Chapter 51: The Demon assistant.
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Eli and Ashe were riding to Dravencore and as Eli said he's getting her a new outfit she chooses. They ride into the town and dismount sarron, tying her to a post as horses are supposed to be. The cool nice breeze is refreshing to Eli. No matter how much  he feels it, it's always good to feel to him. 

“So… where's this clothing place at?” Ashe asked.

“It's easy to find, don't    worry.” 

Eli takes her to a shop that makes custom outfits as well as many on display. It's cool inside with a tile floor nicely colored with a creme and beige walls to accent it. Ashe looks around.

“So this is where I'm getting my new outfit?” She asked, looking at all the clothes disgusted.

“Yes,” Eli said with a smile.

“Ugh. I see nothing here worth my- ohhhh” she walks to a one piece swimsuit. 

“That's… not an outfit.” Eli said worried.

“Coupled with my jacket it's no different from what us demons wear commonly” she said, getting it and bringing it to the counter.

“You sure you want that?”

“Is it possible for me to get one of these in black? And with a pentagram opening at the top of the chest?” She asked.

The counter clerk nodded and went to the back with the swimsuit

“Wouldn't that be kind of revealing?” Eli asked.

Ashe nods.

“I thought you were an executioner demon, not a succubus.”

Ashe looks at Eli.

“You said I can get whatever I want right… Master?” She said messing with him.

“I told you not to call me that”


“Master is fine” he said embarrassed

“Good,” Ashe said, waiting for the clerk to come back.

She comes back with the swimsuit.

“It will take a few weeks for this to be made. The fastest will be a week” the clerk said.

“Perfect. What now master?” Ashe asked Eli, turning to him.

The clerk gives Eli an odd look and he smiles nervously and chuckles

“Let's get out of here is the first thing”

Eli quickly walks out with Ashe following after, smirking mischievously.

“You really didn’t like that Overlord name,”

“Overlords have travelers after them constantly, I don't want that, besides  a human can’t even be an overlord.” Eli said irritably.

Ashe tilts her head and shrugs.


Eli turns to her and looks worried

“What?” He asked.

“A human has also never tried.” Ashe finished

“Im not going to be the first” Eli said walking to a store across the way, a Cloak shop.

“Why not? It will be fun.”

“No, no, and hell no” Eli said.

“Come on. You’ll be stronger. Famous to demons. Have your own army.”

Eli stops for a bit thinking.

“You’ll have to get verified by Satan but he's actually a cool guy, really. I worked for him. Broke one of his dishes by accident, he shrugged it off.”

Eli turns around not believing what he's hearing.

“You're telling me that the King of darkness, the Ruler of hell, Is this laid back demon?” Eli asked, confused.

Ashe looks around wondering if she stuttered at all.


“What was that looking around for?”

“I was trying to remember if i fu-fu-fu-fucking studdered,” She said faking a studder.

Eli turns and goes into the cloak shop. 

“I'll think about it. Stay out here” He said as he entered.

Eli walks in and raises his arms in the air.


A man with red hair and  green eyes turns around.

“Eli, its been a while.”

“Not since the brotherhood” Eli laughed.

“That long?” Ace asked.

“Yeah, But i heard you opened a cloak shop and though I'd pay a visit seeing as I'm a traveler, I collect cloaks.” Eli explained.

“Perfect, I Guess you'd come here and stowed away a rare one for you. The Thunderbird from Arceo Varna.”

Ace brings out a royal blue cloak with fur on the collar and a golden square like knot down the center, the inside is black.

“Aren't you a new shop? How'd you get this version? It was limited ags ago.”

“I have my ways. A compliment for you saving me in the Brotherhood.”

Eli grabs it.

“This is insane really?”

Ace nods.

“Thanks Ace. Anyway I best be going, bet you’re busy.”

“For the moment yeah. It's been nice seeing you Eli” He said waving.

Eli walks outside and Ashe notices the cloak.

“That looks nice. What is it?”

“It's a cloak Ashe. A rare one”

“Cute.” She said playing with Eli.

Eli growls a bit.

“Let's go home”

 Ashe laughs as she's brought back to Roxanne. They both leave after mounting up and heading back to Sorncoliv. Eli makes his way home and walks in the door, Vitr is there resting on his new brown Quetzal post.

“Welcome home” The Blue flying snake dragon said with a lick of the air.

“It's nice to be welcomed for once,” Eli said, making his way to the couch.

“Lonely much?” Ashe asked.

“Very. And I move around too much to actually get a girlfriend… as I've learned recently”

Vitr gets off his perch and flies over.

“Then ssssstop moving ssssso much”

Eli lays back and looks at his plane ceiling

“I can’t. The wild calls me. There's this… sense of adventure that calls to me. Like there's something that is out there for me. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating, It’s…”

“Enchanting?” Ashe asked.

“To a point yes”

Eli lays there for some time thinking to himself about his travels. And possible future adventures too, feeling the call to adventure once more in his bones. Wishing to feel the breath of the wild.