Chapter 1 New Campione~ Part1
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Not far from Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden and Tokyo Tower, next to a five-star restaurant and surrounded by a school, a television station, a broadcasting tower, and an embassy, ​​there are a number of temples.


One of the districts has a small winding path through it.


Although the road follows the contours of the road beside it, the narrow route can easily be passed by anyone who doesn't know it.


If someone follows a path that is confusing and maze-like, you will eventually end up in front of the stairs.


With a total of 200 steps, it somehow feels a little too long for something right in the heart of the city.


After climbing the stone steps, you will see Nanao Shrine, which is at its highest point.


Although, the wooded clumps around it are certainly not like a nature reserve; the temple which is located between the greenery radiates a sense of calm and calm.


Inside the temple complex itself, not far from the ante-hall, stands a small hut for dressing and cosmetics.


And in one of the rooms, Nakiri Erina dressed.


Wearing kosode under the furisode and hakama, she faced the mirror and combed her long, waving hair.


Her Light purple eyes and long honey blonde hair flowed directly above her lower back. her side bangs partially passed through her cheek and descended to her neck. She is considered by most students in Tōtsuki to be very beautiful. According to fans and followers, this trait coincides with his status. But right now she doesn't care.


Yes, because the most important thing is the comb that she used in her hair has broken teeth.


"... I feel bad, I hope nothing bad happens."


She whispered opinions quietly without any logical basis.


It seems like a bad sign.


If she was an ordinary girl, maybe she would forget what happened immediately, but Erina was no ordinary girl. it means there was reason to investigate further.


After finishing dressed, Erina came out of the hut.


On the way to the ante-hall, she passed several priests.


Facing their bowed and polite words, Erina tilted her head in return. This way of respect is directed at Miko, age 15, has a reason, of course.


In this temple, Nakiri Erina had a higher and higher position than anyone else's, even though she wasn't very important right now. She would not be able to complete her original recipe if things in the spiritual world of Tokyo became unstable. Plus she had to face a very annoying red-haired.


"—— Oh, hime-Miko, nice to meet you! If you are free, can you chat for a while?"


This sudden and frivolous remark was directed at her.


Even though he had said expressions of respect like 'hime-Miko', his tone of voice gave no sign of respect at all. He was joking, like a clown out of nowhere.


The speaker slowly walked towards Erina. Even though he was wearing leather shoes, his foot didn't sound at all stepping on the gravel of the temple path.


Anyone who sees the attitude of his movements will realize that he is not an ordinary person.


"... Nice to meet you. And who are you?"


"Ah, I'm sorry for my rudeness. Maybe it's too late to introduce me, but my name is Amakasu. To meet an elegant hime-Miko like you is an honor for me. I hope we can adjust from here."


Amakasu introduced himself as he held out a business card.


Erina accepted the card and glanced at it briefly.


His full name is Amakasu Touma, but what caught his attention was the title next to his name, which mentioned the department where he worked.


"And what will bring members of the History Compilation Committee to this place?"


Erina asked suspiciously.


The man in dirty clothes was wearing a tattered western suit; He was very young, maybe around twenty years old, and did not look very welcoming.


But one shouldn't judge a book by its cover. He is a messenger sent by the organization that controls the magical world in Japan. He must remain serious and be aware of his replies.


"A problem seems to have arisen, something that could soon become the worst disaster that has ever existed in our country. This is rather problematic, so we hope to add your strength to our efforts; this is why I have come, I hope you understand my position in this matter."


"... This ordinary girl has a little ability, and I'm afraid she won't be able to help anything."


"You are too modest. Although there are indeed many Miko in Musashino, those who are skilled in analyzing spiritual energy, like you, are few. And besides, there are two additional reasons for choosing you."


Japan always has a spellcaster or spiritualist who has bequeathed its expertise.


Nakiri Erina is a descendant of one of them.


And for the term 'Musashino' —— they are a spiritualist organization that protects the Tokyo region, gave the honorable title [hime] from a very young age, and took the greatest responsibility given to any Miko.


"As a hime-Miko at Musashino, your job also consists of helping with the work of the History Compilation Committee. I'm sure you understand this? If you have other questions, please save for later, and allow me to talk to the end."


"... Of course. And what will you do?"


"It will help us if you become more familiar with a young Japanese-Indonesian descent, also to ascertain his real identity. His name is Reino Barack, and the teenager we suspect of being a real Campione."




It is considered the title was given to the cruelest and greatest sorcerers and tyrants in Europe.


After hearing that terrible title, Erina was shaken.


—— A pair of eyes, blazing like a tiger.


As soon as he heard the title, the first thing that crossed his mind was the evil demon's old eye.


"I'm sure you understand the first reason why we chose you. Since you have met Dejanstahl Voban in your childhood, you might be able to ascertain whether the child is a Campione."



"... Yes. The 'Campione' you mean, just like the appearance of a cruel demon in Japanese myth, a reincarnation of the Rakshasa Raja, everything must be avoided at all costs. But it's hard for me to believe it. For normal humans to become [King], isn't he have to kill Gods? - It never occurred to us that someone could do such an absurd thing! "


That is something that happened five years ago; Yuri had seen Campione when she was in a small country in Eastern Europe.


