Chapter 44: The Arrival.
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Julie and the others head out after taking a small break and eating. Beatrix gets in the air and looks around for any enemies.

"All good Boss." Bea said.

Julie looks up at her.

"Good. Let's get goin’ then."

Shane and Sav’akk mount up and ride off. Not being too far from the tower. Beatrix looks long at the tower and estimates the travel time one more time. She realizes she made an error last time and calls out to Julie.

"Boss. I may have messed up a bit before. We’re more like a few hours from the tower." Beatrix corrected.

"How can you screw up a day with hours?" Sav'akk asked.

"I didn't sleep for two days to catch up with you guys. Not only that but i was never taught to tell distance correctly from the air." Beatrix said flapping her wings a few times.

Julie rolls her eyes underneath the mask.

"That's fine. Just be a look out please." She yelled up to Beatrix.

Beatrix nodded above them.

In the air Beatrix keeps an eye out for anything. The air is clean and crisp with a cool breeze keeping everything the ideal perfect cool day. Trees rustle in the distance and birds chirp. The ride toward the tower is a relatively silent one until Julie decides to speak up.

"So ya like ya friend, Bird?" Julie asked.

"What do you mean?" Bea asked somewhat blushing from high in the sky.

Julie chuckles.

"It’s pretty obvious. That friend that worked in GeoTax with ya. I see it in ya eyes when ya talk about him. Ya movements show it too. Ya like him." Julie said.

Beatrix is silent. Julie chuckles to herself.

"Nothin’ wrong with that. Its emotions. We all have 'em. No need to be all embarrassed about it." She said.

"I’d rather not talk about this… At all boss." Bea said flapping more intensely as if she's trying to rise in the sky.

"Ok." Julie quietly chuckled to herself.

"'Ah expected her ta do that. 'Ah wonder how Eli is?" She wondered.




Eli stands up next to Zacaruna.

"Sorry Runa but I should be going. Really." He said smiling at the succubus queen

"Ok then. Well Remember how to summon me if… anything is needed~" Zacaruna said in a sultry tone.

Zacaruna looks at Eli with bedroom eyes making Eli feel a bit odd about his situation.

"Take good care of Ashe." She said. 

Eli starts walking away with Ashe in tow, arms still crossed and looking highly irritated.

"And be careful." Zacaruna called out.

"Got it. Also I remember it sounded like there was a Clyntess around. You may want to take care of that before it kills the guys I’ll send." Eli warned.

Zacaruna waves a hand and the two succubi from before start walking down the stairs.

"Thanks for the heads up sweetass."

Eli turns and walks down the stairs somewhat embarrassed by what she called him. But shakes it off. The succubi walked him out to the front of the castle, opening the doors and bowing to him as if he was some king. Eli couldn’t help but notice the demon's bodies. Designed to call to the desire and sin every man is at fault of, one that some control and others let go of. A sin that may cause thousands of problems. Lust. He looked to the space outside and walked, stopping in front of the succubi. They both Stand up straight, look at Eli, look at each other, then back at Eli. He bows to the succubi.

"Tell your queen that I enjoyed my time here. And thank all your friends for their hospitality for me too please?" Eli said.

The succubi nodded. And Closed the doors. Eli turned around and looked Ashe.

"I hope we get along well, Ashe." Eli smiled.

Ashe looks at Eli and uncrosses her arms.

"I hope to god you're better than that fucking queen." She said in a semi deep voice. She looked angry.

The dragon from before bends his neck around Eli and looks at him.

"What are you doing?" The dragon asked.

Eli shakes his head.

"Nothing much just trying to find some things out. Ill be on my way bac to my house now. Let's go Ashe."

Eli heads back to the side of the road and mounts Roxanne, Ashe, his new crimson colored demon companion hops on behind him and hold on. He hears the dragon yell out to him one last time.

"Be safe on your travels.: The dragon roared.

Not to soon the dragon fires a beam of light from his domain. Eli assumed this was as a send off.




The Night Witches Get to the Firo forest. Beatrix in the air spots someone in the trail ahead but gets distracted with the dragon screech. She spots the light dragon from the air. The dragon spots Beatrix and opens its mouth, in fear Beatrix stops herself. A light beam of magic is sent flying through the sky, luckily Beatrix dodged out of the way fast enough… while making a squawk sounding scream. She dive bombs into the ground and lands a while in front of Julie, Sav’akk, and Shane. Confused what the beam, the and the squawking stopped and so did the other two.

"What was all that Beatrix?" Julie asked.

Bea looks up at the three in front of her out of breath.

"There’s a light dragon… near the tower. The Alpha Dragon is a thing." She said scared.

Sav’akk laughs.

"Let’s go! Let me handle it." Sav'akk said exited.

Shane looks at Sav’akk in doubt.

"What do you think you can do?" Shane asked.

"Watch and learn." Sav'akk said still walking.

The 3 dismount and leave their horses near the road but in the forest. They all walk toward the tower with Sav’akk leading. They get out to the tower and the dragon sees Sav’akk then screeches. She speaks in a language no one understands.

"We aren't trying to kill you but attacking us will guarantee your death." She said in this language.

The dragon looks down at Sav’akk.

"You speak Draconic too?" The dragon asked.

"I’m half Dragon, half Rapterick. Of course I know Draconic." Sav'akk explained in Draconic.

The dragon looks as if it was thinking for a short amount of time. Julie exhales.

"Sav’akk can we hurry this up please. Are we killin’ it or not?" She asked.

Sav’akk looks behind at Julie.

"Nope." Sav'akk relied.

She looks back at the Dragon.

"We know about the riches inside. All we want is some small portion." Sav'akk said.

The dragon gets low to Sav’akk.

"Riches? This is a demon tower. Though you may be able to get riches from the demon inside." The dragon spoke in its lost tongue, confused.

Sav’akk looks irritated at hearing this. She quickly gets hostile.

"Don’t lie to us. We know what's inside!" She demanded.

"You're a fool. A demon resides here. Now ask what you wish of me or leave before I feast on your dead carcass!" The dragon demanded, raising its head off the ground.

Sav’akk turns to the group.

"The dragon said there’s a demon inside but no money." She explained angrily.

Julie, highly irritated, exhales. 

"Well this was a waste of time." Shane aid iirritated.

"A demon tower huh? What are we doing boss?" Beatrix asked curiously.

Julie is silent for a moment.

"‘Ah wanna meet this demon." She said looking up at the dragon.

Shane looks at Julie shocked and in disbelief.

"You’re joking, right?" He asked.

"No. We came all this way for money. If all we get is a Demon overlord ‘Ah wanna at least meet them. Maybe have them on our side." Julie explained smiling under her mask.

Sav’akk turns to the dragon and speaks in that odd language again.

"Plim’f Nifwaf Nigaxian."

The dragon screeches.

Sav’akk turns back around.

"Only one can ent-"

"I will." Julie stepped up immediately.

She steps to the dragon and reaches out her arm. The dragon seemingly nods, and steps out the way. He stands on his hind legs to the highest window of the tower for a second and then stands on all fours again. After sometime two succubi come to the door. They seem excited and look at each other.

"I wonder if this is one of his friends." A succubus asked out loud.

"I thought he was sending men?" Another asked.

"Either way is something we get to fuck." A 3rd spoke.

Julie looks at the demons and realizes this isn’t any demon. They are Succubi. She turns to Beatrix quickly.

"Cover Shane's eyes! They’re succubus." Julie said.

Beatrix quickly places her wing in front of Shane's face.

"One look and the kid would prolly go mad." She thought to herself.

Julie walks to the succubi and they take her up to the top of the tower.