Chapter 49: The Woman in Gold
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The next day Julie woke up and did her usual routine. She steps out into the kitchen and makes her coffee. Jack enters as well after a few more minutes. Julie, coffee in hand turns to him taking a sip then sets the warm steaming cup of bean water on the counter.

“Mornin’ Jack. ‘Ah hope you’ve been actin’ well.” Julie said leaning on the counter.

Shane briefly looks at Julie then looks away.

“Of course I have ma.” Jack said happily.

“Good, It’d be a shame to hear ya ain’t been, how’s Shane’s sisters?”

“They’ve been fine. Marron said your sword is coming along nicely.”

“She actually got the Vandalin?” Julie asked, surprised.

Jack looked around the kitchen for something to eat

“I assume so, such a hard metal to work with, but the blade is almost done. I’ve seen it. Not bad.”

Julie adjusts her glasses and takes a sip of her coffee. She was wearing her orange robe and a pair of pants she had just thrown on. Her hair was messy as she skipped that part of her routine and really didn't care, last night was restless for her.

“What about the other two? ‘Ah saw that the fence for the horse's wanderin’ field is goin’ well,'' She said, tightening her robe.

“Yeah, Jessie seems to love horses.” Jack said, grabbing a bowl and a box.

Julie sips her coffee before speaking again.

“Yeah seems so.”.

Jack silently makes his bowl of cereal not speaking much. Julie catches on to his odd silence and her motherly instincts kick in.

“What's wrong?”

“Wrong? Nothing wrong boss.” Jack said

“One, don't boss me when ‘Ah'm acting as a mother, Two ya ain’t talking much. Tell me what's wrong?”

Jack stops moving and turns to his mother-figure. He takes a deep inhale.

“I’m thinking of breaking up with Lisa.”

Julie almost chokes on her coffee.

“Why?” She asked, confused.

“I've been away from her for so long, I don't think things can be fixed between us.” He said looking down then turning and beginning to eat.

Julie grabs her coffee and sits at the table.

“Hold on Jack, before ya go and do that why not think a little harder on this. Maybe all you two need is a nice vacation together. ‘Ah’m willin’ ta give ya one. Shit ya even deserve it”

Jack finishes the food in his mouth and looks at Julie.

“I’ve made my mind up ma. I’ll do it today.”

Julie sips her coffee.

“Try not to hurt her, ok.”

Jack silently nods and continues eating. Julie pats his back.

“Anyway what's Natalie been doing?” Julie asked, trying to change the subject.

“Same old thing, nothing really… don’t think she actually has any life skills to help us.”

“Jack. ‘Ah taught ya better.” Julie said irritated.

“Sorry ma….” She said monotone.

Jack stood up with his food barely eaten and dumped it in the sink before walking off.

“‘Ah hope everythin’ will be ok with him… ‘Ah’m worried,'' Julie thought.

(You worry a lot)

“‘Ah can’t help it. It’s a mother’s job ta worry ‘bout her kids.” She thought again.

Julie looks at her reflection in the coffee realizing how depressed Jack seemed. She began wondering how long this has been going on for, until the front door shuts.

“Have ‘Ah been doin’ shit right?”

Jack gets on his horse and rides to Venforus. He looks somewhat irritated as he rides but after some time, tears begin to fall. Despite the nice sunny day and cool air around him… Jack felt hurt, broken, and betrayed. These mix of emotions were not toward Lisa though, But were felt for himself. He thought of himself as the one that harmed them and prevented their future. He slowly grew to hate himself as he rode off in the day, his image of the world slowly becoming gloomy as the outside sayed bright. Regretful of the actions yet to come, yet something pushed him on. 




Grimm enters the kitchen and lays a hand on Julie’s shoulder, startling her. She screamed slightly and turned to Grim, who was looking.... blank as usual. Julie held her chest as it was tight and her breathing was hard. Images flashed in her head.

“I didn't mean to startle you so.” Grimm said looking at her blankly.

Julie very slowly begins to breathe normally as a tear falls down her cheek. She exhales and wipes it away. 

“Callin’ my name… works fine too ya know.” She said angrily as she finally regained her composure.

“I see. Well anyway there was someone I wanted to show you.” Grim said putting her hands together.

Julie looked up confused.

“Someone… Grimm, I thought you couldn't feel emotion…”

“I cannot. This person is a sort of pupil of mine. Of course unable to help in fights as the Law of gods since-”

“The Drisvenus war yeah yeah. I get it.” Julie said in a sassy tone placing her hands on her hips.

“I know him by his real name.” Grimm said, walking to the kitchen door.

“What's that?”

“Xornminmith.” Grimm said turning to her, her eyes open wide somewhat looking irritated just by the name alone.

“‘Ah see,” Julie said, put off by how Grimm looked.

Grim steps back into the kitchen and a woman slightly shorter than Grimm walks in. She had a black streak across the center of her face. She wore all golden, brilliant armor, and seemed to have wings of sorts behind her. Her eyes were Green as her air was red, and in a sort of Bronockian (nordic) braid. Julie feels like she's heard this description before and a name came to mind out of nowhere.

“Lodvir…” She said.

Grimm looks shocked… or as shocked as she can be.

“You know the Bronockian names of the Valkyries?” Grimm asked.

Lodvir. The Valkyrie Guardian of the Dead. Her job was to purge the lines of dead souls from the souls of those yet to be born and those still alive. In Malenteria known as Gorivisa, meaning ”Greeter of The Dead”. In Marshtinan she was Kisavich, Holder of The Flame of Death. She looked at Julie and scoffed in disgust.

“Why are you helping humans again?”

Grimm looked at her blankly, as there is no other way for her to look at anyone.

“This woman is my friend.” She said

Grimm leaned over her Lodvir’s ear

“Does she not look familiar?”

Lodvir looked at Julie and her eyes widened but they narrowed after sometime.

“I can see what they do in the future.” Lodvir said.

Julie perked up.

“Wait ya can?” She asked.

Grimm doesn't Move.

“It's a trick one of her sisters taught her. Anyway i wanted to introduce you as i have been here for sometime and have no plan on leaving anytime soon. So you may see her alot.”

“So training the Guardian Warrior is why you haven't been talking lately?” Julie asked.

Lodvir stepped to Julie and her wing asserted with a feather-like blade being pointed at Julie. Out of shock she stepped back but fell on the floor not keeping track of her surroundings.

“Listen here Mortal. I’m not being ‘trained’ by-”

Grimmison then chopped Lodvir’s stomach making her fall to her knees.

“Know your place Valkyrie. They are friends and mortals alike. You mustn't harm them or you shall be terminated, you musnt threaten to harm them or I shall terminate you. Understand?” Grimm said plainly

Lodvir stands up slowly as does Julie.

“Yes Miss Reaper.” Lodvir nodded.

She looked at Julie one last time before walking away. Grimmison used a few tentacle-like appendages to bring Julie close and check her neck in case she is drawing any blood. They were slimy. They had a wetness to them, as if they had a liquid coating but never left a wet spot on you. It was an odd feeling Julie hadn't felt before.

“Good you are not bleeding. I will have to report this to Helminifet though."