Chapter 142
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I spent the last few hours taking care of Kyska as well as I could.
She's weakened, but apparently, her life is not in danger.
Only a bit flustered that her princess is tending to her, which apparently strikes her as being fundamentally wrong.

Yet there's another issue coming up that I tried to suppress for a while already.
Because I'll soon have another laying.
What is problematic about this is that Kyska is occupying the only bed and I can neither allow her to leave it nor try to assist me.
There's just one option I can take now.



"Knock, knock"


I knock on the door to call my captors.
If they want to send my eggs away, they can work themselves to procure them.
I don't care anymore about decency at this point.

After a short moment, the door opens.
It's the same unfriendly guard from before.
If I remember right he was called Morris.


"Yes?" (Morris)

"I require assistance. My laying is about to start and my nurse is incapable of assisting me, as you should be aware." (E)

<Skreak!/My princess! Please, you don't have to.> (K)

<Kyska, no! This is my decision! And my order to you is not to get out of this bed before you're completely recovered. And don't you dare try to trick me on this.> (E)


The only way to prevent her from getting up is by using my authority over her and leaving her no choice.


"Wretched monsters." (Morris)

"I don't care for your opinion! Your boss wants this to be taken care of, so fucking bring a basket and some helping hands before my eggs get dumped on the ground and you can explain the resulting mess to him!" (E)


There's no reason to be polite to these assholes.
They can't make it worse for me, and if I don't stand up for what we need everything will only become more miserable for us.
Speaking of becoming more miserable, there's another factor I have to bother about before he leaves.


"And I hope for your sake that they'll be female! Or are you expecting me to get naked in front of you?" (E)


That won't be pleasant for either side.
Mine because I really don't want any guy to check out my butt, and for the guy because he'll have to deal with the certainly uncomfortable sight.
I'm sure he'll gladly take any excuse that will allow him to push this job onto someone else.
So I can be somewhat sure that my request will be granted.


<Please, my princess. At least prepare padding below you. Those creatures are too inept to catch them before the eggs will hit the ground.> (K)


Kyska looks as if she's straining herself, but one pheromone signal is enough to make her reassume her resting position.
Even though forced resting probably won't have the same kind of recuperative effect.

Just in time before I can't hold it any longer, some female soldiers and servants arrive.
Guess this man has those as well in his service.
They look uncertainly at me, which means I have to give orders to make the necessary things happen.
Fortunately, I have some experience with giving simple commands from ordering my drones.


"Put something soft on the ground. I need some space to do my part." (E)


There's enough in this room in the form of the commodities it's equipped with.
They place some cushions on the ground which should suffice as stoppers yet look quite lost about how to continue.
In times like these, I really miss my professional nurses who'd be able to fetch the eggs when they're coming.
These girls barely have any idea about how this will commence.
Since I have to do everything on my own I grab a stool, put it next to the cushion field, and sit down on it, with my stomach directed to the backrest.
This way my ovipositor is pointed at the cushions.
Ugh, I really can't hold it any longer.




"Ahh!" (servant)


Naturally, some servants freak out at what happens now.
As much as I would like to, I can't lose myself in embarrassment.


"Do your fucking job! Store the eggs away carefully before they pile up!" (E)


At least they can listen to orders.
Though, they're so grossed out that the process is quite slow.

And naturally, I still feel terrible about the situation.




And then it gets worse.
Someone else enters the room.


"Seems as if you're busy." (H)


A guy!?!


"I said no men in here while I'm at it!" (E)

"Oh, sorry. Seems like you'll have to bear with it. I'm tasked with making sure that you won't try to escape." (H)


How would I even start the attempt in my current position?
I look in this unbelievable guy's direction... and freeze.
It's the man who mutilated Kyska's wings!
Horatio was his name!
I made sure to remember it.


"Asshole! Get out of here!!!" (E)


"Plop, plop, plop"


Damn, angry outbursts really don't sync well with this ordeal!


"As I said, that won't happen. I will look very closely at your every move. As uncomfortable as you may be with this, there'll be no concessions in this regard." (H)


My mind is seething. If I could just somehow get back at this piece of shit.
But all I can do is pump out these eggs while a bunch of grossed-out servants take them away.
The one good thing is that the output starts to slow down.
It was an arduous task, but finally, it's over, and the women start to transport the eggs away with somber expressions.


"Huh, quite the number. Hard to believe that they all fit inside your body." (H)


I don't care, but my current state is a good reminder that my energy intake isn't in balance with the output and I have to remedy this.


"Yes, they did and I'm producing more at any given moment. Which is why I have to ask you to increase the number of meals I receive or alternatively bring me a generous amount of nectar." (E)

"I fear that won't be possible, my dear princess." (H)

"What?! Why?!" (E)

"Our supplies are limited and we can't spend everything on you at this early stage."(H)


He can't be serious.
If I don't get enough food my reserves will eventually deplete.
I still remember how I fainted back then from exhaustion.


"But I need it!" (E)

"As I understood your explanation, you need them for the eggs. Which may be a good reason to reduce the amount." (H)

"You can't! My princess will weaken without the required sustenance!" (K)


Kyska almost jumps up after hearing all this, hurting herself in the process.


"Kyska, please, stay still." (E)

"I'll discuss this with the lord, but my suggestion would be to let this happen. After all, you won't be able to escape if you're weakened." (H)


I don't have any words anymore that could describe what I'm feeling to this man.


"No... My princess. Please not." (K)


His words hurt Kyska even more than me.


"If they're really draining you so much, you may eat them. You know, to conserve energy. This would really reduce our troubles. It's not like you savage monsters would mind, right?" (H)

"You can't be serious!" (E)


He's crazy!
Obviously crazy!


"This all isn't comfortable for any side. I would suggest that you just bear, or rather fly with it. Oh well, some may be more able to do so than others." (H)


"Yes, show..." (H)



Before he can say any more than this, my stinger is lodged deep in his chest.
After all his verbal abuse I couldn't contain it anymore.
I could only see this man as an enemy.
And my stinger seeks those out, almost by itself.
It has a will of its own in this regard.

The same moment he's hit he grows stiff.
The advantage of the stinger paralytica.
While it shouldn't be deadly, this at least means I won't have to listen to him any further.

Barely any blood escapes when I pull out again.
Nonetheless, he falls unconsciously to the ground.

Yet now a question arises.
How am I getting out of this?
The servants ran out of the room in utter panic when it happened.
And now guards are gathering at the entrance, a good number of them pointing crossbows at me.
I certainly won't be able to fight them.
So I raise my arms and try to look as unintimidating as I can after they witnessed what my ovipositor can do.


"I don't intend to fight. This was purely personal." (E)


As one could guess, this doesn’t exactly calm them down.


"I'd like to remind everybody that I'm supposed to stay alive." (E)


This actually makes them think.
Seems like I won some more precious moments to think about what I can do to survive.