Chapter 38: A New Objective/ Underlying Pain.
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Grimm wanders around the base looking for Julie. She had just received information on a creature they may want to kill, seeing as the Black Widow has been regarded as being a hero for bringing Dolland's secrets to light and killing him for the horrors he’s committed. She finds Julie, oddly enough, not in the kitchen drinking coffee as she usually is. But out in the training yard talking to Anzyu, the alien. Rose is out there too. She walks outside.

"Julie." Grimm called softly. 

Anzyu, feeling that Grimm isn’t quite human, points and fires a small beam that flies through Grimm’s body. Julie looks at the wound and can see right through her body. Grimm looks at it also but cannot tell if it went all the way through.

"Huh." Grimm said curious.

She finds a stick next to her and puts it through the hole from behind her. She chuckles.

"I am unsure why, but this is the most amusement I have had in over 3 Eons." 

Julie sighs in relief. Anzyu looks at Grimm curiously.

"Sorry about that." Anzyu said.

Grimm stops poking the sick through her and the wound heals up quickly.

"It is ok, lustful one. Julie, I have information on something you may like. Could be helpful for gaining more power by the people of Arrintar." Grimmison explained.

Julie’s eyes light up, her pupils almost flash pink.

"Tell me more." She demanded, excitedly

"Well…" Grimm started.

She smiles. Julie feels somewhat odd at this, it feeling almost genuine. Also not able to wait to take on this chance at more power and followers, Julie adjusts her glasses.

"You’ve heard of the Alpha Dragon?" Grimm asked.

"The dragon that protects a tower? Yeah." 

Grimm nods.

"Ya think we can take that thin’ on. Like no one even knows what that fucker’s hidin’." Julie said, her excitement fading.

"I've heard two humans talking about there being a large amount of coins the dragon is guarding. Riches beyond belief. I thought that it could help the guild in many ways, if obtained." Grimm said with her usual blank expression.

"If the guild’s gonna get the recognition for slayin’ that damn dragon then hell yeah, Ah’d do it, especially for money too. Thin’ is though… Ah kinda don't have a sword right now." Julie said looking away.

Grimm thinks for a second.

"That is a problem indeed. Isn’t Marron making you some armor?" Grimm asked.

"No she… Oh yeah she is. 'Ah’ll have ta tell her ta stop and work on the sword then." Julie said weighing the options.

"What good is a sword without its user wearing armor to protect them?"

"'Ah’ll wear cloth armor, it’s easier ta move in anyway." Julie waived.

"A gambeson, Is it?" Grimm asked.

Julie nods.

"Exactly. It won't squeeze anythin’ or hurt me at all. Won't be too tight on my chest, or be stuffy in the outfit."

"You have problems with your chest in metal armor?" Grimm asked blankly.

Julie is silent for a bit, her face gets red a bit. Anzyu snickers and speaks up.

"I bet she does. Look at those fuckers." Anzyu said floating next to Julie's chest.

Grimm raises an eye checking Julie for herself.

"Indeed." Grimm agreed.

Julie quickly covers her chest

"Armor isn't usually made for women of my size! That's all!" Julie said irritated and slightly embarrased.

She storms off into the base. Anzyu laughs. 

"I love it when they get embarrassed." Anzyu said

Grimm looks at Anzyu.




Marron and Ierra are in their work area now. Both being a part of attire making, they decided to share a workspace and extend the room a small bit. Marron has on a blacksmithing apron with gloves to protect her hands. At the other end of the room, Ierra preps to make an outfit. Julie quickly barges in her face somewhat red. Marron and Ierra look at her concerned. 

"Darkling, are you ok?" Ierra asked.

"Yeah 'Ah’m fine. Y'all start on my armor yet?" Julie asked.

"This Veringandl is going in to start the scales right now." Marron said.

"'Ah’ve changed my mind. Ierar 'Ah want you to make me a gambeson." 

"O-ok. I can try that." Iera nodded.

Julie turns to Marron.

"'Ah need a sword. Nice weight. Strong. One handed. Good for about anythin’."

Marron smiles.

"Give me 2 weeks." Marron said.

"Take ya time. This sword has ta be strong. Really sturdy." 

Marron nods. 

"Any preferred metals?" Marron asked.

Julie thinks for a moment. She looks at Ierra. Ierra realizing what metal she is going to say is shocked. Julie looks back at Marron and adjusts her glasses. Determination fills her eyes. She gives off a creepy aura.

"Valindin." She said.

Marron’s determined smile slowly fades from her face. The blood seems to drain away too.




Jack and Lisa lay next to each other in bed satisfied at the other's performance. 

"Well. That was… Amazing." Lisa said out of breath.

"I’m a bit surprised myself." Jack added.

"You doubt yourself too much." Lisa chuckled.

Jack turns to Lisa. He feels bad about something.

"I don’t understand. We’ve been going on for a few months now. How come I don't feel anything when I look at her? Is… is that normal?" He asked himself.

Jack sits up and gets dressed. Lisa rolls over worried about Jack.

"Leaving so soon? You usually stay for a bit."

"I have to get back to work. Boss wont be too happy if I’m gone for too long."

Lisa is silent for a bit and sits up, holding the blanket on her chest.

