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Excerpt from the book of the Italian mage, Alberto Ricardo, Demon King, 19th century

... For those who achieve this great feat, I give them the title Campione - God Slayer -.

Among all readers, some will probably believe that I am exaggerating this title, while others will think that I am causing undue trouble.

However, I want to emphasize it one more time.

Campione - Godslayer - is the supreme lord.

Since he could kill heavenly beings, then he was able to summon the divine powers wielded by the gods.

Campione - God Slayer - is a God.

Because the power to kill gods is in their hands, therefore they have the power to dominate humans on Earth.

Campione - God Slayer - is a demon.

Therefore, all human beings who live on earth, those who have the power to oppose it do not exist!

Excerpt from Letter of Cardinal Antonio Tebes, Addressed to the Vatican, Early 20th Century

For the purpose of fighting Gods, playing with the devil's knowledge of mages, he received the title of King from them.

About the name, you hear more or less.

Campione - Godslayer - is Epimetheus's illegitimate child. The devil.

Unfortunately, we humans can't fight them.

The ones who could fight against them, were his Campione comrades, the angels of our Heavenly Father, and other gods ...

Excerpt from Japanese Report Regarding the Verification of the new Campione, Early 21st Century

Garuda is a god from Hindu mythology. A bird with a human body. can change its body into anything, he can go anywhere, he can create any amount of energy. Its light was like a divine fire, His eyes were bright like a thunderbolt. After his birth, he enlarged his body so that it touched the sky, roaring loudly and violently until it was seen as an ocean of fire. The light was so bright that the gods thought it was Agni (God of Fire) and adored him, he had some doubts in common with Agni.

[Report on the new Champion ], Indonesia Compilation trial

As mentioned in the above document, someone had seized the power of Garuda and became [Lord of the kings of birds ]; It was concluded that it has several limitations.

Since he could not use this power of his own accord, he was not at the level of any other Campione, and thus had no absolute authority.

However, everyone, please don't forget.

Even though his strength wasn't perfect, it couldn't be denied that he was a Campione. Towards frail like a mage like myself, he was a demon that stands above us.

This can prove the theory of the person being said; Instead of claiming that the supreme presence among mages was Campione, it would be more correct to say that in the end, mages were just clones of Campione.


I know this is a little rough😔😔😔

but, Before you read this story,  I can't promise you a regular schedule.  for one or another reason in the real world. so don't expect too much.

and,  If you find wrong grammar or sentence construction and find a way to make it easier to read please leave a comment.  it's just a machine translation from the Indonesian version, with a bit edited by me 🤔🤔🤔  so let's put our effort together and pave way for the future fellow readers. thank you for the efforts guys! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this,