A Better Home?
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While Xin Lan was trying to give the Hua grandfather and grandsons a good impression, Hua Ming Shun eventually arrived at the Jian Yi Sect. He stopped in front of the gates where a group of outer sect disciples was guarding both on the inside and outside. There were also arrays on the ground that would stop most intruders. Well, not that there were many in the first place. Who would dare to try and break into this place?

Hua Ming Shun walked up to the disciples and nodded. “I came because of Sect Master Fei’s summons.” He pulled out the letter that had Fei Bai Mu’s handwriting on it.

The disciple in charge just waved. “We were already informed of the people that would be coming. Please follow me inside, cultivator Hua.”

Hua Ming Shun nodded and did as he was told. He had been to the Jian Yi Sect a few times in the past and with his status, he didn’t feel intimidated at all. Seeing the disciples and the level even those of the outer sect had, he couldn’t help but sigh in admiration though. The Jian Yi Sect was really something different.

The disciple led him to a guest house and then bowed. “This place has been prepared for you. The meeting is supposed to be held one day after the last person arrives. A disciple will notify you at that time and bring you over. Should you have any wishes until then, you can call for any disciple and they will assist you. If there is anything you are in need of right now, please tell me and I will organize everything right away.”

Hua Ming Shun nodded. “Thank you but that won’t be necessary. Should I go see Sect Master Fei?”

“As far as I am aware, the Sect Master intends to let you settle down first and will have you contacted after a while to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. If you would like to meet her, I am sure you will be able to do so then. Should there be a pressing matter, I will gladly go and have her be notified.”

Hua Ming Shun shook his head at that. “No need. Later will be fine. I just don’t want the Sect Master to think of me as rude.”

“I am sure she would never think that.” The disciple bowed and clasped his hands, taking his leave.

Hua Ming Shun took a last look around before he went into the house. The Jian Yi Sect’s sect grounds were vast. While most of the disciples were living together in the buildings, these guest houses were used for one person at a time in many circumstances or maybe one family with a few members or a small delegation. Naturally, lots of small houses would still take quite a lot of space so the Jian Yi Sect didn’t leave them unused when no guests were around which was most of the time, actually.

Hua Ming Shun walked inside and sighed when he saw the lines of the arrays on the ground. He shook his head and casually sat down at the side, closing his eyes and cultivating for a moment.

Even though his Hua family wasn’t small and had accumulated quite a bit of wealth and resources, it could never compare with a behemoth such as the Jian Yi Sect. Especially not after the huge growth it had experienced after Leng Jin Yu’s meteoric rise to the peak of cultivation. Casually putting down all sorts of arrays down at these houses and powering them the whole year for decades upon decades … Some would call that squandering.

In a way, this was also what let the Jian Yi Sect acquire its current position though. They weren’t afraid to spend on their disciples. All of their disciples. While other sects — especially those that were ranked — played favorites and thus raised a few prodigies while the rest could only fend for themselves and hope to stumble upon some lucky coincidences, the Jian Yi Sect gave the same chances to everybody.

All of them could gain resources. All of them could have a chance to spend some time in these houses. It didn’t depend solely on talent. No, talent might be able to give you a head start but the most important thing was to put in work, to be daring and courageous, to never shrink back because of fear or doubts and move forward with a clear goal in mind.

This was what made their disciples grow.

This was what made them an excellent sect.

This was why they had become the number one sect of their times.

It wasn’t just the luck of acquiring some genius. It was the attitude they held toward life and toward progress. It was because they had been blessed by generations of very wise Sect Masters that were able to keep down the infighting that destroyed lots of other sects and raise their disciples’ spirits so they would walk this stony path of cultivation with single-minded determination.

If he was honest, he admired this. It was a good place. Which made him think … Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to make use of his connection to this place?

His heart thumped at that thought and he opened his eyes, getting back to his feet and pacing around. It hadn’t been that long since Lin Yu had been born but they had felt that presence several times. There had also been a strong person moving in close to them that they would never be able to handle.

Maybe … maybe it would be for the best if he let his youngest son leave the Hua family and grow up at another place, far away from the dangers that might befall him otherwise.

Yes, maybe the Jian Yi Sect would actually be the better home for his little Xiao Yu.