"What do you work as? You stay away from me for so long and are always working." She asked.

"I work for a guild. Jack answered.

"Oh… that makes sense I guess." Lisa said slouching over a bit, everything making a bit more sence.

"I don’t mean to leave so quickly but I didn’t see what time it was." 

"I get it. I understand. Jack, I love you." Lisa said softly.

"I… love you too." He said, looking at Lisa with a smile.

Jack leaves the house, mounts his horse and rides to Moonshine Run.

"Do I though? I know I feel something somewhere, but… I just don’t… I don’t know anymore. What should I do? What’s wrong with me? Maybe Mama can help me. God I fucking hope. I’ve been like this way too long." Jack though to himself.

Jack rides his mount back to the base, silently thinking to himself. He latches his horse to the new stable and is welcomed by Jessie. He silently waves and walks into the base leaving her looking at him oddly. Jack walks to the kitchen believing that Julie would be there. But doesn’t find her. She hears Rose playing by Julie’s room and walks there to see if maybe Julie is playing with Rose. It's Celeste giving her a piggyback ride. Jack feels an urge of emergency pushing him everywhere. He's torn on the inside. He can't think straight. He wants answers as to what's happening to him. He quickly walks to his sister’s room hoping she is there. Drav’dornuss walks past Jack and sees his expression close to tears. He chuckles. Jack stops. He doesn’t move an inch. Sav’akk sighs and looks behind her over the couch to see what's happening. She notices that Jack is on the brink of tears and is hardly keeping it in. Unaware of the circumstances but believing that he’s tired of being pushed around Sav’akk speaks up.

"Leave the boy alone." She said.

"He’s crying over here. You’re what, 17? " Drav'dornuss said.

Sav’akk looks back again.

"And you treat everyone like shit. What are you? 5?  Fuck with some one else." Sav'akk said defesivly.

"Or what lizard?"

Sav’akk stands and walks up to Drav’dornuss. She leans over him intimidatingly and grabs his neck, not squeezing.

"I will break your fucking neck right now. When I let you go, you are going to walk. The fuck. Away. Do you understand me?" She said stareing into Drav'dornuss' eyes.

Drav’dornuss nods. Sav’akk let's go and he leaves. Sav’akk pats Jack on the shoulder. Sav'akk attempts to speak but Jack breaks. His confusion on how he feels has led him on a downward spiral. His emotions boiled over. The thoughts of not being good enough. The expectation. The stress. The confusion. It all broke him down, leaving him to desperately cling onto Sav’akk, the nearest person to him, and let loose what felt like years of depression to him despite being mere months. He was hit hard with this emotion. Sav’akk stands there and looks around. She locks eyes with Celeste. Sav’akk begs her to help, but she takes Rose outside quickly. She gives up, looks down at Jack and sighs.

"Let's hope I help in some way. Not the best with these kind of things." Sav'akk thought to herself.

"What's wrong kid?" She asked.

Jack doesn't say anything. He just sobs for a bit. Sav’akk feeling like she’s obligated to try and calm him down decides to pat his back a few times.

"What happened? What's going on Jack?" She asked, this time being a bit softer in attempt to call his tears.

He slowly gains his composure and pushes off Sav’akk.

"Where’s my sister?" Jack asked.

Sav’akk trying to help the situation, tries to think where she’s at. She realizes she hasn’t talked to her at all today.

"I’m not sure. But you can tell me." Sav'akk reitterated.

Jack looks at Sav’akk in disbelief, Shocked at the fact she’d even think about helping him.

"No, I can’t. I need someone who actually cares."

With that Jack backs up and proceeds to head back into the kitchen to look for his sister. Sav’akk is left there conflicted on what to do. For a moment she wants to stay. But she decides to help Jack and follow after him.

"I have to help the kid. He basically just broke down on me. The hell happened?" She wondered.

Sav’akk, genuinely worried about Jack, follows him. She follows him into the training yard where Emarru is sparring with Drav’dornuss. Jack sees Shane talking to his sister, Natalie. 

"Shane, you see my sister anywhere?" Jack asked.

Shane thinks for a bit.

"No. Kat you?" Shane asked Natalie.

"I haven't, but I saw Julie around Ierra’s workshop I think." She said.

Jack nods and quickly walks off back into the base. He runs into Sav’akk right behind him.

"Why are you following me?" He asked confused but more irritated.

"Jack, something has to be bad enough for you to… do that." Sav'akk said.

Jack looks at Sav’akk unsure if she’s serious or messing with him. He hopes she’s telling the truth but everything in his mind is saying she’s faking it.

"Like you’re actually worried about me." He said.

"It's not everyday you do that, especially around me. If I'm Being honest, it startled me slightly." Sav'akk admitted.

Shane steps up confused.

"What happened?" Shane asked.

"Don’t worry about it. And stop following me." Jack said, angrily.

Jack storms off into the base. Sav’akk sits there thinking to herself.

"So much for trying to help, huh? That's what I get for trying to be nice." Sav'akk thought.

Natalie looks at Shane then at Sav’akk curiously, worried about Jack.

"What happened?" Natalie asked.

"Hell if I know. But if he doesn't want help then screw there fucking bastard." Sav'akk said pissed off.