Dejanstahl Vauban.


Hearing only this name, European sorcerers would quickly hide in a corner, muttering spells to ward off evil.


Yuri will never forget the sea blue pupils that flared like tigers in the dark.


She found out sometime later, that a certain demon could turn living things into dust with just a glance of his eyes, which only added to Yuri's fear of him.


"... I feel the same way, so I also don't believe that Reino Barack is a real Campione. Let me correct it; I don't want to believe it; despite all the evidence I've compiled so far, it's very unclear."


Amakasu shrugged his shoulders.


"According to the Greenwich Committee report, in March this year, Reino Barack defeated gods, the king of birds, Garuda on Bali, and obtained rights [King]. After that, he toured throughout Indonesia before deciding to move to Japan, and every time he appears in the city, a great amount of destruction will occur. It is clear that there is a connection between them ... Have you ever heard of the disturbance in Bali?"




It's mysterious that even the hue of the sky changes subtly from one country to another.


The sky that Reino Barack currently saw through the airport window did not have the blurred depth of Bali's dark blue sky. The ceilings of the Latin countries, as if breaking through the horizon, are bright, bright blue.


Turning his eyes back to the front, what he saw was a crowd of people hanging around everywhere.


It is a sight that is rarely seen in Bali.


—– Haneda airport.


"Even though I have no intention of returning here ... but that person instead forced me to come here ... "


Reino murmured while watching the huge rush of traffic at the airport terminal.


After being on a plane that shook for twelve hours, he finally arrived in this country. Due to fatigue sitting on the plane and time zone differences, his body felt very weak.


"It's certainly not the first or the second, but the girl doesn't care about other people's circumstances at all."


Yawning, he tried to find a familiar face in the crowd.


The goal of this search should not be hard to miss.


Her bright black hair is similar to a charming crown. Her beauty was far greater than any girl in Reino's memory. And above the fact that everyone will see it, has an attitude unlike others——


If she is close, he will recognize him immediately.


But what he was looking for—— Tenjo Kuroka —— did not appear.


From people wearing business suits to rude clients carrying bags to obvious groups of tourists, he was surrounded by people in all directions, but he still couldn't see Kuroka.


... She said that more or less all of her clan members have a bad habit of arriving after the appointed hour.


But in the case of Kuroka, her habit of arriving late was not due to her ethnic background, but only due to her laziness.


After knowing her for several months, Reino was very sure of that.


After all, Tenjo Kuroka wasn't just lazy. Aside from being selfish, the way she always plays with other people for her convenience makes her a very selfish woman.


For example, the day before when he suddenly received this call.


"Listen, it will be very easy if you can come to my side immediately. That's the situation, so prepare yourself for the first flight tomorrow morning. I will greet you at the airport."


That has become the opening sentence.


It was the end of May, one weekend afternoon. He has received a call on Friday at 4 pm.


"What happened to 'that's the situation' you are facing? I have no obligation to consider your situation. Moreover, I have my plans, so look for someone else."


Why did she call him suddenly, that woman ...



"'Because I miss you so much will be a clear response, right? You must also love me so much that you can't stand it, so isn't this arrangement good?"


"No, I don't miss you too much. Stop with engineering about my feelings ... Anyway, the last time I saw you two weeks ago, not even half a month, and for two people each living in Tokyo and Milan, it's impossible to see each other that often. "


He complained about as much indifference as possible.


He was used to that woman's outrageous behavior. But he could not let himself be trapped in her steps.


"Yes yes, it's only natural after being unable to meet for half a month, poor Reino. The time spent living apart from your loved ones produces feelings of anxiety and anxiety, which is something I can conclude very well. Regarding this, because I also have an idea to improve the situation, please hope. So, about tomorrow's plan—— "


Without paying attention to others, Kuroka continued talking.


As expected of a woman with a dozen years of experience in selfish behavior, she did not care about my situation at all.


"Don't talk anymore, Kuroka, this conversation is too far. If you want to explain everything clearly and slowly, from beginning to end, I will listen to you, but if not, I will hang up now."


"Really what I expected from you. You declined the invitation even though it was from me. You're the only one who didn't want to take the bait ... well, I have never dated any man, but I shouldn't be wrong."


Kuroka responded with her voice full of excitement.


Reino couldn't help but frown, even though he knew what Kuroka was saying on purpose.


her attitude was as bad as it had once been ... Even though he knew the nature of this demon, the number of men she refused should be quite high.


"Then, I will say it one more time. Reino Barack, I hope you will come to Japan soon. I need your help. It might be difficult for me to solve this problem with my strength, so please consider this seriously. I, Kuroka, swear by my honor that I am not lying to you. "


She was suddenly serious about it.


Next, he uses his 'honor'. After swearing, he won't lie no matter what. Because for Kuroka Tenjo, her honor was more important than anything else.


——What can you do, sighed Reino.


Even though Kuroka is indeed a fickle person, someone who doesn't care about other people's thoughts, someone who likes to play around with people, and has an evil personality, he is still a helper who has saved his life many times.


Because he had said many things, he had no choice but to accept them.


"...understand. I will do as you say, so don't forget to pick me up."


"Your answer makes me happy, may God bless your noble spirit."