623 Found Him!
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Mei Chao Bing’s eyes widened. Right! Xiao Hui’s collar had been bound with his spiritual energy because they had been afraid that Yun Bei Fen was still too weak to locate the spiritual beast if he lost it again. He had been worried at the time that it was the wrong move but now, it came in handy.

He hurriedly closed his eyes, exhaled to calm his mind at least a little, and then focused on his spiritual sense. As a cultivator in the nascent soul stage, the range of his perception wasn’t small. It soon spread out over the whole town and then further into the border region.

The imprint left on Xiao Hui’s collar should sound incredibly familiar. This was his own spiritual energy, after all. But even though he listened for it in all directions, he couldn’t detect it. His brows furrowed and he opened his eyes again, disturbed.

Why was there nothing? Had they really taken Yun Bei Fen away that long ago that he couldn’t even sense them any longer? This seemed to be the only explanation. Not knowing what else to do, he could only shake his head. “They’re already too far away. I’ll go out and check.”

Everyone else nodded but this time, they consciously stayed behind. Nobody knew what exactly was going on but a group of people was much more difficult to hide compared to a single person. And right now, sneaking up on them and grabbing Yun Bei Fen was the most important.

Mei Chao Bing flew further into the border region at full speed, using his spiritual sense to look for that imprint on Xiao Hui’s collar the whole time. For a long time, nothing could be felt. Only when he had traveled halfway through the border region did he finally pick up a faint sound in the northern direction.


Mei Chao Bing didn’t slow down. He adjusted the direction and continued to fly to the place where Yun Bei Fen should be right now. Soon, he realized just what kind of place it was and his expression turned grim.

What lay ahead wasn’t the underground palace they had explored before. No, this was the headquarters of the demonic faction, the place where the Elders and disciples of all the sects taking part in the current plan were gathering. This was where Kui Min and Yang Wu Huang had been held prisoner before and likely also the place where his so-called Master was currently staying. Well, as expected. Naturally, Feng Bai Xiao wouldn’t leave guarding Yun Bei Fen to anybody else.

Mei Chao Bing finally stopped where he was, hovering in the air for a moment before he landed and found a place to hide. He needed to think. Clearly, he wouldn’t manage to catch up. In fact, maybe there had never been anyone to catch up. Maybe from the very beginning, they hadn’t brought Yun Bei Fen here on a flying sword but instead used an array.

He thought of what Da Hei had told him a while ago when they first found the underground palace: How there had been disciples impervious to pain who suddenly appeared and then disappeared just as fast. There had been traces of arrays there and it wasn’t like they hadn’t found others in the border region so he really shouldn’t be surprised.

Mei Chao Bing bit his lip, inwardly cursing himself. He should have thought of all these things ahead of time. Hadn’t he been able to figure out what his Master intended to do? Why had he missed some of the pieces of the puzzle then? If he had figured these things out just a little earlier, Yun Bei Fen wouldn’t be in this situation now.

He closed his eyes, trying not to think of how Yun Bei Fen was doing right now. His little bunny didn’t have much experience. In fact, it seemed like he had never been alone on a mission. Coming to the border region this time was the first time he left the sect at all since the day he joined. And while inside, he had always been well taken care of by his Master, his three senior martial brothers, and all the other people who knew and liked him. When had he ever suffered?

Now, he was all alone among the people of the demonic faction, trapped by a person who certainly didn’t feel any goodwill toward him and only saw him as a means to an end. It could be imagined how bad his circumstances were. He was probably scared out of his wits but other than hugging the spiritual beast he had taken along, there was nothing he could do.

Mei Chao Bing opened his eyes again and for a moment, he was tried to rush the rest of the way to the headquarters, break in, and attempt to save Yun Bei Fen. Screw his Master’s plan, any countermeasures he could try to come up with, and even the peace of the cultivation world. He didn’t want Yun Bei Fen to go through this. He wanted his little bunny to be happy and smile. He wanted him to live carefree as always. How could he just ignore him right now and wait for further news or until he came up with a plan?

He clenched his hands, trying to talk himself out of being reckless. He knew it wouldn’t help. If he rashly went in there, then he’d play right into his Master’s hands. They definitely wouldn’t leave Yun Bei Fen unguarded. They wouldn’t let him walk right in there either. No, as soon as he got close, his Master would be informed or would maybe find out himself. Then, he’d walk right into his trap and being in front of his Master while Yun Bei Fen was almost in his reach but still too far to grab him and flee … he would probably give in immediately and do whatever his Master wanted from him.