Chapter 43: The Succubus Queen
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The team of Night Witches carry on heading to the tower. Beatrix looks below at the three she flies over, then looks back up. Shane’s stomach grumbles making Julie look back a bit. She lifts her mask a bit and whistles, stopping Sarron. Beatrix flies down to meet them

"What's wrong Boss?" Bea asked.

Julie looks at Beatrix taking out some food. It's packaged. Like the food soldiers eat.

"'Ah think we’re hungry over here. We didn’t eat this morning so might as well eat now real fast." Julie said

Julie held out a pack for her, but she pushed it away.

"Not hungry boss." Bea said shaking her head.

Julie looks at her then shrugs.

"Suit yaself. I feel that we’re close enough to the tower to take a small break. Don't wanna overwork y'all after all. That’d be bad of me both as a leader and a friend." Julie said looking back at the food in her hand.

Beatrix scoffs. Julie looks at her.

"What?" Julie asked looking at Bea.

Beatrix points at Shane angrily.

"After what he called you and shit are you going to consider him a friend?" Bea asked angrily.

Julie pops a piece of fruit in her mouth and chews a bit after removing her mask.

"'Ah got back at him." Julie said lifting her mask and biting into a food bar.

Shane pops up and looks at Julie without her noticing Taking a bite of a bar of some sort. Sav’akk is in the background scarfing food down from a small bowl. With her free hand she makes a swinging motion going downwards.

"'Ah smacked Natalie's ass." Julie chuckled.

"Did you really?" Bea asked surprised.

Julie shakes her head.

"No. 'Ah really don't care." Julie said looking at Deatrix.

She pops another piece of fruit in her mouth. Beatrix looks around then flies up. She lifts herself high into the sky and looks down sporadically. She sees a lot of apples and flies higher. She flips in the air and grabs her bow. She unlatches her arrow storage pulling 5 arrows out and closing the gap. As she falls she knocks one arrow, aims, then shoots in quick succession, hitting 5 different apples and pinning them against the trees. She falls a bit more putting away her bow and softening her fall on the ground by flapping a few times. She lands and retracts her wings. Julie is shocked at the display of marksmanship. Beatrix brushes off her arms. A Lot of feathers come off. She rolls her eyes then perks up and chases after the feathers. She catches most of them and stuffs them neatly in a pouch.

"It's molting season." She cuckles.

"Wouldn’t ya hate losin’ ya feathers like that?" Julie asked.

Beatrix shakes her head.

"She can use them to make things. Or donate them for tailors to make outfits for the cold." Sav'akk chimed in still scarfing down the food she has.

Julie and Shane look at Sav’akk oddly. She looks at the both of them. She stops eating and looks between them, speaking with her cheeks full of food.

"What? The Avian leader made me one years ago to show new peace between our races."

Sav'akk swallows.

"I think I still have it actually." She finished

"No, I’m planning on making an outfit for my good friend." She said smirking.

Julie pops a fruit piece in her mouth.

"The one from GeoTax?" Julie asked.

"Yeah. You should meet him sometime. He's quite a cute one." Bea said looking at the ground.

"Sounds like ya wanna be more than just friends with him."

Beatrix blushes and looks away, smiling nervously. Julie pops another dried fruit piece in her mouth.

"Is it that obvious?" Beatrix was blushing somewhat.

"Very." Shane said then starts eating his food.

Beatrix looks away blushing through her light black feathers.




Eli is guided up the tower’s levels. He passes by a few windows and looks out of them, seeing the outside world has a red sky with black clouds. He also takes notice of a vast land with blue grass. 

"Where… where am I?" He asked himself.

The inside of the tower was large. Way bigger than it looked on the outside. There were floors instead of a spiraling staircase to the top. The two succubus still follow behind Eli, talking about the things they do. After some time of walking around and climbing stairs, Eli reaches the top. The succubi stopped behind him. He looks around the room before walking in. There’s a straight walk to the Queen, who is sitting on a sort of chair. There's what looks to be another demon. Scantily clad in black with a deep red completion, a crimson red. She turned around she looked irritated and less dressed than the sucubi that surrounded the tower. She had black eyes and bright white irises. Her hair was styled in a pony tail the hair on her head slicked back, and black as a midnight sky. The room was large and fancy looking. Golden decorations around the room. To the left was an open walk way there into some other room. There was a large window at the front. Overlooking the land below. There was a single large sun in the sky that gleamed with an intense green. Eli felt this was not of his world. He was somewhere else. The Succubus Queen turned around, the demon to her side crossed her arms.

