620 Late Stage Nascent Soul
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Mei Chao Bing’s expression turned ugly but he didn’t have any words to refute. Yes, this was the one drawback. If he couldn’t give his Master what he wanted, it might put a stop to his Master’s machinations but … he couldn’t guarantee Yun Bei Fen’s safety either. To him, the latter was actually more important so naturally, he didn’t want to see this outcome.

Song Mu watched Mei Chao Bing’s expression and sighed. Everybody had their weakness. To him, it was his sister. To Mei Chao Bing, it was Yun Bei Fen. In the fight with the demonic faction, this kind of thing could easily be used against you and might force you to abandon everything else, even your core beliefs. He had done so in the past even though there had been no imminent threat. Now, Mei Chao Bing was in a situation where his most beloved person’s life was on the line. Naturally, it was not easy to deal with.

“Your Master doesn’t know.” He reached over and grabbed Mei Chao Bing’s arm. “You’ve figured this out but your Master hasn’t and considering how much stake he has put into this constitution of yours, he is unlikely to easily believe it either. This gives us some time. We just need to end everything quickly. If we manage to do that, junior martial brother Yun definitely won’t be harmed.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded but finishing quickly was easier said than done. His Master wasn’t an easy opponent and other than him, there would be the elite disciples of the demonic faction. Not to mention that they had no idea what other nasty surprises his Master might have prepared for them. Under these circumstances, how could he relax even slightly? Before he didn’t see his Master’s corpse with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe that it was over and that Yun Bei Fen was safe again.

Mei Chao Bing closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. It wasn’t like he had figured out only just now that Yun Bei Fen would be in danger. The fact that he couldn’t actually do what his Master intended for him to do was only making things slightly more difficult. Song Mu was right that he could take advantage of his Master’s erroneous beliefs though. If he simply pretended not to get it for a while, the others might be able to rescue Yun Bei Fen or he might get a chance to attack. Either way, there would be something they could use for sure. He refused to believe that there was no way out.

Opening his eyes again and rubbing his forehead to regain his focus, Mei Chao Bing looked at Da Hei instead. “How are you doing? This amount of energy … it should allow you to make a big leap in your cultivation.”

Da Hei hummed. He had reached the late stage of the nascent soul level but then gotten injured just before he met Mei Chao Bing and dropped by a small realm. With some hidden injuries left even after the main wound had been taken care of, his state really hadn’t been good for a while. Now, he was doing better though.

Originally, he had thought it was his bad luck to meet Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing in that forest but he had to admit that maybe it had been in his favor. Mei Chao Bing didn’t hesitate to give opportunities and his lover’s little bunny had a fine nose for finding spiritual herbs even in a place as barren as the border region.

In fact, it was the latter that had allowed him to recover. Xiao Hui had actually managed to find a few herbs that helped heal the remainder of his injuries so now, he could make full use of the spiritual energy Mei Chao Bing had transferred to him. Otherwise, he was afraid half of it would have been for nothing.

As he continued to absorb the energy, he felt himself rise back to the late stage he had originally had. His lips curved up in a faint smile and he closed his eyes again, checking his spirit veins over to make sure there wasn’t any problem left behind. He couldn’t waste this chance, after all.

Sensing the rest of the energy that hadn’t been absorbed yet, Da Hei finally gave a hum in response to Mei Chao Bing’s question. “I should get at least halfway through the later stage of the nascent soul level.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded. He couldn’t help but sigh though. Later stage nascent soul was … good. In ordinary times, this was a level that many cultivators could only dream of. Of course, in one of the four great righteous sects, the people with the best talents gathered so nascent soul didn’t seem to be anything special in the Teng Yong Sect. Still, there was a reason why the disciples of their sect were allowed to take in their own disciples after reaching this level. It truly was the dividing line of the cultivation world. A smaller sect might even be led by a person who had reached this level.

It was a pity … there was still a big difference between a cultivator in the nascent soul stage and one in the demigod stage. Only the latter could rest assured even if they were besieged. Just look at what had happened with Shen Lei to see the difference! With someone roughly of his own level and a dozen other disciples to assist, the other side was able to almost kill him.

If you were in the demigod stage, it was different. For one, it was incredibly unlikely to find another person of the same stage. After all, while one person in a thousand might have the potential to become a cultivator, only one in a million might manage to cross the threshold to this last stage before ascension. Of course, if you did manage to get there, you also didn’t have to worry about the small fry that the nascent soul stage cultivators were to you now. If they had somebody like that on their side … well, he’d be a lot less worried.