las Vegas was big, after all, and there were many options to choose from. They could even come up with something completely different if they felt like it.

With his mindset adjusted, Nie Chang leaned back and even closed his eyes, resting for a bit. After all, there was an exciting day ahead of him.

Thus when Su Yan came out of the bathroom, he found what he thought to be his sleeping boyfriend. He looked at him for a while and then his lips curved into a mischievous smile. He looked around as if there was anybody who could notice and then tiptoed over to Nie Chang, sitting down next to him and slowly leaning over. He made sure that Nie Chang was really asleep by looking at his tightly shut eyes and then … he licked his cheek.

Nie Chang’s eyes flew open and he turned his head, only to see his boyfriend double over with laughter, almost rolling down onto the floor.

Nie Chang raised his brows. Most likely, this was precisely that kind of unleashing the inner child that he had thought about before. It did make him wonder what was going on inside his little darling’s head though. "Is that the result of talking to Xiao Bai for too long?" Otherwise, he really couldn’t explain to himself why his boyfriend would behave like this.

Su Yan threw himself onto his boyfriend’s lap and rolled around. "Isn’t that a great way to be woken up in the morning? I bet you were very happy to see me!"

Nie Chang gave a hum and tousled Su Yan’s hair. "I’m always happy to see you." He might have the urge to remind him of this situation the next time their dog broke into their bedroom early in the morning and started to lick their faces though. His little darling certainly seemed like he could use that reminder.