"Come forward boy, let me look at you." the queen said.

Eli steps into the room, and begins to walk slowly. The Demon queen wore an outfit that was less revealing. She had on long, elbow length black gloves. She wore leggings with black shining boots. She wore a sort of black dress that was revealing one leg. It seemed to be some cocktail dress, though it showed her stomach and had open shoulders. Her skin was blue and her hair was a black with green eyes to accent her skin tone. Behind her was wings. But Eli couldn't tell if they were her own or from the chair. He stopped in front of her. The Queen stood up and walked toward him. 

"Your cuter than I thought." The queen said placing a hand on Eli's chest and looking him from the chest up.

She smiles smugly at Eli, making him uncomfortable. 

"What do you need boy? I'm busy." She said.

Eli says nothing for some time then speaks up.

"I really didn’t expect this to be a demon settlement." Eli thought out loud.

"Well… You talked to my pet outside. I’d say you're good at improvising. What is something you want? I may be able to help you." The queen said in a seductive tone.

Eli thinks for a bit.

"Though if you haven't realized it already. I'm sure you can figure out what we will want in return."" The queen chuckled lightly looking at Eli with bedroom eyes, then stepping closer so she's against his body. The succubus had an odd smell to her, one Eli couldn't be placed or give a description to in his mind. It made him feel relaxed but also on edge. Eli looks around nervously, not saying anything.

"In the face of lust you falter? How surprising." The succubus said.

The Succubus Queen grabs Eli’s face forcing him to look in her eyes. They begin to glow a brilliant green.

"What is it you desire?" She asked.

Eli stays silent for some time. The queen brings Eli close to her body, his head practically between her breasts.

"I… I… I want… a companion."

"In life?" The succubus asked excitedly.

"J-just a friend to travel with." Eli said.

The Queen looks at him blankly and backs off.

"I… don't understand. How are you not begging for me? How are you not… Oh I see. You have love for another woman." She realized.

Eli looks away nervously.

"I have no idea what you mean." Eli said looking away slightly blushing.

"Come now boy. Everyone knows that a succubus' attraction doesn’t work on those who have someone they deeply love. Only a love that's pure can repel such attraction." The queen smiled smugly at Eli.

"Or maybe I'm not attracted to demons." he said.

The Succubus Queen gets close to Eli, pointing at him threateningly.

"Watch that tone boy. You’re merely a human nothing more. I can tear your insides out from you in a heartbeat!"  She said.

After some time the queen laughs. Eli looks around the room wondering what is happening in the situation he's in.

"Look at you. You got me all worked up. That's a first in ages. Stay here boy, for sometime. Have fun. After all…"

The Succubus Queen turns around and flaunts her body.

"You came here for nothing practically. It’d be a shame to have a new visitor leave with nothing." She gazes at Eli with bedroom eyes once more.

The queen turns and walks back to her chair.

"If you expect to leave with any riches at all boy... you best meet me in the bed." The queen said licking her lips with a long tongue.

Eli looks to the open door he saw when he first walked in. There's purple veils in the doorway but he could clearly see a large bed there. He thinks for a bit on what he can do. There is a silence for some time when the queen turns her chair to look at Eli. She crosses her legs and props her hands under her chin. 

"So? What are you going to do?" She sits on her throne and watches Eli's actions with high interest. telling the other succubi to stop closing in on him.

He looks behind him and sure enough there was a group of succubi behind him looking like they where going to pounce poon him and rip his clothes piece by piece. Eli turns around and is silent for some time longer. He hatches a plan.

"You want me to stay?" He asked raising his eyebrows.

"Yes." the queen nodded, smiling.

"But you also want me too-"

"Fuck me until you can't anymore... That's what I want."

"I can’t do that though. It’s no secret that Succubi take the soul of the man they sleep with. I’d like to live." Eli said.

The Queen moves, sitting up straight, excited.

"That can also be arranged." She said her eyes glowing brightly and seemingly being aroused.

"I prefer to not." 

"Then what is it?" She asked, her eyes dimming and slouching back into her chai.

"What would be the point of me staying?" Eli shrugged.

"I have succubi I have to take care of. So far your eye candy to many." She claimed

"Thought so, though that's also oddly convenient." Eli thought to himself.

"So you want to use me as some morale boost for them?" Eli asked.

The queen nods her head.

"I imagine I’d have to deal with a lot. Things I don't want to deal with. Being flirted with, stared at, grabbed. So how about this. I stay for a while. Not exactly a few days but a few hours and your succubus teach me some magic.

The Succubus Queen thinks for a moment. Eli speaks up again.

"Or I know some travelers that are… not the of  best friends to have. I can send them your way. They are in it for the glory. If I say demon they’ll ask where. Then you can seduce them. Become more powerful in the long run." Eli smiled while holding is arms out to the side showing his greatness and loyalty to the queen, bowing slightly. The eyes of the succubi behind him go wide staring at Eli.

The Queen smiles.

"I like that one." She said standing again.

Eli raises a finger.

"But. I will not stay for any longer than a few minutes to keep you company and I take a demon of my own." He ends with. The succubi behind him all squeal at the chance of going home with Eli.

The Queen looks at Eli for his boldness and slowly smiles.

"That's a risky move. You drive a hard bargain." The queen said.

"I’ve regrettably heard from women my friends have come across that they drive it hard too."

The Succubus Queen perks up and claps her hands. The succubus from behind Eli and the irritated one beside the queen step up. The succubus Queen steps around the small line up of 5 succubus and lays a hand on Eli’s shoulder.


Eli looks at the queen then back at his choices. The succubi are in many colors. Green with black hair, red with silver hair and blue tips, crème with orange hair, blue with green hair, and the irritated crimson one, with black hair. All the succubi in different shapes and "sizes". the green one being flattest and the  crème being biggest. Eli keeps looking at the crimson one. The queen whispers in Eli’s ear.

"She's quite loyal. More than what you see. Not a Succubus but a damn good Demon. I got her not too long ago but I’m willing to part. I'm unaware of her bed skills though. Never tried." The said.

Eli whispers back.

"Not in it for the sex." Eli said smugly.

The Succubus Queen looks puzzled. Eli points at the crimson one. The other succubus look sad.

"I like the entire cast of demons you showed me, may com back for them later too. But for now red is mine."

Hearing this the other 4 sucubi got exited.

The succubus queen whispers to Eli again as the demon steps up.

"Then why are you doing this? and what do you mean com back for them later?" The queen asked.

"To lower your ranks. Surely you can understand my queen. I’m going to be making your army and you stronger by sending people over anyway. It must get worse before it gets better. Beside... A small group for friends to travel with would be nice. I may only choose one more next time. I expect our partnership to last a while." Eli said.

The Succubus Queen walks away angrily and comes back.

"You tricked me!" She said.

"I didn’t. I’m getting one demon from you and I will send people to make you stronger. As was promised. I'm just hindering you a little. You’d be stronger than ever before. Trust me. What is your name? I need to know the name of such a patient and wonderful succubus.

The demon queen blushes, then gets lustful again. She sidles up behind Eli, smacking his ass with her tail.

"Call me Queen Zecarua." She said before failing an attempt at a kiss on his cheek.

Eli blushes, but pulls back into the strong roll he’s trying to show off.

"My name is Eli."

"You had better keep your promise Eli. I can find you anywhere." Zecaruna said seductivly.

"I assure you, I will. So what is this one's name?" Eli said pointing to the crimson demon that now seems a little happier.

"I never gave her one." Zecaruna said.

"I feel that it will take sometime to build a good relationship with her. Think I’ll call her… Ashe." Eli said with a smile.

Zecaruna nods.

"Well. That's fine. I'm not expecting a clear transition from one friend to another." 

"Master is the word. From one master to another." Zecaruna corrected.

Eli looks at Queen Zecaruna then at Ashe who stands with her arms crossed. He looks back at the queen.

"Where I’m from there’ll be trouble if people hear that. My race is not necessarily… The nicest."

"Rather or not you like it that is what you are. Now up hold your end. Lets talk." Zecaruna said crossing her legs.